Review of LATAM flight Santiago Lima in Business

Airline LATAM
Flight LA600
Class Business
Seat 02L
Aircraft Boeing 787-8
Flight time 03:50
Take-off 11 Feb 19, 09:00
Arrival at 11 Feb 19, 10:50
LA   #63 out of 71 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 179 reviews
By GOLD 1096
Published on 5th December 2019

Hello again,

Let's continue this routing with more South American flights!

scl airport

After a very (too!) early morning pick up at 0530, I arrived at 06A at the airport. I took a big safety margin as I had never been to SCL and also wanted to take the opportunity to report the aiport a bit and the lounge, more :)

photo dsc_1040_resultatphoto dsc_1041_resultat

The desks are clearly indicated:

photo dsc_1042_resultat

But in fact, not so clearly. As I reached the LATAM desks, I am surprised to see that the only partition is between domestic and international flights and no sign for a business class counter whatsoever … I asked an agent and she explains me that the business class check in is on the 4th floor. But I can't see neither a fourth floor nor any way to get to this mysterious floor :)

photo dsc_1043_resultat

OK found it. At the very end of the building there is a mezzanine and this is the 4th floor. Then let's go.

photo dsc_1044_resultatphoto dsc_1045_resultat

There are 6 open counters there in a very nice business zone. Also  dedicated police and security controls.

I was checked in in less than two minutes. Needed an additional one to have my passport stamped and another for the controls. Within 5 minutes all done and airside. Impressed :) 

latam lounge scl

I now have more than enough time to visit the lounge and also make some shopping. The welcome is warm and I am quickly introduced to the lounge setting. I head to the upper floor which should be very quiet if not empty.

photo dsc_1046_resultatphoto dsc_1047_resultat

Nobody around!

photo dsc_1048_resultat

A 788 just arrived:

photo dsc_1049_resultat

Time to have a look at this lounge.

photo dsc_1050_resultat

Communal table:

photo dsc_1051_resultat

A very nice kids area:

photo dsc_1052_resultat

Those seats were a bit weird as they are in a kind of corridor with people passing by to get access to the rear part of the lounge. Maybe an overflow area when everything is packed.

photo dsc_1053_resultat

The rear bar was still closed, it was really pretty early.

photo dsc_1054_resultatphoto dsc_1055_resultat

I assume this bar is opened later in the day.

photo dsc_1057_resultat

A nice napping area:

photo dsc_1056_resultat

I made my way to the other side of the lounge where the buffets are. 
This is the hot dish selection, only a few ham / cheese croissants:

photo dsc_1058_resultat

Cold dishes:

photo dsc_1060_resultat

Granolas, smoothies and yogurt:

photo dsc_1059_resultat

Some fruits:

photo dsc_1061_resultat

Juices and cookies:

photo dsc_1062_resultat

Dried fruits, muffins and danish:

photo dsc_1063_resultatphoto dsc_1064_resultat

Still almost no one:

photo dsc_1065_resultat

I head down to see if there is life somewhere :)

photo dsc_1066_resultat

The food offering is exactly the same:

photo dsc_1070_resultatphoto dsc_1071_resultat

With the same presentation:

photo dsc_1072_resultatphoto dsc_1073_resultat

Cold offer:

photo dsc_1074_resultat

Fruits are cut here:

photo dsc_1075_resultat

My morning selection:

photo dsc_1076_resultat

I wanted to try a bit of everything, but the result was not there. The hot croissants are dry, the pinkish thing in the glass was supposed to be a smoothie and was just awful. The cookies weren't fresh only the fruits, juice and coffee were ok.

CC-BBJ would be my today's plane:

photo dsc_1077_resultatphoto dsc_1078_resultat

CC-BBA arrived a bit later:

photo dsc_1080_resultatphoto dsc_1081_resultat

This AR8 intrigues me:

photo dsc_1082_resultatphoto dsc_1083_resultat

My 788 being serviced:

photo dsc_1084_resultat

SKY A320 Neo:

photo dsc_1085_resultatphoto dsc_1086_resultat

LATAM old colors in A320:

photo dsc_1087_resultat

The tower:

photo dsc_1088_resultat

Avianca A333:

photo dsc_1089_resultatphoto dsc_1090_resultat

Old TAM livery on this A320:

photo dsc_1091_resultatphoto dsc_1092_resultat

A321 LAN + TAM = LATAM :)

photo dsc_1093_resultatphoto dsc_1094_resultat

The lavatories were super clean:

photo dsc_1095_resultatphoto dsc_1096_resultat

I coul also have said: immaculate :)

photo dsc_1097_resultat

Some artwork:

photo dsc_1098_resultat

The lounge was really nice, a bit sad that the food offering not nice is.

scl - airside

Half an hour before boarding I head to my gate:

photo dsc_1099_resultat

Duty free:

photo dsc_1100_resultatphoto dsc_1101_resultat

And after 

photo dsc_1102_resultatphoto dsc_1103_resultat

I arrived just a few minutes before boarding. My flight is continuing to LAX:

photo dsc_1104_resultat

Very well organized boarding process:

photo dsc_1105_resultat

el vuelo - the flight

I am amongst the first passengers to board:

photo dsc_1106_resultat

Holà guapo :)

photo dsc_1107_resultat

Getting closer:

photo dsc_1108_resultat

Playstation moment:

photo dsc_1109_resultat

A warm welcome and the door:

photo dsc_1110_resultat

It was my first time aboard a LATAM plane.

photo dsc_1111_resultatphoto dsc_1112_resultat

I really like the width of the seats:

photo dsc_1113_resultat

There are a big duvet and pillow on each seat, that will help to finish the night :)

photo dsc_1114_resultat

Blurry pic of the safety card:

photo dsc_1115_resultatphoto dsc_1117_resultat

I liked the pink moodlighting:

photo dsc_1116_resultat

Onboard magazine:

photo dsc_1118_resultat

The menus were already waiting on each seat:

photo dsc_1120_resultatphoto dsc_1121_resultat

Doesn't look that promising. They were taken back inflight but I kept mine in my bag as a souvenir :)

photo dsc_1119_resultat

The pitch is awesome but the TV is then on the small side as pretty far from the seat.

photo dsc_1125_resultat

The headset was not high quality and the handset a bit old fashioned.

photo dsc_1123_resultatphoto dsc_1124_resultat

As welcome drink only water or juices were offered.

photo dsc_1122_resultat

Enjoying life :)

photo dsc_1128_resultat

Doors have been closed 15" before departure.

photo dsc_1126_resultat

As there was some bags to still load, we didn't pushed back early but right on time.
The IFE looked nice:

photo dsc_1129_resultat

More moodlighting:

photo dsc_1130_resultat

This small tray table was very handy:

photo dsc_1131_resultat

We left moments after AC arrived ex Toronto:

photo dsc_1132_resultat

The ARJ 85 again. It started its days with DAT then Brussels Airlines and went to Cello Aviation.

photo dsc_1133_resultat

A321 LATAM :

photo dsc_1134_resultat

A320 SKY:

photo dsc_1135_resultat

This way, please!

photo dsc_1136_resultat

A last look at the terminal building:

photo dsc_1137_resultat

767 Chilean Airforce:

photo dsc_1138_resultat

We gave way to this bird:

photo dsc_1139_resultat

That is actually a speedbird :) BA ex - LHR

Now, our turn:

photo dsc_1145_resultat

This road might be a spotters paradise!

photo dsc_1146_resultat


photo dsc_1147_resultatphoto dsc_1148_resultat

All around only mountains:

photo dsc_1149_resultat

U Turn:

photo dsc_1151_resultat

The airport:

photo dsc_1153_resultat

And we slowly climb…

photo dsc_1154_resultatphoto dsc_1155_resultat

Once the fasten seat belt is off, I paid a visit to the lavatory that was clean but pretty basic:

photo dsc_1156_resultatphoto dsc_1157_resultat

The crew dimmed the windows but we were still allowed to control them.

photo dsc_1159_resultatphoto dsc_1160_resultat

The lighting in the cabin is really nice, all blue :)

photo dsc_1161_resultat

The tray is huge:

photo dsc_1165_resultat

I used the duvet as it was a bit cold in the cabin. It is one of the biggest I have seen in a plane and really, really comfy.

photo dsc_1166_resultat

The flight is smooth and the views wonderful:

photo dsc_1167_resultatphoto dsc_1168_resultat

Playing with the IFE/

photo dsc_1169_resultatphoto dsc_1170_resultat

The service started with a hot towel but no kits were availble for this flight:

photo dsc_1171_resultat

Above the Pacific:

photo dsc_1173_resultat

I went for the eggs for the breakfast:

photo dsc_1174_resultatphoto dsc_1175_resultat

Together with the cutlery:

photo dsc_1176_resultat

I liked the pink salt:

photo dsc_1177_resultat

The croissant was really nice, the eggs also but so bland. With the two ham and tomatos pieces it was simply not enough. The cake was good though, but the fruits weren't.
After breakfast it was time for a quick cabin tour.

photo dsc_1178_resultat

The wing:

photo dsc_1179_resultat

Rear galley:

photo dsc_1180_resultat

From the left side of the plane:

photo dsc_1181_resultat

Business class:

photo dsc_1182_resultat

I played a bit with the window blind:

photo dsc_1183_resultatphoto dsc_1185_resultatphoto dsc_1186_resultat

Before taking a nap :)

photo dsc_1184_resultat

I finished my night for the most part of the remaining flight. The seat is really nice but a bit on the hard side. A mattress could have been handy.

photo dsc_1187_resultatphoto dsc_1188_resultat

Almost in Perù !

photo dsc_1189_resultatphoto dsc_1191_resultatphoto dsc_1192_resultat

I will definitively not try to swim here :)

photo dsc_1195_resultat

Touch down and full reverse:

photo dsc_1197_resultat

Leaving the sole runway:

photo dsc_1199_resultat

Some old birds there:

photo dsc_1200_resultat

Avianca A321:

photo dsc_1201_resultat

KLM Cargo ops by Martinair 74F :

photo dsc_1202_resultat

LATAM 763:

photo dsc_1203_resultatphoto dsc_1204_resultat

UX  789:

photo dsc_1205_resultat


photo dsc_1206_resultatphoto dsc_1209_resultat

That's us:

photo dsc_1208_resultat

A nice view:

photo dsc_0001_resultat

We parked next to this A319:

photo dsc_0003_resultat

Last cabin shoots before deplaning:

photo dsc_0004_resultatphoto dsc_0005_resultatphoto dsc_0006_resultat

First steps in Perù!!

photo dsc_0007_resultat

First stop was immigration:

photo dsc_0008_resultatphoto dsc_0010_resultat-14929

It was the opposite as in SCL: a very messy immigration hall with no clear lines, it took a solid 20 minutes to go through even if it wasn't crowded at all. Just a question of better organisation. The luggage delivery hall was empty and my bag was already waiting for me :)

My driver was easy to locate and drove me through crazy Lima to Miraflores!

Stay tuned for the next part on Peruvian, that was a big story :)

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Cabin crew9.0



Santiago - SCL


Lima - LIM



This cabin is really nice, even if not a full access. But still, really comfortable.
The crew was present, smilling and willing to help.
Ihe IFE was excellent, the only negative point was the bland catering.

Nothing negative to say to SCL, very easy departure.

The lounge was great but the food selection very limited and low quality.

LIM immigration was messy but not a drama. The airport access, in contrary, is. More on that on the next leg.

Thank you very much for reading and following this series!

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    KévinDC TEAM GOLD 5886 Comments

    It's always nice to have a lounge to yourself, and so rare! And it seems huge, which is nice as well, but the best part is the views. I take it the planespotting was from the lounge?

    It's funny, I had almost exactly the same breakfast on LATAM like 3 years ago and the omelette was also super bland. You don't expect tasteless from a South American company!

    I agree that LATAM's J seats are very comfortable, even if they don't afford direct aisle access. Being that they're pretty low to the ground when in bed mode, it's relatively easy to climb over the aisle pax, though not ideal of course. Aesthetically speaking, the 787-9/A350 seats look much better (with the great and red tones) than these seats in the weird red-orange-ish colour, but they're the same seat.

    Enjoying this series very much, Thanks for sharing!

    • Comment 532900 by
      Esteban GOLD AUTHOR 16808 Comments

      Hi Kévin ! Thanks for the nice comment ! Yep all pictures taken from the lounge, the spotting opportunities are really good there.
      You are right it isn't a big deal to "climb" over your neighbor :)

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