Review of Thai Airways flight Hanoi Bangkok in Economy

Airline Thai Airways
Flight TG561
Class Economy
Seat 52K
Aircraft Airbus A330-300
Flight time 01:50
Take-off 29 Jul 18, 10:35
Arrival at 29 Jul 18, 12:25
TG   #34 out of 96 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 397 reviews
Published on 8th April 2020


Hello everyone and welcome to another flight report. This time its on Thai Airways on a flight from Hanoi to Bangkok onboard an Airbus A330-300. A video version of this flight report is available on my Youtube channel. For  those interested it is linked above.

Anyways after spending some time in Vietnam , it was time for the vacation to come to an end. So we got in a van at 7AM for our 10:30AM departure out of Hanoi. After a roughly 40 minute drive made it to Noi Bai International Airport.

photo img-6464photo img-6457photo img-6465

Time to check in for the flight. Looking at the line at check in figured out we are gonna have a full flight.

photo img-3210

After check in , immigration and security made my way to the gate for my flight. The airport in Hanoi is quite nice with decent number of shops  and seating areas.

photo img-6456

A little plane spotting while i make my way to my gate. An Asiana Airlines A350-900 and China Southern ERJ190 heading to Seoul and Guangzhou respectively.

photo img-3218photo img-3217

After some time it was time to board the  A330. Apologies for not getting some terminal shots of the aircraft as a structure was obstructing my view. Anyways the aircraft for today is 2012 built Airbus A330-300 with the registration  of HS-TBD.My seat for today is 52K that is a  little behind the right wing.

photo img-3229

The seat consisted of a IFE screen with an IFE remote and a personal item holder.The seat also had some pretty decent legroom , although do note that an ife box obstructs some of the legroom space available.

photo img-3230photo img-6453

The seat pocket contents consisted of  "Sawasdee" inflight magazine ,inflight duty free catalogue and the A330 safety card.

photo img-6703photo img-6709photo img-6704

Present on the seat was also a pillow while a blanket could be available on request.

photo img-6455

The inflight safety video was shortly shown on the ife screens.

photo img-6454

We pushed back from our  gate 1 hour behind schedule. The reason for the delay was due to late arrival of the aircraft from Bangkok. Meanwhile in the background a Malindo Boeing 737 on finals from Kuala Lumpur.

photo img-3237

After pushback and start up, we commenced our taxi to  the runway.

photo img-6749

After lining up on Runway 11R we power off the runway on our way to Bangkok. Farewell Vietnam,i had an enjoyable time.

photo img-6750photo img-3242

Some more views  as we climb out of Hanoi.I don't know why i like the a330 quiet a lot. I guess i have had numerous trips  onboard them with quiet a few different airlines. Any of you a330 fans ?

photo img-3243photo img-3244

For those interested, the departure out of Hanoi is linked below.

The ife had good selection of movies, tv shows games etc although do note that no headphones were distributed. I guess this has to do with the short length of the flight. And i guess on a flight like this you would barely get to watch something completely had earphones been given out.

photo img-3256

Shortly after reaching cruising altitude , the cabin crew commenced the inflight service. For the flight a serving of thai green chicken curry noodles , a chocolate banana cake and a bottle of water were served. The snacks to be honest were delicious and in my opinion perfect for a flight of this length.

photo img-3250-10332photo img-3252

Here is a view of the cabin from  my seat. Looks pretty basic although it was neat and tidy so definitely a plus point.

photo img-6452

For the remainder of the flight it was smooth just a few bumps of turbulence here and there. Spent most of the time just gazing out of the window or just simply observing the inflight moving map.

photo img-3270photo img-3259

For those interested the approach and landing in Bangkok is attached below.

Very soon we commenced our descent into Suvurnabhumi  International Airport.

photo img-3277photo img-6786

On finals for Runway19R . Bangkok approaches are always quiet nice especially while flying over all the rice paddies.

photo img-6468

And ….. touchdown in Bangkok 1 hour behind our schedule arrival time , at this moment i was quiet worried as Bangkok wasn't my final destination and initially my transit time was 1 hour 35 minutes so with the delay it even shortened my time to connect to my flight to Karachi.

photo img-6469

While taxing to our gate , passed by the aircraft that would be flying be to Karachi that was an A330-300 with the registration of HS-TEU.There will be a review of this flight in a separate flight report.

photo img-3281

We finally parked at our gate and it was a sign of relief as it a regular jetway bridge rather than a remote stand.This meant no extra time was wasted getting off the aircraft and waiting for the bus etc. This brings us to the end of this flight report.

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Thai Airways

Cabin crew7.0

Hanoi - HAN


Bangkok - BKK



Overall this was another pleasant flight with TG for me . The seat was comfortable although had there not been an ife box under my seat the legroom would have been better.The ife had a good selection of movies , TV shows etc although without headphone couldnt watch anything.The snack on this short flight was also delicious and i enjoyed them. The cabin crew on this flight seemed a bit rushed but i can understand that with a full flight on an a330 so they are most likely to be on there toes for a flight of this length.I have travelled with Thai Airways many times and like always they always seemed to provide really good service. But for me the only negative i can see make of this flight is the 1 hour delay but i guess that can happen due to operational reasons.

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  • Comment 550224 by
    Guillbcn 68 Comments
    Thank you for this interesting FR! I like the A330 because of the wing, I think is very nice, and the seat configuration, 2-4-2, which is better than the 3-3-3 which are appearing on the new 787 and A350.
    Looks like Thai in flight service has decreased a little bit. I remember some previous FR where I saw a full hot meal on a 2 hours flight. But they still provide a good service, if you compare it with the european and north american airlines which are offering a BOB or a simple cookie.
    Waiting the 2nd part of the FR to Pakistan!
    • Comment 550319 by
      Triple7lover AUTHOR 27 Comments
      Thanks for your kind comment ? I guess the meal serving maybe has to do with the time also as mine was almost like brunch time. I guess on like a flight at like 7pm they would serve a bigger meal . I agree with you Asian and middle eastern airlines really spoil us in terms of amount of food they serve ? will hopefully get the next part out soon ,haven’t even started righting it ?
  • Comment 550310 by
    jish.b 283 Comments
    Nice report, thank you for sharing this with us!
    Meal looks really good! I thought it'd be the warm sandwich as they do on all flights of similar lengths, but nice to see them switch it up. I have keenly observed TG's regional operations: not very often do you see 50+ wide body airplanes doing sub 2hr missions. Looking forward to the next part!
    • Comment 550320 by
      Triple7lover AUTHOR 27 Comments
      Thanks for reading ? the meal was really good and different from a regular sandwich.Always love that you can fly on a widebody on any route in the TG network. Will hopefully have the next part out soon , my experience was somewhat similar as to what you experienced while connecting in BKK from PNH to Kolkata ??
  • Comment 550892 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 6586 Comments
    Nice report with great planespotting ?
    TG's A330s are def a nice ride in Y and the meal looks really good for a short flight.
    Thanks for sharing!

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