Review of Cathay Pacific flight Hong Kong Bangkok in Business

Airline Cathay Pacific
Flight CX709
Class Business
Seat 16A
Aircraft Boeing 777-300ER
Flight time 02:55
Take-off 12 Jul 19, 22:25
Arrival at 13 Jul 19, 00:20
CX 465 reviews
By 1548
Published on 10th August 2020
Hello everyone! Welcome to the second segment of my Summer 2019 travel series!! I'm pretty sure I've said this on previous trip reports, a trip back to Hong Kong isn't complete without a few days in Bangkok!! Even though it was not planned thoroughly, my family and I went through with it, finally going for a weekend getaway as there were some new sights that we have been longing to see for some time. Also, I was due to head back to New York City within a few days after this flight, and I basically had to make my holiday worthwhile as always!!

Despite this being super last-minute, were were lucky to get bookings for both the flights and hotel. In any case, I hope all of you enjoy reading this flight report!



Since our flight was departing at 10:25 PM, and since my family and I had different things to do before our flight, we met at the Airport Express station in Central where we were able to check-in and receive our boarding passes. Within a few minutes, we were set to head to the airport!

Hong Kong Station exterior
photo dsc08824

Hong Kong Station interior
photo dsc08827photo dsc08828

Check-in facilities
photo dsc08829photo dsc08830photo dsc08832

The trains to the airport are a few levels below the check-in area
photo dsc08834photo dsc08835

photo dsc08837photo dsc08838photo dsc08842

It was about a 30 minute train ride. Nevertheless, we made it to the airport on time.
photo dsc08844photo dsc08845photo dsc08846

Making it towards the departure hall
photo dsc08847photo dsc08848photo dsc08849

HKG Check-in area
photo dsc08850photo dsc08852photo dsc08854

Passing through security and immigration, which was quick as always
photo dsc08857photo dsc08859


My flight was departing from gate 43 tonight, and the closest lounge would be The Bridge. However, thanks to my father being a Diamond member of the Marco Polo Club (the highest tier of the CX frequent flyer program; also equivalent to oneworld Emerald), we were able to get access to CX First Class lounges! We eventually went to The Wing, which is one of my favourite lounges in HKG. I was beyond excited as I haven't been to the First Class lounge since 2016!!
photo dsc08861

I'm beyond excited!!
photo dsc08863

Is it just me, or does the lounge look a lot better at night?
photo dsc08867photo dsc08872photo dsc08873

More shots of the lounge
photo dsc08870photo dsc08871

The famous balcony shot
photo dsc08902

Since we were in the First class lounge, I thought this would give me a good opportunity to check out the Cabanas. However, none of them were available, which was unfortunate. Maybe next time!
photo dsc08874photo dsc08875photo dsc08876

Champagne Bar
photo dsc08865photo dsc08879photo dsc08880

A glass of Perrier-Jouët Grand Brut
photo dsc08881

On my way to join my parents at The Haven - the restaurant with both buffet and a la carte dining
photo dsc08883photo dsc08884photo dsc08885

photo dsc08889

Boarding pass
photo dsc08887

Decided to try out the chicken teriyaki, which was absolutely delicious!!
photo dsc08893

Buffet offerings

Since there was some time before we had to board the flight, I decided to take the opportunity to spot some planes in plane-spotter paradise! ;)
photo dsc08901photo dsc08903

Some airside shots at HKG
photo dsc08904photo dsc08910photo dsc08911

Duty-free shopping
photo dsc08913photo dsc08915

Now, time to spot some planes!
photo dsc08916photo dsc08918

Cathay Pacific Boeing 777-300ER B-KPA which will serve as CX251 to LHR
photo dsc08920

Cathay Pacific Boeing 777-300ER B-KQC which will serve as CX749 to JNB
photo dsc08923

Another reason why I love HKG. It's such a photogenic airport!
photo dsc08924photo dsc08926photo dsc08927

Cathay Pacific Airbus A330-300 B-LBC on the right, which will serve as CX649 to HYD
photo dsc08917

Departures Area

photo dsc08933

Heading towards another side of the airport

Qantas Airbus A330-300 VH-QPA, which will serve as QF98 to BNE
photo dsc08946

I have to admit, the lighting at HKG has significantly improved since the last time I flew from here at night
photo dsc08948

Midfield concourse
photo dsc08949

Cathay Pacific Boeing 777-300ER B-KPD which will serve as CX261 to CDG
photo dsc08950

Cathay Pacific Boeing 777-300 B-HNF which landed from CTS as CX581
photo dsc08952

Cathay Pacific Airbus A330-300 B-LAR which will serve as CX745 to DXB & BAH
photo dsc08953

On the left: Cathay Pacific Boeing 777-300ER B-KPE which will serve as CX255 to LHR
photo dsc08954

After taking out a bunch of photos of the planes I could find, I then went back to the lounge to reunite with my parents before we had to board our flight
photo dsc08956photo dsc08958photo dsc08959

The journey back to the lounge
photo dsc08960photo dsc08961photo dsc08963

A better version of the balcony shot
photo dsc08962

A few more shots of the lounge
photo dsc08966photo dsc08967

Before I knew it, the boarding time was approaching.
photo dsc08970photo dsc08971photo dsc08972

Since our gate was a bit far, we had to take the automated people mover - which eases the journey to the other side of the airport

Automated People Mover
photo dsc08983photo dsc08985photo dsc08986

Heading towards gates 40-50

Cathay Pacific Airbus A350-1000 B-LXC which will serve as CX271 to AMS
photo dsc08993

Walking towards the gate
photo dsc08994photo dsc08995

Plane to BKK: B-KQR
photo dsc08996

Even though this trip was last minute, I was excited to spend some time in my favourite holiday destination, as I was only at the airport the last time I was there!!
photo dsc08998photo dsc08997

Gate area
photo dsc08999

Heading down the aerobridges
photo dsc09001photo dsc09003

Date: 12 July 2019
Airline: Cathay Pacific
Flight Number: CX 709
Route: Hong Kong (HKG) - Bangkok (BKK)
Aircraft: Boeing 777-300ER
Registration: B-KQR
Distance: 1051 miles
Scheduled Departure Time: 10:25 PM
Actual Departure Time: 10:38 PM
Scheduled Arrival Time: 12:20 AM
Actual Arrival Time: 11:53 PM
Flight Time: 2 hrs 55 mins
Departure Gate at HKG: 43
Arrival Gate at BKK: E5


Main business class cabin
photo dsc09005

My seat, 16A
photo dsc09009photo dsc09010 1

As always, I love the legroom - even if it's for a 2 hour flight
photo dsc09013photo dsc09014

View from my seat
photo dsc09015

The personalised TV with the new studioCX ident - with the same layout shown on the Airbus A350 aircraft
photo dsc09012photo dsc09017

Flight map
photo dsc09019

Welcome drink - Champagne
photo dsc09020

Hot towel
photo dsc09026

I'd have to say that the boarding process was quick, and that we're headed for an on-time departure. Once that was complete, the captain came on for his pre-flight announcement welcoming us onboard and tells us that he will be getting us into Bangkok in about 2 hours and 11 minutes, and that the flight will be mostly smooth as always.
photo dsc09027photo dsc09042photo img_4497

The main business class had some few empty seats. It's not surprising however since this is a late night flight.
photo dsc09031

A few moments later, menus were distributed
photo dsc09032photo dsc09033

photo dsc09034

Drinks menu
photo dsc09035photo dsc09036

After 10 minutes, we were ready for pushback
photo dsc09040photo dsc09043

Cathay Pacific Airbus A350-900 B-LRG which landed recently from AKL as CX198 and will later serve as CX343 to LGW
photo dsc09044

Aircraft on remote stand
photo dsc09046photo dsc09047

Taxiing towards Runway 25L
photo dsc09045

Cabin view with mood lighting in preparation for takeoff
photo dsc09049photo dsc09051photo dsc09056

The next thing I knew was the takeoff sound from the good 'ol Boeing 777-300ER, from then on we lifted off from Runway 25L in the blink of an eye

I'll be back soon!
photo dsc09060photo dsc09061photo dsc09067

After 15 minutes, the seat belt sign was switched off, giving the indication where the crew came by to offer drinks and distribute menus. But first, let's talk about the entertainment
photo dsc09073

Even though I was impressed with the display finally being updated to the newest IFE system, I was a bit disappointed as well regarding how it was operating. In fact, one thing that I have noticed about the operation of the IFE system is that it was extremely buggy, slow, and definitely not smooth compared to the Airbus A350. However, everything else regarding the entertainment choices were perfect as always!
photo dsc09069

Time to continue where I left off!
photo dsc09074

For drinks, I decided to go for a glass of Sauvignon Blanc
photo dsc09071

Table setup with the appetiser and main course, which I felt was quite limited in my opinion
photo dsc09084

Main course: Thai green curry chicken with kailan and jasmine rice. I remember having that dish on a previous flight on the same sector a year ago. However, just like the previous time I had it, it was pretty good and met a majority of my expectations!
photo dsc09085

The crew cleared up everything within half an hour, so I'd have to say the service was efficient as always. I've got nothing to complain about.
photo dsc09091

Cabin view inflight with mood lighting
photo dsc09088photo dsc09089photo dsc09090

The cabin lights changed a couple of minutes later, transforming the cabin into complete darkness
photo dsc09093photo dsc09094

I then thought this would be the perfect time to switch to the inflight map to find out our current location
photo dsc09102photo dsc09104photo dsc09105

Almost halfway there, passed through Vietnam, and currently above Laos
photo dsc09106photo dsc09109

I then resumed to watching Brooklyn Nine-Nine
photo dsc09114

It wasn't long until the captain came back to announce that we were now starting our descent into Bangkok and had 35 minutes before landing

Glass of water before arrival
photo dsc09118

Cabin views with mood lighting back on again
photo dsc09119photo dsc09121photo dsc09123

Approaching Bangkok
photo dsc09127photo dsc09131photo dsc09134

Final shots before landing
photo dsc09139photo dsc09140photo dsc09143

We ended up landing at Suvarnabhumi Airport at around 20 minutes ahead of schedule, The taxi to the gate was quite short
photo dsc09144

Taxiing towards the E gates
photo dsc09156

Korean Air Airbus A330-300 HL7720 which will serve as KE662 to PUS, along with All Nippon Airways (ANA) Boeing 787-9 JA876A which will serve as NH808 back to NRT
photo dsc09157

Docking at gate E5
photo dsc09159


photo dsc09160photo dsc09161photo dsc09162

I don't know if I said this, but I just love the aerobridges at BKK at night!
photo dsc09163

Arrival into BKK

The usual long walk towards immigration

Finally making it to the Premium Line
photo dsc09190

Since we didn't have any checked-in bags, we just breezed through the baggage claim area and made it through towards the arrival hall
photo dsc09191photo dsc09192photo dsc09194

BKK Arrival Hall
photo dsc09195photo dsc09196photo dsc09200

So, my family and I booked a private car straight out of the arrival hall, where you can book a car/limousine of your choice for a reasonable price. We made arrangements for the drop-off as well as pick-up to/from the hotel for both today and when we were flying out. Afterwards, I was smooth sailing to our hotel to enjoy a quick getaway in Bangkok!
photo dsc09201photo dsc09202photo dsc09204
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Cathay Pacific

Cabin crew8.5

Cathay Pacific The Wing - First Class Section


Hong Kong - HKG


Bangkok - BKK



Overall, I would say that this flight was above average. The reason I would say that would be because as always, CX has an outstanding hard product along with the other features such as the selection of inflight entertainment, crew service, and the meals for the most part. In fact, I don't really have that much to complain about this flight. Additionally, the pre-flight experience with the First Class section of The Wing was outstanding as always, along with the opportunity to spot planes at HKG!!

However, the one factor I noticed during the flight would be that there was no option for dine-on-demand and it was pretty much the same type of dining experience that I've been used to. For me, it was understandable as this was only a short flight. At least I'll have my flight back to New York to experience it again!

As always, thanks for reading this trip report. I hope you enjoyed it. Stay tuned for the return sectors which I will be posting very soon!

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