Review of Scoot flight Sydney Singapore in Economy

Airline Scoot
Flight TZ1
Class Economy
Seat 57G
Aircraft Boeing 777-200ER
Flight time 07:45
Take-off 18 Sep 12, 13:00
Arrival at 18 Sep 12, 18:45
TR 60 reviews
By GOLD 4426
Published on 31st December 2019
Trip Report: Sydney - Singapore on Scoot

Flight Details:
Airlines: Scoot
Flight :TZ1 SYD - SIN
Reg : 9V-OTA
Aircraft: Boeing 777-212/ER
Departure Sydney : 13:00
Arrival Singapore Terminal 2: 18:45
Flight time : 7hr 41min
Distance : 6316 km

Trip Report: Scoot 9V-OTA TZ1 Sydney - Singapore

Do watch the video to experience the flight.


This report is of a flight in Sept 2012. This trip was planned holiday with friends. We decided to cover Thailand and Singapore as some of my friends hadn't.

As ticket and seats were booked by friends, I didn't know the details before the flight.


Check-in for this flight was done online, On the day flight, we arrived early by taxi. As this being a holiday we were travelling light.

Baggage was underweight. Our passport was checked and boarding pass printed till Singapore.


Sydney airport used to have a open viewing deck above the terminal in 2012.

Some plane spotting before heading for immigration

photo dsc_0001

Qantas B747-400

photo dsc_0003photo dsc_0004

Qantas B767-300 Freighter

photo dsc_0006

Cathay Pacific Cargo Boeing 747-8

photo dsc_0030

Singapore Airlines A380-800 departure to Singapore

photo dsc_0034

Scoot TZ2 arrives from Singapore

As we were at the viewing deck, Runway 34L was used for arrivals, Scoot TZ2 from Singapore taxis to gate.

photo dsc_0041

Scoot names its aircraft. This was their first plane - 9V-OTA "Barry"

photo dsc_0048photo dsc_0051

Air Calin push-back

photo dsc_0052

Immigration and Security

On watching the plane dock at the gate, we decided to head for immigration.

Immigration and security was quick being mid-day, not many international flights were scheduled.


We didn't get much time in the terminal as boarding had commenced by the time we had completed security. We rushed to gate area.

photo dsc_0067

Preparing for departure

photo dsc_0069


Seating for the economy was 3-4-3. Seats with more spacing are yellow coloured, Blue seats had narrow space.

I wasn't happy with the seats as it felt tight.

photo dsc_0070

Cabin View

As I was seated in the aisle seat, got up few times to stretch as the seats were uncomfortable/

photo dsc_0076

Window View

photo dsc_0091

Middle cabin area

photo dsc_0078

Rear cabin area

photo dsc_0090

Wing view

photo dsc_0094

Safety card storage

photo dsc_0095

Exit seats blocked

photo dsc_0097

Doors locked

photo dsc_0165

Window view

photo dsc_0100

Cabin view

photo dsc_0099

Seat pocket material

photo dsc_0117

Inflight magazine

photo dsc_0141

Seat view

Seats have different reclining position, making it very uncomfortable for someone seating behind the paid yellow seat.

photo dsc_0129

Seat pocket

photo dsc_0137

Safety card

photo dsc_0118

Cabin service - Duty free sales

We purchased lunch and drinks. For lunch, we got nasi goreng and chicken biryani.

photo dsc_0131


Singapore Sling didn't taste the same as on SQ.

photo dsc_0136

Cabin view

photo dsc_0113

Comfort seat in middle section Disadvantage lack of section divider

photo dsc_0155photo dsc_0161

Scoot story

photo dsc_0146

ScooTV magazine

photo dsc_0144

Scootalogue - Duty free item

photo dsc_0143

Safety card

photo dsc_0142

Eat menu

photo dsc_0140

Cabin call button - It was silenced, light turns on slight touch

photo dsc_0139

Window view

photo dsc_0171

Rear section view

photo dsc_0104photo dsc_0106

Entertainment - looking out of the window

photo dsc_0158

Cleanup on arrival

photo dsc_0190

At the gate

photo dsc_0196

TZ1 upon arrival

photo dsc_0199

Terminal 2 view

photo dsc_0204photo dsc_0205

Walk to immigration

photo dsc_0208photo dsc_0209

Flight schedule

photo dsc_0211


Immigration was quick as there was hardly any queue when we arrived and got visa on arrival.

photo dsc_0210

Baggage collection

Baggage was to arrive on belt no 36.

photo dsc_0212

To city

After collecting the bags, we exited through the green channel as we had nothing to declare.

Headed for the taxi queue which moved fast and on to the hotel.

Hope you enjoyed the report. Thanks for reading.

End of trip.

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Cabin crew7.0
Buy-on-board menu5.5

Sydney - SYD


Singapore - SIN



Scoot fare was cheap , seating was uncomfortable as we didn't know about the space. Food was reasonably priced. For entertainment, I did not purchase any packs.

Crew was friendly and active on this flight.

Overall a satisfactory trip for the price we had paid.

Information on the route Sydney (SYD) Singapore (SIN)


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