Review of Air France Hop flight Paris Mulhouse / Bâle in Economy

Airline Air France Hop
Flight AF1092
Class Economy
Seat 01A
Aircraft Embraer E-170
Flight time 01:10
Take-off 04 Aug 19, 21:55
Arrival at 04 Aug 19, 23:05
AF   #40 out of 67 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 795 reviews
By GOLD 147
Published on 15th December 2019

Welcome to this new series, I decided this time to translate to English some intra- European flights just to have more variety in the FR English data base. The routing looks like this:

transit cdg

We had a three hours layover in CDG and needed to transit from 2F to 2G

photo img_1564_resultat

The signs are clear but the yellow color is not, in my opinion, the nicest:

photo img_1566_resultatphoto img_1569_resultat

This way:

photo img_1570_resultat

The FIDS, the flight is scheduled on time, but Air France is very well known for announcing the delays at the very last minute:

photo img_1567_resultatphoto img_1568_resultat

Those information screens are a great addition:

photo img_1571_resultat

We boarded the bus and were alone inside:

photo img_1572_resultat


photo img_1573_resultat

Arrived at 2G. #stairwaytoheaven

photo img_1574_resultat

The waiting hall:

photo img_1575_resultat

We went to the lounge that just reopened after two weeks of renovations:

photo img_1576_resultat

lounge af 2g

I had been informed that the floor went to an extensive clean up but did not notice anything special:

photo img_1577_resultatphoto img_1588_resultat

Nothing changed in the lavatories also:

photo img_1590_resultatphoto img_1591_resultatphoto img_1589_resultat

OK, I didn't notice any big change. Let's see the buffet with here the coffee station:

photo img_1578_resultat

Nothing changed here also:

photo img_1579_resultatphoto img_1580_resultat

This is something I will never understand. The lounge has bacon the whole day on offer and also a soup or quiche. When the lounge opened Air France promoted it with "An open kitchen where cooks and bakers will prepare fresh food". I have never seen anything like this since the opening.

photo img_1581_resultat

Some breads:

photo img_1582_resultat

Those waffles remind me about something.

photo img_1583_resultat

Smoothies and raspberry tartlets:

photo img_1584_resultat

The cold offer section:

photo img_1585_resultatphoto img_1586_resultat

I started with a smoothie:

photo img_1587_resultat

My selection:

photo img_1592_resultat-59517

The view is nice but mostly all Embraers :)

photo img_1594_resultatphoto img_1596_resultat

This 777 goes to BOS:

photo img_1597_resultat

More Embraer with the first E90 with the Air France livery:

photo img_1598_resultat

the flight

We went to the gate shortly before the boarding:

photo img_1599_resultatphoto img_1600_resultat

This way:

photo img_1601_resultat

I really like the new livery:

photo img_1602_resultat


photo img_1604_resultatphoto img_1605_resultat

The gate is not yet announced but the AF app gives it always far more in advance than the FIDS:

photo img_1607_resultat

The gates:

photo img_1608_resultat

G32 today:

photo img_1609_resultat

As we arrived the boarding was announced:

photo img_1610_resultat

Our bird:

photo img_1611_resultatphoto img_1612_resultat

This E90 next to us:

photo img_1613_resultat

Fuselage shoot:

photo img_1614_resultat

Nice welcome at the door, the cabin is well known in the french domestic market:

photo img_1615_resultatphoto img_1616_resultat

Safety Card:

photo img_1618_resultatphoto img_1619_resultat

Front galley:

photo img_1620_resultat

The legroom isn't amazing on the first row of the E70, it is much better on the E90:

photo img_1621_resultat

We took of a few minutes late, some view of Paris:

photo img_1624_resultatphoto img_1627_resultat

The snack:

photo img_1628_resultat

And then felt asleep until landing!

photo img_1629_resultat

We leave the aircraft via jetbridge:

photo img_1630_resultat

But need to take the stairs (a lift is also available) to reach the arrival hall.

photo img_1631_resultatphoto img_1632_resultatphoto img_1634_resultat

This part of the hall has been renovated a few weeks before:

photo img_1636_resultatphoto img_1637_resultat

The bad surprise came upon arrival as two of our Samsonite luggages had been badly damaged. They have been reimbursed in full by the airline.

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Air France Hop

Cabin crew7.5

Air France Lounge - 2G


Paris - CDG


Mulhouse / Bâle - EAP



The flight almost did its job. I say almost because of the luggage incident.

The access to the 2G is a bit of a pain as the terminal is very remote and it can take a bit of time to go there.

The EuroAirport is always a pleasure to travel to and from.

The lounge is nice but the food offer is really not was was advertised when it opened.

As usual, a big thank you for reading!

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