Review of Delta Air Lines flight San Francisco Minneapolis in Economy

Airline Delta Air Lines
Flight DL1411
Class Economy
Seat 27A
Aircraft Boeing 737-900ER
Flight time 03:33
Take-off 15 Aug 19, 15:49
Arrival at 15 Aug 19, 20:22
DL   #30 out of 94 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 833 reviews
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Published on 3rd April 2020

China 2019 (and D.c. too)


delta air lines flight 1411 sfo to msp operated by boeing 737-900er

After picking up my two suitcases and putting them onto a cart, I began to walk over to the baggage recheck area. However, as my bags were only checked to MSP, I had to get them rechecked to Fargo. Since they couldn't do that at the International Terminal recheck area, I had to go to Terminal 1 and Delta's counters. 

I walked through the hallway following the signs until I reached the elevator for the AirTrain. The AirTrain is nice as it is pretty fast, free, and you are allowed to bring carts on board. There are two lines, the Red Line going one direction, and the Blue Line going the other so hope you don't get on the wrong direction, but it is a loop.

After one stop, I got off the station and walked over the bridge and took the elevator down to Terminal 1. Delta's check-in at SFO consisted of a lot of self-service kiosks.

photo mvimg_20190815_143732photo mvimg_20190815_145052

A nice agent was able to help me and got my bags tagged for me using the kiosk. I dropped them off at the counter and headed off to security. The checkpoint looked pretty depressing, but I was able to get through it quickly with TSA - Precheck.

Delta was the main airline operating out of this section of Terminal 1, but American also had a couple of gates here.

photo mvimg_20190815_145630photo mvimg_20190815_145650

Delta 757

The terminal was decent enough with higher ceilings, natural light, and enough amenities and seating. Delta also operates a Sky Club in San Francisco. My gate was at the end of the terminal with no good access for viewing the jet. As my boarding pass had Main 2 on it, I would be the last group to board the plane. I didn't have to wait too long until boarding began.

photo mvimg_20190815_153411

My flight was operated by N808DN, one of Delta's older 737-900ERs, and it had not been retrofit with the split-scimitar style winglets at the time, sadly. This plane also had the older generation pivot bins, as opposed to the newer style Space bins, which are much larger and can carry two more bags.

There were two men sitting in the seats next to me, so I had to squeeze bye. Leg room was average, and the seat had a headphone jack, USB port, and power outlets between the seats.

photo mvimg_20190815_154034

I took a look at the My Flight section of the IFE screen. It's nice how Delta is the only airline to consistently offer seatback entertainment on its narrowbody aircraft compared to UA and AA. The only planes without seatbacks were the retired MD-88s, the MD-90s, and Boeing 717s.

photo mvimg_20190815_153920

I had two windows, however one was severely scratched and you couldn't see clearly outside at all.

photo mvimg_20190815_154855

Doors closed at 3;49, and pushback was at 3:52. The safety video screened which was a newer one I hadn't seen before.

photo mvimg_20190815_155340

We had a slow taxi to Runway 1R where we made it at 4:07.

photo mvimg_20190815_160419photo mvimg_20190815_160705

The engines spooled up, and headed down the runway, away from sunny California.

photo mvimg_20190815_160857photo mvimg_20190815_160909

San Francisco Bay

photo mvimg_20190815_160924photo mvimg_20190815_161110

Flying over Oakland International (OAK)

photo mvimg_20190815_161319

As with the other US airlines, Delta offers an extensive entertainment selection with many movies and tv shows. I decided to watch some episodes of Modern Family, first.

photo mvimg_20190815_163828

At cruising altitude, the flight attendants came around with a wide variety of snacks. I chose Biscoff cookies and a Kind bar (which I thought they had Clif) and had a Coke to drink.

photo mvimg_20190815_171801

I don't remember what exactly happened after the meal service as I pulled down the blinds and went to sleep as I was exhausted from having one hour of sleep the past 24 hours. When I woke up, it was dark outside, and we were starting to descend into Minneapolis/St. Paul.

photo mvimg_20190815_190902photo mvimg_20190815_191435

Final approach

We landed and pulled into Concourse C at 8:22 PM CST.

photo img_20190815_192246
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Delta Air Lines

Cabin crew7.0

San Francisco - SFO


Minneapolis - MSP



This was a pleasant end to my trip, and I did feel sad about being in the Midwest again, but I would have many more opportunities to visit China again in the future! I hope you enjoyed reading this series as it will be the last report, thank you.



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    jish.b 283 Comments
    Nice report! Cannot go wrong with Delta in the domestic front, but there really isn't much to chose from amongst the 3.

    Why did you have to recheck your baggage? That seemed pretty bizarre...
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      Aaro AUTHOR 43 Comments
      when i was in WUH, they tagged my two suitcases to MSP, but that was weird since my final destination was FAR. if i dropped my bags off at the re-check in SFO, i would have to pick them up at MSP, so i took off the tags and had them re-checked to FAR at Delta's counters in Terminal 1.

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