Review of Air India flight Kolkata Mumbai in Economy

Airline Air India
Flight AI676
Class Economy
Seat 22F
Aircraft Airbus A320neo
Flight time 02:55
Take-off 13 Aug 18, 09:25
Arrival at 13 Aug 18, 12:20
AI 85 reviews
By 2318
Published on 8th February 2020

Here we are then, in the final part(s) of the summer 2018 trip back home. So far, it involved an E175 from Fargo to Dallas, followed by a memorable flight on American's 777-200. Turkish Airlines' two 777-300ERs were next, with their own 77W from MIA to IST being a hit, while the KQ leased 77W was alright too. Then came the first A330 flight, the 9W A330 from DEL to BOM, followed by my first flight in the Airbus A320neo, a missed connection which led to a long layover at DEL on to CCU.

I got to try out Thai Airways, Thai Smile, Cambodia Bayon & Bassaka Air in quick succession. This was followed by two more A330 flights (PNH-BKK and BKK-CCU), bringing up the A330 tally on this trip up 4 so far.


Now then, would you be surprised if I told you that I originally planned on taking AI21/AI102 the wide bodies on CCU-DEL (787) and DEL-BOM (777-300ER, that continues on from JFK), and then cancelled it? Because that’s exactly what happened. The third time on an AI 787 CCU-DEL that I booked on, and I cancelled it because I make bad decisions. Little did I know that this would turn out to be an outstanding decision. Had it not been for TG's equipment swap or this last minute chickening out, this trip would have had 6 777 flights, instead of just the 3 that happened.


Instead, I decided to take the direct flight: Air India was the cheapest among the FSCs (seeing as UK was via DEL, and I’ve taken 9W on this route way too many times) - AI676 being the morning flight, a flight I have taken in the past. This time however, it wasn’t on an A319, but instead on an A320neo. Score, should’ve just booked this one in the first place and not did the entire Vistara thing. Hindsight!
AI676 CCU BOM 13AUG18 0925 1220 A20N


Air India operate two flights between Kolkata and Mumbai, the one in the morning in a plane based in Mumbai (as evident with the AI6** flight number), and one in the evening with a Kolkata based flight number (AI7**). There used to be a flight via Hyderabad, AI618/619, the BOM based airplane would do BOM-HYD-CCU-HYD-BOM, but the HYD-CCU-HYD part no longer exists. More on this later.


I did a mobile booking for this one: suffice to say, it was quite bizarre. I got it to work, but it seemed rather inefficient. I settled on a free seat, 22F. More towards the back, but I did not want to pay for it. A ticket was emailed to me just fine, in addition to it being on the phone itself. Thankfully, I was able to get a refund for the cancelled AI21/AI102 ticket too.


The plane would depart Mumbai at 0645 as AI675: I eagerly waited to see this pop up on FlightRadar24 before heading out to the airport. VT-EXH, a 0.7 years old A320-251N would take me to Mumbai: the youngest Air India plane I would fly on! Anticipating a comprehensive check in security, I took no chances and headed out pretty early.

Perhaps some of the more impressive fleet transitions I could think of: remember when Indian Airlines (and then Air India) predominantly had the double-bogey Airbus A320s? That's all been phased out, to the A320neos. There's 27 of them.
photo 49471074248_ef6bebc74d_b

CCU NSCBI looking empty -
photo 49471566206_9b9176941b_b


I was at the counter for 0748 hours, check in was pretty quick. With just over 1.5 hours before departure I headed for security, and the lines were unsurprisingly long. Took a solid 30 minutes.
photo 49471566091_589cf3bf34_b
photo 49471565901_28e69c4c87_b

Boarding pass
photo 49471565816_9b1e7159ba_b

I was airside for 0824 hours, 1hr06min to departure.
photo 49471073608_aa7d87bd5a_b


They had some doors open that help ‘expand’ the domestic section: swing gates opening in to the international part. I got as close as I could get to the Emirates 777:
photo 49471565341_5ac7141dee_b
photo 49471565466_f5d3c9325c_b

In the international part, looking east/domestic
photo 49471565196_d9f282e60b_b

Domestic was bustling though - with all major airlines have at least 2 flights at this time.
photo 49471787607_5725c2ce41_b

India's 3 biggest low cost carriers
photo 49471787452_f2b7b3dd6f_b

GoAir now have A320neos than A320ceos
photo 49471072618_6ee735dd3b_b

AirAsia India is struggling to find it's place in the ultra-competitive Indian skies. Siliguri bound I5 582.
photo 49471787167_098b8d0f2a_b
photo 49471787027_88b95a5a59_b

AI776: a Kolkata based flight number, but does a Bengaluru - Kolkata - Bhubaneswar - Hyderabad routing. A320neo, of course.
photo 49471072098_90b77c7963_b

photo 49471564026_75f537b5d7_b

Northeast bound A319
photo 49471563916_676dda23b0_b

Guwahati bound G8 532, Imphal bound 6E 707
photo 49471563801_e208404d45_b

Curious, I noticed that the gate AI401/21 usually uses was occupied by an IndiGo A320. Even more interesting, the Air India Dream)liner went and parked all the way at the Hajj Terminal. Something suspicious, perhaps? Well, looked like a delay for the flight to New Delhi.

VT-ANT has arrived from DEL as AI401
photo 49471786342_70bd2579a9_b

I haven't mentioned Jet in a while have I - we'd race the 737-800 to Mumbai, that one operating 9W472. I have this flight twice before, once on VT-JLH and then VT-JLJ.
photo 49471071488_b55e78c437_b

BBI/HYD bound
photo 49471071388_e0029b7bed_b

So, here's what happened then! As I mentioned, cancelling the AI21/AI102 ticket was vindicated by a news report the same evening.The headline: Dreamliner windshield cracks on Delhi-Kolkata flight, plane lands safely & grounded
photo 49471563231_8ef2d8e12a_b
photo 49471071178_f5e2056d71_b


Speaking of delays, I kept a close track of AI675: VT-EXH wasn’t meant to touchdown until 15 or 20 minutes after it’s scheduled arrival time, then another 10 minutes of taxiing, so I was looking at a bit of a delay. The good looking A320neo docked at the gate at 0918 hours, about 25 minutes late: we only had 12 minutes to departure. Someone else realized this, and instantly assumed it would be a 1hr delay for this flight. Hah, lack of trust in the ground staff’s efficiency then, hmmm…
photo 49471785717_e72054fbe3_b

A minute before departure time, the inevitable delay announcement came: a 30 minute delay. Nothing major, in my opinion: I did not have any connections to make myself, but I hoped a lot of this would be made up on the turnaround and the flight itself (despite being a West bound flight…). This however did not stop people from lining up at the gate itself.

Midst of an efficient turnaround
photo 49471562746_ab696e2599_b


Boarding was called about 15 minutes later, and I was in line 19 minutes past departure time, and onboard 22 minutes past departure time: 0952 hours. They crew were as welcoming as they could be - everything seemed to be quite rushed on their part unfortunately due to the delay.
photo 49471785447_da78fc5209_b
photo 49471785332_3a2f83c027_b

12 business class seats looked uninspiring, to be frank. These planes are destined to do reasonably long international flights (hovering around 5 hours), I would not be happy for the price paid. Satisfactory for a domestic flight, I guess. Back of the (Air)bus, it was fairly standard. Full flight though - this was not the case the last time I flew on an Air India narrow body, it was pretty empty. As I mentioned before, even that was on AI676.
photo 49471562366_c7b2b9b789_b
photo 49471785052_b05aac3eea_b


I took my seat 22F. Everything went quick from here. SUPER quick. Just 7 minutes of being onboard and doors were closed, we were ready to go.
photo 49471784972_1b9a958c55_b

1001 hours, a 31 minute delay. No time was gained on the ground, but kudos to the folk working tirelessly to get the plane going - it felt fairly quick. The other full service flight at this time, Jet Airways flight 9W472, was already gone, on time.

Anyway, we pushed back and the engines, like the first NEO flight, took quite some time to start up. I also noticed the Air India 787 in the distance…. suspicious! Anyway, a manual safety demo was done, and the crew started to secure the cabin. This is when one of the flight attendants noticed a wary & nervous first time flier: she reassured her that everything will be just fine, and that she need not worry about the flight, enjoy it. It is these little things that go a long way :)

Delhi bound Vistara & Jet Airways
photo 49471784747_8d963891a0_b

Not sure where VT-JLJ was off to...
photo 49471784577_59ef8d5166_b

It was a fairly short taxi to Runway 01R - behind the Emirates 777! Had to hold short for an IndiGo A320 to arrive, and we were all lined up, ready to go at 1014 hours, 49 minutes behind schedule.
photo 49471069758_4d2cd4c047_b
photo 49471069658_025410f9a0_b


Once again, the sounds that I’d usually associate with on a 777 showed up on the tiny A320neo and it really threw me off haha! We were up in the air for 1015 hours, to some bumps as we turned west/southwest. Predictably, through the climb even before flaps were retracted, someone decided to get up from their seat and the crew had to make a passive aggressive announcement, rightfully so.
photo 49471784207_71ce4c32b2_b
photo 49471784122_3500666106_b


photo 49471561261_762f2dfbd2_b
photo 49471069163_9645cb3495_b

A pretty annoying whistling sound started to come up from the back galley and it remained for quite some time. I suppose it was nothing major, so that’s nice. Climb up to 36000 feet was pretty smooth after the initial bumps, usual announcements were done too. There was a leak from the overhead storage a few rows ahead, and the passengers cooperated with the help of cabin crew to put up a temporary seal. Hmm, first the hiss from the back, and now this.

photo 49471069033_f3600da5c3_b

Seeing as Air India only has a vegetarian option to serve on domestic flights, service was done pretty quick. I had a meal tray in front of me just 13 minutes in to the flight.
photo 49471560796_856ed9da8c_b

It was pretty underwhelming if anything. There was a cheese sandwich, ketchup, the entree and a pretty slim chocolate bar for dessert. The entree was a vegetarian cutlet, a kachori, and paneer (cottage cheese). I was most excited about the paneer but there was this really inedible after taste to it, so I was pretty unhappy. Oh well, after all those great meals on Air India the streak did have to come to an end at some point… Tea was alright though.
photo 49471068643_2eb3c965e7_b
photo 49471068463_e9fc2534cd_b

photo 49471783137_b92f0b5ec7_b

Did I mention that someone had spilled either tea or coffee on the seat back, and that it wasn’t clean? No bueno. I did appreciate how much quieter the NEO was compared to the A320 and of course B737, I just need to see how much quieter the MAX is, if I get the chance to at all.
photo 49471068123_caf4ab698b_b

Safety card
photo 49471559946_cc5459c57b_b

photo 49471782732_f16013b85f_b

A bit of drama onboard as someone lost their ID in the lavatory. No one seemed to have claimed it, so I guess it was from a previous flight and that they were separated away from it. Oops! I spent the rest of the time looking at the magazine and catching up on some sleep real quick.

photo 49471559706_6c17f08b25_b


With a flying time of 2hr45min announced I expected some holds before arrival. However, we were only 1hr53min in to the flight and I woke up because I felt the nose of the plane dip a little. Announcements followed in succession. Crew secured the cabin for arrival, and surprisingly, we were cleared to final pretty much right away! Huh, despite the delay and padded schedules, I guess we barely made our time slot!

There was some weather in the vicinity, as evidence by rain, clouds and bumps on final.
photo 49471559661_8301b42583_b

Thane Creek
photo 49471067383_38cf523772_b
photo 49471067218_b51ba5034e_b

Touched down pretty smoothly at 1224 hours, a mere 4 minutes behind schedule.
photo 49471782102_856de25f34_b

Taxied all the way to Terminal 2 - my eyes were peeled out for all the Jet Airways planes as the news reports that had just come out were concerning. Who even knew it would get even worse….

Me when I took this flight: I hope Jet pulls through
Me currently: oh shoot
photo 49471781857_0264d0c4fa_b

photo 49471558826_c332e30f91_b

Docked at gate 42A and engines cut, it was only 1232 hours, 12 minutes late. An on time arrival, nicely done!
photo 49471558736_f1783ebafc_b

photo 49471781452_db2ef1eea0_b

I thanked the crew who were very appreciative of my words, and headed out, disembarked just fine, be me taking pictures of planes making my way to the baggage claim. It was another flight done just fine, before the two long international flights ahead of me.

Thank you, EXH!
photo 49471066493_251cb9a6ae_b
photo 49471066343_2e0ea6b016_b
photo 49471781032_1722ec3b41_b

BOM T2 arrivals
photo 49471065948_f099416a68_b

Ope, I guess I'm not going anywhere!
photo 49471780707_4e7ef984da_b

India's 2nd busiest airport hmm...
photo 49471065688_a8c40069a9_b

Despite a delay on the first flight, VT-EXH would head to New Delhi as AI863, and wonderfully on time. This is what the rest of it’s rotation looked like:
August 12th 2018:
HYD BOM AI51 2200 2325

August 13th 2018:
BOM CCU AI675 0610 0855
CCU BOM AI676 0930 1220
BOM DEL AI677 1335 1550
DEL ATQ AI16 1655 1800
ATQ DEL AI115 1900 2010
DEL BHO AI437 2100 2220
BHO DEL AI438 2300 0025+1
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Air India

Cabin crew9.0

Kolkata - CCU


Mumbai - BOM



There is something different about the atmosphere on the Air India 787 flights I've taken. Unsurprisingly, the A320neo did not have that. I think it was a missed opportunity for AI to upgrade their offerings in domestic J and short/medium haul international routes. The un-clean cabin did not help either. The food was borderline awful, which is very unlike Air India despite the vegetarian only offering. Kudos to the ground crew at CCU for a quick turnaround, and to the flight crew for taking care of first time fliers and finding solutions to the leak from the overhead. A strange flight to be honest, but that's okay. With the 25kgs baggage allowance, I went through without a hitch.

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    Nice review! The Air India A320's have a better business class cabin than the offerings here in Europe! Sounds like you had a nice itinerary across your India trip.

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    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 6035 Comments

    AI definitely isn't alone in the missed opportunity on the 320/ seems all any carrier has thought about is just cramming more seats in with the space-flex options on the neos. A few carriers have installed cool cabins, but that's mostly been for long-haul, like La Compagnie and TAP. It's pretty lame that AI didn't even put in power in Y...not even a USB port. And the cabin looks so worn for a new plane...those seat covers are awful--they look like they're peeling off--cheap velcro I guess. Disappointing all around!

    Thanks for sharing!

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