Review of Air India flight New Delhi Vienna in Business

Airline Air India
Flight AI153
Class Business
Seat 1D
Aircraft Boeing 787-8
Flight time 07:45
Take-off 13 Mar 20, 15:00
Arrival at 13 Mar 20, 18:15
AI 87 reviews
By GOLD 2354
Published on 24th March 2020

A long-haul return business class fare that costs less than 1000€ from Europe to Asia is rare. When I saw a Swiss/Lufthansa offer from Milan to Delhi for 920€ return in business class it took me one second to decide to go for it.

The Swiss flight on the way back from Delhi to Zurich was cancelled so we were rebooked on Air India via Vienna.

When entering a terminal building at any airport in India you must be able to show a ticket or confirmation with your name and the flight details - it's checked by soldiers. As I was rebooked by Swiss and I didn't have the full confirmation I had to go to an Air India office (accessible without a flight confirmation) to get a printed itinerary.

Other than this inconvenience Terminal 3 at Indira Gandhi International Airport is nice, modern and spacious (Terminal 1 is mostly for domestic flights and Terminal 2 is mostly for low-cost airlines). Business class check-in was available with no waiting time. The check-in agent didn't say a word and didn't smile but was very efficient. Both priority security and passport control were quick.

Inside Terminal 3:

photo 01

You have to follow the signs saying Lounge A to go to the Air India lounge which is one floor up.

photo 02

The agents at the front desk were not friendly and clearly not interested in providing any service. When I asked about wi-fi they simply said "Wi-fi is not working". When I insisted they gave me a password; I managed to connect for very short times but the connection was always interrupted after a half a minute or so. Is it so complicated to have working wi-fi at an airport lounge in 2020?

The best thing about the lounge is that it had plenty of comfortable seating and it was not crowded.

photo 03

Food was available and it didn't look bad.

photo 05photo 06

Quality was however what you would expect at a cheap buffet lunch offered at a three star hotel.

There are so many luxury hotels in India with great service and catering. Why is Air India unable to offer this at its main lounge at its main hub?

It was time to go to the gate.

photo 11

There was one more passport control before boarding which brought the total number of stamps on the boarding pass to four. The view from next to the gate:

photo 12

Priority boarding was available and enforced.

The first impressions were very good. Air India has a business cabin with only three rows in a classic 2+2+2 configuration on its Dreamliners.

Seats 1A and 1C:

photo 13

Seats 2H and 2J:

photo 14

Seat controls:

photo 15

The seats are very spacious and comfortable not only for lounging but also for sleeping when converted into a full flat bed. This is very important and is clearly the strongest point of Air India's business class product on the B787.

A welcome drink was offered: orange or watermelon juice. The cabin crew was a lot friendlier than the staff at the lounge.

A choice of hot or cold towel was also offered.

Slippers and magazines were also offered. India Today had a lot of very interesting articles.

The headphones were more what you'd expect in economy class

photo 17

Push-back was at 15.00 for a scheduled departure time of 14.55. Take-off was at 15.17 from runway 29.

There was no drink menu but drinks were offered from a trolley. I had some Lanson champagne (retailed in France for about 30€ a bottle - note that alcohol in India is much more expensive than in Europe). A few types of cognac, whiskey and other drinks were also available.

Here's the food menu:

First a choice of of packed snack was offered - twice. I choose some cashews.

photo 22

The meal was served on a tray from a trolley about one hour after departure.

The hors d'oeuvre which was not described in the menu was some kind of paté with salad and dried apricot. It was not very good.

photo 23

I chose Grilled chicken with Black Pepper Sauce as a main course. It would have been a very good meal for economy but was disappointing for business class.

photo 24

The cheese and the cake were the only part of the meal service that visually reminded me of what you expect in a proper business class but the taste brought me back to reality.

photo 25photo 26

After this not-so-wonderful meal let's have a look at the in-flight entertainment.

The screen is small, the menu old fashioned and reactivity is slow.

photo 27

If you go into Movies and then into English you'll see this:

photo 28photo 29

The category called Hollywood latest has four movies:

photo 30

Hollywood movies has 42 titles. Some of them:

Some films are available in Indian languages other than Hindi:

photo 35

One film is available in French, Spanish and Russian.

photo 36photo 37photo 38

Only Indian music is available.

photo 39

About Air India: no video, only a text.

photo 40

The highlight of in-flight entertainment? These absolutely stunning views over the mountains of Afghanistan.

The air show on the screen:

photo 45photo 46

I slept from about the middle of Turkmenistan to Baku. The seat, as I mentioned earlier, is very comfortable for sleeping when converted into a full flat bed.

A short time later we were near Batumi in Georgia:

photo 47

A second service with tea or coffee and cake or sandwich was offered from the trolley. The cake was industrial, the kind of cake you can buy at a supermarket.

photo 48

We landed in Vienna at 18.15 for a scheduled arrival time of 18.45.

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What I liked about this flight:

Plenty of seating in the lounge
Delhi is a modern airport; quick security and passport control
Flight on a Dreamliner
Small cabin with only three rows of seats in business class
Comfortable seats that are also comfortable for sleeping when converted into a fully flat bed
Good pillow and blanket
Friendly and helpful cabin crew
Arrival ahead of schedule

What I didn't like about this flight:

The Air India lounge at Delhi Airport: unfriendly staff, low quality food, no working wifi.
On-board catering would have been for good for economy class but was very poor for business class
Small screen, slow reactivity, moderate choice of movies, zero choice of non-Indian music
Low quality headphones
Strong ventilation from the top that cannot be individually regulated



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  • Comment 547953 by
    airberlin GOLD 1841 Comments
    Thanks for the next leg bldavid.
    A pretty rare report on Air India - Thanks for that. 'm not a fan of the catering (to say the least...), not a fan of the headset (you neither...), nor of the seat (but I know this is one of the best to sleep or relax) and not of the colour ;)
    Otherwise a decent offer, especially looking at the price paid... :)
    • Comment 547982 by
      bldavid GOLD AUTHOR 273 Comments
      Hi Airberlin and thank you for your comment. Yes, the soft product is not good but the hard product is quite good. The seat was actually more comfortable than on LH's A350 from Munich to Delhi.
  • Comment 548090 by
    Riton75 691 Comments
    Thanks for this report
    Hollywood movies has 42 titles. Some of them:

    What movie did you choose? "Contagion" ? ?
  • Comment 548289 by
    ThomasDutch SILVER 611 Comments
    I'm not entirely sure whether it was an improvement comparing to your original itinerary, but I'm not a fan of those J seats myself. They are wider than most indeed, however they are the same seats used by KQ with the same inches of legroom and the major flaw for me is that I'm simply unable to lie fully flat due to my length as compared to the seats LH is using for example, but thanks for this not so common report to share.
  • Comment 548293 by
    I don't know why you bothered to fly with AI, to me AI should be kicked out of STAR ALLIANCE, absolute embarrassment.

    It's disgusting, it's cheap, it's dirty, nothing to write home about....

    Next time, DO URSELF A FAVOR, why bother use AI lounge? There are decent SQ lounge, and Lufthansa lounge at Delhi,
  • Comment 548307 by
    MRTY 61 Comments
    Seeing from the lounge experience, the attitude, the seat and the meal, I wouldn't want to waste my money or miles on Air India. The product looks abysmal even on their brand new aircraft.

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