Review of BA Cityflyer flight London Glasgow in Economy

Airline BA Cityflyer
Flight BA2210
Class Economy
Seat 15A
Aircraft Embraer E-170
Flight time 01:05
Take-off 11 Feb 20, 10:50
Arrival at 11 Feb 20, 11:55
CJ 30 reviews
Danny R
By 272
Published on 12th May 2022

Halò/ hello! 

Welcome to this flight report dated just a few weeks before the Covid 19 outbreak began in 2020.

This is the first off three flights I took in space off 28 hours, flying from London City Airport to Glasgow.
Lets begin! 
On an early February morning I started my journey on two trains for London City Airport.
When stepping into the main airport entrance you find a long row off self check-in machines.
I decided to print my boarding ticket on a machine, very easy to use.

After getting my boarding pass I headed up the escalators for security checks.

I didn't take any photos off the security area, but it was small but very quick at getting people scan and through to airside.
They even played music whilst lining up ready to be checked! 
Soon as I finished up being checked I headed through into the departures area. Instantly greeted by the amazing view off the action outside.

So close up to the aircraft's!

London City Airport gates are located along this long narrow building, ideal as the aircraft's only hold a small number off passengers.

I sat in gate 7 for a hour whilst waiting for my flight.
This in my opinion offered great views off the apron outside and close to the terminal facilities like toilets and shops.  
Also at every seat, there is free USB and plug socket charging points.

photo dscn4433-70247photo dscn4434

One aircraft that I wish I flew on is the AVRO RJ85.
Cityjet was a big operator off the AVRO quad jets in the UK until March 2020.

Such a great experience seeing the RJ85 power up and taxi away from the terminal. Soon after it was time to head towards gate 10 for today's flight and on the way there I noticed this wall plaque. The plaque shows the Prince of Wales in 1992 marking the completion off the new runway at LCY.

Little time passed it was soon time for us to board.

The bird for this mornings flight to Glasgow is an Embraer E170 registered G-LCYE.
Delivered brand new to BA Cityflyer in September 2009 she flew for the airline until 2021. From there BA sold the airframe to Envoy Air in the USA for which is now operating on behalf for American Eagle (as to when this report was published)

She was aged around 9 years when this flight took place.

Interestingly enough this flight marked my 100th every time flying! to make it even more fun, the famous British TV presenter Johnathon Ross was onboard! 

photo dscn4471

Stepping inside I headed for my seat 15A.
The aircraft like many other E Jets is set up in a 2-2 seating configuration.

With everyone and including one celebrity on board, the doors locked it was time to taxi along towards the runway.  

With no time at all wasted sitting around we thundered down the runway and up into the turbulent sky.

Zooming past Canary Wharf and over North London heading up for Glasgow.

photo dscn4482photo dscn4486photo dscn4489

Lets take a look at what the cabin seating area is like.

I will be honest now… the leg space is terrible! But It was suitable for a short hop like this one.
The fold down tray table makes up for the poor leg room, plenty off space to hold food or even a laptop on.
There is also a standard seat pocket to store the safety card, reading magazine and a bottle.

photo dscn4492photo dscn4494

BA Cityflyer offer complimentary drink and snacks on all their flights. I opted for a fresh orange juice and a packet off Walkers shortbread's.
(Not to get confused with the other Walkers brand that make crisps)

Here also is the safety card and complimentary magazines which I did flip through and found it okay for a quick read.

photo dscn4499photo dscn4504photo dscn4497

Not long after having my snack I walked to the front aircraft toilet.
Considering this is a very small plane the toilet cubical is a decent size. It was kept freshly clean and a big sized mirror.

The one cool thing about Embraer jets are the size off the windows. Much larger and different shaped compared to other aircraft windows.

photo dscn4500photo dscn4501

For the remainder off the flight I listened to music whilst watching the clouds.

Soon enough though it was time to bid farewell to the beautiful blue sky and begin our approach into Glasgow. Already noticing the difference in landscape and weather conditions… plenty off snow on the mountains.

photo dscn4505photo dscn4507

The turbulence was getting quite strong as we flew over Clydebank.

We finally touched down at Glasgow Airport, brakes heavily applied slowing the aircraft to a steady taxing speed.

photo dscn4509photo dscn4513photo dscn4515

Parked up next to a classic designed Flybe Dash Q400, the plane doors opened up letting everyone leave.
I decided to wait until all the passengers left to see If I could visit the cockpit.

Result! the crew happily said yes.
The pilots were so kind and chatted with me for quite some time and let me take plenty off photos.

After leaving the aircraft I went to the nearby Travelodge hotel checked in and had a quick shower.

As I still had the whole afternoon, I decided to jumped on the Glasgow Airport to city centre 757 bus and explored.

photo dscn4526photo dscn4536photo dscn4544

Glasgow is a wonderful city and plenty off friendly people too.

Thank you for reading this report on the E170 for BA Cityflyer.
I am so greatful to flown on this jet when I did as a few weeks after the worldwide pandemic began stopping us all from travelling.
Plus BA Cityflyer retired this amazing air frame not long after this flight took place.

Did you ever get the chance to fly on BA's E170? or flown on this plane in the US as its new operator American Eagle?
Let me know in the comments box below.

Please do check out all my other flight reports on the profile, I have tons more coming as well soon including the next two flights from this trip.
Ryanair B737-800 from Glasgow to Dublin and Aer Lingus A320 from Dublin to London Gatwick,
As always… Keep flying and smiling! :)  

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