Review of Indonesia AirAsia flight Singapore Denpasar in Economy

Airline Indonesia AirAsia
Flight QZ 509
Class Economy
Seat 16F
Aircraft Airbus A320
Flight time 02:14
Take-off 11 Dec 19, 20:51
Arrival at 11 Dec 19, 23:05
QZ 27 reviews
By 638
Published on 22nd December 2019
As part of my year end escapades, I recently went on a short trip to Bali. Even though it was the peak holiday season, I was surprised that tickets up on AirAsia were still very decently priced just a month prior to travel, and seats on the SQ return flight was still widely available. On the day of departure, we checked in at Terminal 4 using the Self-Check-in counters.

photo 49228768266_a222bf2916_o_d

photo 49228768281_a0afb497ca_o_d

Passed immigration and security into the duty-free shops.

photo 49228768236_9c2c9f6cfb_o_d

T4 FIDS. Mainly AirAsia departures.

photo 49228768216_6b984a2263_o_d

View of T4 departure hall. It was not busy at all at this time of the evening.

photo 49228768021_4837baaccf_o_d

Popped into the Blossom Lounge for some quick bites. It was my 3rd visit to this lounge this year, and hence just sharing some photos of this pretty decent lounge.

photo 49228768096_8e5ffbb7f3_o_d

photo 49228303938_f287fb8429_o_d

photo 49228997542_efac5d3954_o_d

Food selection was limited but quality was above average.

photo 49228768156_aff71c02c8_o_d

photo 49228768126_63f908350f_o_d

Headed to the gate at G2, where boarding had commenced early as the aircraft had arrived ahead of schedule.

photo 49228997447_7a525ec07c_o_d

photo 49228768026_e7563ce352_o_d

11 December 2019
Indonesia Air Asia
QZ 509
Singapore (SIN) - Denpasar Bali (DPS)
PK-AXU 'Lombok Livery'
Economy Class
Flight Time: 2H14M

Boarding our Lombok-liveried A320.

photo 49228767831_fca0c65a7a_o_d

photo 49228997332_fd3f00d0e4_o_d

Red headrest priority seats and Emex row seats.

photo 49228997312_9fd4f56bd1_o_d

photo 49228303758_a6a1c5ee09_o_d

Across from my normal seat.

photo 49228765416_7870e6f4fa_o_d

Tight legroom as expected.

photo 49228997232_5fcdeaac18_o_d

Inflight literature.

photo 49228997222_8b19cb6cf1_o_d

It was drizzling outside.

photo 49228767676_4b3292db5a_o_d

Completed was completed swiftly and crew doing pre-departure checks. Safety demo was performed manually.

photo 49228767631_e767afe5b1_o_d

photo 49228767706_d07fd04fa5_o_d

It was only a short taxi to the runway.

photo 49228997117_b045a3ea0a_o_d

Departure from Rwy02C.

Service started shortly after departure, with the distribution of pre-ordered meals followed by BOB sales.

photo 49228303308_8e93766e1a_o_d

Meals and drinks sold. Service was generally casual and friendly.

photo 49228767316_92f882af79_o_d

I pre-ordered an Indonesian Nasi Padang, and max-ed my meal with a pasta salad and a chocolate muffin. The pasta salad and muffin were normal, while the Nasi Padang tasted authentic (served along with keropok) but rather spicy.

photo 49228303493_c1e1d5ea33_o_d

photo 49228303373_90c9d92a09_o_d

photo 49228767476_bcf4353ec8_o_d

photo 49228767411_e6463cd935_o_d

photo 49228767396_d511e0df68_o_d

The other pre-ordered meal was the Korean Sweet and spicy chicken, which was pretty normal and a 'safe' choice.

photo 49228997107_c40001b277_o_d

photo 49228303478_b307137b95_o_d

photo 49228303443_0442d7b33d_o_d

Visit to the lav towards the end of the flight. It remained quite clean though as expected, stocked only with the necessary amenities.

photo 49228767276_d85904dd5f_o_d

View of the forward half of the cabin. Flight was not full, which was surprising for the holiday season.

photo 49228767286_421da2152f_o_d

We were soon descending into Bali, flying above northern Kuta.

photo 49228767211_1caa3b5287_o_d

Landing in Bali and taxied to the remote bay.

photo 49228996827_93010231ee_o_d

photo 49228303233_6eae070345_o_d

photo 49228303213_67361c8051_o_d

Look at my seat during disembarking.

photo 49228767146_68cb445876_o_d

Down to the tarmac to the bus for the short ride to the terminal and immigration. At DPS, it might actually be better to park at the remote bay as the normal gates can be a very long walk to immigration.

photo 49228996772_fa0d2dc06a_o_d

photo 49228765391_4c42743401_o_d

photo 49228995102_3c79357f83_o_d

Immigration and customs queues were not too bad at the time of arrival (I had much worse on my past trips) and we were out into our ride to the villa within 30min. Stayed at Sun Island Boutique Villa at Seminyak. It was conveniently situated along a main road, but villas are well-hidden behind quiet and peace.

photo 49228766786_a145284251_o_d

Each villa had a private pool, and was also well-furnished.

photo 49228767051_6665ca3e03_o_d

photo 49228996702_4c612906a8_o_d

photo 49228303118_2f6aec8961_o_d

photo 49228767101_fb6dd6b925_o_d

View of the villa pool in the morning.

photo 49228996377_d4cf3fefb6_o_d

The rate includes daily breakfast, which is ala-carte and can be ordered into the villa. We had breakfasts daily in the villa. The breakfasts were pretty tasty and beautifully presented.

photo 49228302993_a127ddf1e4_o_d

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Indonesia AirAsia

Cabin crew7.5

Blossom Lounge - 4


Singapore - SIN


Denpasar - DPS



It was a pretty decent ride on AirAsia to Bali. Flight was ahead of schedule, meals were ok. Only grouse is the tight seat pitch, but this is common across almost all LCCs. However, if the price is right, I would still fly AirAsia.

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