Review of Air France flight Warsaw Paris in Business

Airline Air France
Flight AF1347
Class Business
Seat 02A
Aircraft Airbus A319
Flight time 02:25
Take-off 04 Aug 19, 16:15
Arrival at 04 Aug 19, 18:40
AF   #48 out of 99 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 4471 reviews
By GOLD 496
Published on 14th December 2019

Welcome to this new series, I decided this time to translate to English some intra- European flights just to have more variety in the FR English data base. The routing looks like this:

transit waw

Once the bags collected, we went to the AF/KL counters:

photo img_1441_resultatphoto img_1442_resultat

LOT celebrates its 90 years:

photo img_1443_resultat


photo img_1446_resultat

The airport is vast and airy but by far, not as nice as GDN :)

photo img_1447_resultat-40825

Self service kiosks:

photo img_1448_resultatphoto img_1449_resultat

We opted for a paid upgrade to business for a flat rate of €79.- given that on this flight there is a hot meal service.

photo img_1450_resultat-36479

We arrived a bit too early and had to wait 20 minutes for the counters to open:

photo img_1451_resultat

In the meantime, let's go for a tour!

photo img_1452_resultat

There is a chapel:

photo img_1453_resultatphoto img_1454_resultat

Outside view:

photo img_1455_resultat

Two Marriott brand hotels are in front of the terminal, a Courtyard and a Renaissance:

photo img_1456_resultat

Almost opened:

photo img_1457_resultat

Very efficient but lacking warmth check in. We proceed to the fast track where there is absolutely nobody:

photo img_1458_resultat

LOT J counters:

photo img_1459_resultat

That one would fit very nicely in my house:

photo img_1460_resultat


photo img_1461_resultat


photo img_1462_resultat

I love those airports where you don't need to mandatory go through the duty free:

photo img_1463_resultat

The lounge is at the far end:

photo img_1464_resultat

Almost arrived:

photo img_1465_resultat

fantazja lounge waw

It was a fairly standard welcome when we entered. I like those vegetalized walls:

photo img_1466_resultatphoto img_1470_resultat

Center table:

photo img_1467_resultat

Lounge area:

photo img_1468_resultat

The harmony of the colors of the lounge is very nice:

photo img_1469_resultat

A quick tour of the buffet with the coffee machine:

photo img_1471_resultat

Juices with a wonderful blueberries juice:

photo img_1472_resultat

Hard drinks:

photo img_1473_resultat

Wines and vodka:

photo img_1474_resultat

Sweet snacks:

photo img_1475_resultat

Cold offer:

photo img_1476_resultat


photo img_1478_resultat

Olives and pickles:

photo img_1477_resultat

More cold cuts and wraps:

photo img_1479_resultatphoto img_1480_resultat

Hot dishes with pasta and sausages:

photo img_1481_resultat

Two hot quiches and a soup:

photo img_1482_resultatphoto img_1483_resultat

Soft drinks:

photo img_1484_resultatphoto img_1485_resultat

First selection with some sweet sparkling wine:

photo img_1486_resultat


photo img_1487_resultat

Second helping:

photo img_1488_resultatphoto img_1489_resultat

Shorly before the flight we make our way to the gate:

the flight

photo img_1491_resultat

Our A-319:

photo img_1492_resultatphoto img_1493_resultat

Right for us:

photo img_1494_resultatphoto img_1495_resultat

First to board!

photo img_1496_resultatphoto img_1497_resultat

Almost there:

photo img_1498_resultat

Aircraft door:

photo img_1499_resultat

A nice welcome is given at the door, the cabin is the standard Euro Business:

photo img_1500_resultat

The only differences with Y are the neutralized middle seat and the blue pillow:

photo img_1501_resultat

Hey you!

photo img_1502_resultat-28545

All USB plugs are INOP!

photo img_1503_resultat

I like those blue pillows:

photo img_1504_resultat

Safety card:

photo img_1505_resultatphoto img_1506_resultatphoto img_1507_resultat

E175 and a 788:

photo img_1508_resultatphoto img_1509_resultat


photo img_1510_resultat

Front view:

photo img_1512_resultat

A cold oshibori is handed out:

photo img_1514_resultat

Together with a water bottle:

photo img_1515_resultat

We pushed back ten minutes early:

photo img_1516_resultat

Air Belgium flew for LOT in the summer:

photo img_1517_resultat

734 GetJet also for LOT (substitute for the  737 MAX)

photo img_1518_resultat

Not a very young bird:

photo img_1519_resultat

GetJet, A319 also for LOT still to cover for the MAX :

photo img_1521_resultatphoto img_1520_resultat

319 again followed by an E195 LOT:

photo img_1522_resultatphoto img_1523_resultat

The 734 from the other side:

photo img_1524_resultat

Seems someone else likes to spot:

photo img_1527_resultatphoto img_1529_resultat

About to depart:

photo img_1528_resultat

Bye Poland!

photo img_1530_resultatphoto img_1531_resultat

Climbing away:

photo img_1532_resultat

Quick lavatory visit:

photo img_1533_resultatphoto img_1534_resultat

Forward door and galley view. I assumed the trays in the galley would be crew meals as it couldn't be that AF would serve sandwiches in business class.

photo img_1535_resultat

Close up of the door:

photo img_1536_resultat

Cruising altitude is reached, time to eat!

photo img_1538_resultat

Then we are handed out … this. What I thought were crew meals. Air France, are you kidding me??

photo img_1539_resultat

Seems someone else isn't impressed.

photo img_1541_resultat-77706

I first thought those were vegetables over cream cheese, but in fact, no It is just plain vegetables, just an optical illusion there was some kind of cream below :( At max this was 5 to 10 gramms …

photo img_1543_resultat

That is the whole tray:

photo img_1545_resultat

What do we have here … 7 grams of carotts and zuchinis. A bagel with salmon mousse that was first ways to dry and second too spicy and a waffle that was re-heated but 100% industrial and just … disgusting.

To go with an apple compote.

I am really impressed by this tray. After being sollicited via Twitter, Air France dared to tell us that this tray is a full meal tray with a started, main dish and dessert.

The purser was more than sorry to give this and would even say that it is a shame for her to propose this to business class customers. As a small "sorry" she offered us some ice cream that was the catering of economy class.

photo img_1546_resultatphoto img_1547_resultat

Outside view:

photo img_1548_resultat

Onboard magazine:

photo img_1549_resultat

With the Air France fleet with Joon now gone:

photo img_1552_resultatphoto img_1553_resultat

An active digestive service is offered together with coffee:

photo img_1550_resultat

Starting our descent:

photo img_1554_resultatphoto img_1555_resultat

The seat pitch is also not up to par with a business class:

photo img_1556_resultat

Almost arrived:

photo img_1557_resultat

Landed, slats, spoilers and reverse:

photo img_1559_resultatphoto img_1560_resultat

Missing this bird a lot!

photo img_1561_resultat

The 2F is pretty empty at that time:

photo img_1562_resultat

The next part will covert Terminal 2G in CDG :)

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Cabin crew9.0

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Warsaw - WAW


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This tray has nothing to do in Business class. Not only it was not enough but the quality was more than bad.

Two months ago, AF offered a full hot meal on that flight together with a sweet basket after the meal. This is now gone.

The cabin isn't also a business class cabin since AF decided to have the same pitch in the whole cabin.

At least the cabin crew tried to compensate, but still the flight was a disaster. The cherry on the cake came with the INOP USB.

Both WAW and CDG were nice to transit through.

The lounge is really nice.

As usual a big thank you for reading and following this series.

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