Review of CSA flight Prague Amsterdam in Business

Airline CSA
Flight OK 618
Class Business
Seat 1A
Aircraft Airbus A319
Flight time 01:30
Take-off 21 Sep 13, 17:35
Arrival at 21 Sep 13, 19:05
OK 43 reviews
By 6041
Published on 26th September 2013

Hey guys!

As I appreciate everybody´s trip reports for a long time and I always look forward to see some new, I decided that it´s maybe right time to write my own one - which some of you hopefully find nice to read.
I don´t fly planes for business purposes and unfortunately and I´m not a VFR traveller so if I want to fly I always have to find some reasons. Usually for spotting or visitng some nice place.

I think this is enough to introduce myself. Let´s start with the most recent trip I have taken.
By the begin of summer me and my girlfriend knew that since October it´s every year little bit more stressful than we would like so we thought of spending few days in Europe to gain energy for those difficult weeks. We looked for some options and found out visiting Amsterdam would be most suitable for us. We booked our flights with national carrier Czech Airlines for reasonable price of 120 EUR for PRG-AMS-PRG.


I never travelled in Business class but I always wished to try it. As our departure day was set to be Saturday, it was obvious there will be poor Load Factor in Business. Few days before departure I tried to upgrade us to J for PRG-AMS leg offering lowest possible 60 EUR per person.
To my delight (but not a big surprise), 3 days ahead of departure OK confirmed us to fly PRG-AMS in Business - Bingo!


All my trips always start at my hometown Brno. BRQ airport has pretty poor connections with only aprox.5 flights a day, mostly with charter flights. No flight to AMS of course..
That means we had to fly from VIE or PRG. VIE is slightly easier and quicker to reach, but this time we opted to fly from our capital thanks to Czech Airlines good PRG-AMS tariff.

EuroCity train is always the right option for us to get to Prague

photo DSC_0001_

Leaving the train at Prague
photo DSC_0006_photo DSC_0007_

Then we had to take Airport Express bus to PRG airport
photo DSC_0008_

Terminal 2 overview
photo DSC_0009_

After visiting OK´s check-in desk we went for a terrace to see what´s going on outside.
Unfortunately airport was pretty calm by this time.
LX RJ100 in Star Alliance livery
photo DSC_0010_

KL ERJ190 being pushed back
photo DSC_0011_

BA A320 to LHR
photo DSC_0012_

We turned back and went through quick security. When on the airside we headed upstairs to experience SkyTeam lounges for the first time.

Although the selection at the bar was not the widest we enjoyed our stay at the lounge a lot.
I wanted to leave lounge a bit earlier to have look what planes we had around.
OK A319 in old livery as AZ A320 departs
photo DSC_0030_

the new livery
photo DSC_0031_photo DSC_0032_photo DSC_0033_

Wait, who is this guys about to land at PRG ?!
photo DSC_0035_

Oh, Hi there!
photo DSC_0037_

Another OK Airbus
photo DSC_0039_

U2 A319 taxiing by. Going to try them soon on my flight to MXP in October
photo DSC_0040_

OK-NEP - this is the aircraft that will do the honors today. KE B747 in the background is having some rest before her long flight home.
photo DSC_0041_


It was not very crowded at the boarding gate. We were the first onboard, as there were only 3 pax (including us!) in J. When entering aircraft we were welcomed by one male and one female stewards. Originally we were seated in 1D and 1F but crew immediately moved us to 1A and 1C providing us so more legroom.
photo DSC_0050_photo DSC_0047_photo DSC_0049_

Awesome legroom on an intra-european flight
photo DSC_0046_

We were quickly offered a welcome drink
photo DSC_0053_

Captain came on the radio telling us flight time is expected to be 1h15min with a slightly better weather in Amsterdam to what we had here at Prague.
Safety video
photo DSC_0054_photo DSC_0056_

Our gate after pushback
photo DSC_0057_

Passing by LH A320
photo DSC_0058_

As PRG´s main RWY 06/24 is closed for three months due to construction works, we lined up at RWY 30.
photo DSC_0060_

During our take off roll we passed by former OK´s B737s which are now stored with uncertain future
photo DSC_0061_

photo DSC_0062_

Climbing over closed RWY 06/24
photo DSC_0065_photo DSC_0067_photo DSC_0068_

IFE consisted of overhead screens showing our route for 80% of time and some OK magazines.
photo DSC_0069_

In a thin layer of clouds
photo DSC_0074_

And above them
photo DSC_0075_

Always makes me ecstatic having this sight of clouds
photo DSC_0076_photo DSC_0077_

Right side view
photo DSC_0084_photo DSC_0085_photo DSC_0088_

After take off I switched coke for OJ
photo DSC_0089_photo DSC_0090_

Meal service began some 20 minutes into the flight. We were given a warm roll which was very tasteful with also good salami and cheese. Apple cake was delicious.
photo DSC_0091_photo DSC_0092_photo DSC_0094_

Weather seemed to improve when over Germany
photo DSC_0095_

But only for a while
photo DSC_0099_

After finishing the meal I opted for a beer..
photo DSC_0100_
.. as my girlfriend enjoyed her coffee with some cookies
photo DSC_0101_

Flying near Dortmund
photo DSC_0103_photo DSC_0109_photo DSC_0106_

Already descending for AMS
photo DSC_0112_

Bye bye sunny weather..
photo DSC_0116_

Back in the clouds
photo DSC_0119_

Holland countryside
photo DSC_0123_photo DSC_0124_

On approach to AMS
photo DSC_0125_photo DSC_0127_

KL B737 after our landing on RWY 18C
photo DSC_0129_

The Beauty
photo DSC_0133_

Thank you Czech Airlines for amazing experience.
After landing Czech airlines usually play Chariots of Fire by Vangelis. I find it very nice and creating fine atmosphere.
photo DSC_0134_

Sea of Fokkers and Embraers
photo DSC_0135_photo DSC_0136_

Portugalia´s Fokker 100 at the gate
photo DSC_0138_

We parked next to VY A320
photo DSC_0142_

Our plane waiting for return to PRG
photo DSC_0144_

While leaving gates area
photo DSC_0146_


Few shots from the city


As our hotel was located close to Bijlmer area we decided to go to visit Memorial of El Al 1862 crash..
Being at the place where B747 crashed and so many people died can be pretty depressing..


It was a perfect flight in comfortable cabin and good onboard service from the cabing crew. Definitely a flight to remember for me.
Also thought of making TR about our returning flight, but being it an evening flight in ecenomy I guess there is nothing interesting to report about.

Looking forward to any of your comments guys,
Cheers, Michael
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Cabin crew10.0

Erste Premier Lounge


Prague - PRG


Amsterdam - AMS



Usually there aren´t lots of good words said about Czech Airlines, byt I have nothing to complain about. Instead of that I´m pretty amazed by the quality they showed us. For sure we were lucky to get upgraded to Business for such a small amount of money but still I think Czech Airlines showed in a good way.
Lounges were ok, seats very comfortable, we were very well treated and arrived at AMS on time. What more could you guys ask for such a small amount of money on European flight?

Next time - I would not hesitate to use OK services again.

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  • Comment 88482 by
    KévinDC TEAM GOLD 5757 Comments

    Thanks for sharing this first FR! And what a great FR with beautiful pictures and a lot of detail. Very pleasant to read.
    It's nice that CSA is one of the few Euro airlines to offer a true J seat, and not just a blocked center seat. The small fee to upgrade is definitely worth it!
    Thanks again and WELCOME!

    • Comment 281913 by
      mgescheidt AUTHOR 52 Comments

      Thank you.

      Seats in J are one of the reasons why I say we were lucky. Our return flight was operated by OK-NEO with J configuration of 3-3 and on the first look I could not recognize the difference between J and Y. Which is a bit frustraiting. But not for us flying the economy that day :-)

  • Comment 88484 by
    pititom GOLD 11228 Comments

    Welcome onboard ! This is an excellent first FR :)

    I was in PRG last year and the lounge was totally different, so I guess it underwent a full renovation this year. It's looking good. Also big change inside the plane with a real business class in 2-2 seating. I also didn't see that last time I flew CSA (and one can still see 3 magazine racks so it must be a retrofit).

    The lunch itself was disappointing, but considering the price of the upgrade, it's a great deal. Did you earn mileage credit for the J class ?

    • Comment 281914 by
      mgescheidt AUTHOR 52 Comments

      Thank you for welcoming :-)
      I didn´t have any experience with the lounges before so I cannot confirm, but me too heard something about it undergoing some reconstruction in past.

      It´s true the meal itself was not some kind of extraordinary but I find it just ok for this flight and price.
      To my surprise yes, I was credited 150% miles in OK plus programe.

  • Comment 88485 by
    Papoumada SILVER 6482 Comments

    Thank you for this first step in your FReporter carrier.

    I was in PRG twi months ago and terminal 2 was much more busy.

    The OK product look fairly good with a very Czech snack.

    Thank you for sharing.

  • Comment 88486 by
    AirCanada881 1617 Comments

    Thank you for this first FR and welcome. We don't live very far from each other! (I am in Bratislava :) )

    Terrific report with great pictures! Last time I flew OK was between CDG and BTS in 2011 when they had the route opened. Actually they also had flights to Amsterdam from Bratislava, sadly this only lasted 6 months...

    Welcome aboard!

  • Comment 88488 by
    Numero_2 10161 Comments

    Thank you for this first FR and welcome.
    The report is pleasant to read, with its nice pictures and well-written text.

    The lounge really looks new. Its refurbishment wasn't a bad idea. lol
    Few pictures of the food and beverages offers would have been appreciated, though. ;)

    The 2-2 business cabin configuration definitely is a big improvement on others european airlines.
    Unfortunately, the catering isn't that impressive...

    By the way, the LH E190 is in fact an A320 with sharklets. ;)

  • Comment 88489 by
    KL651 TEAM 4515 Comments

    Welcome and thank you for this nice first FR.
    I didn't know OK offered upgrades for a reduced fee a few days before departure.
    You were really lucky to fly on a 319 with the long haul seats.
    The service onboard is nice with real glasses, linen etc etc but I find the meal to be a bit small, with just cold slices and a dessert.
    Looking forward to return flight report !

    • Comment 281917 by
      mgescheidt AUTHOR 52 Comments

      Thank you.

      Since I booked this flight there was possibility to place offer for upgrading to J. On the site there was written 180 EUR per leg is quite usual price for upgrade, 300 EUR is almost sure and 60 EUR is minimal offer but very weak. But as I mentioned in TR, I didn´t expect many J travellers to fly on Saturday so I gave a shot to the lowest possible offer and it worked.

  • Comment 88492 by
    marathon GOLD 9856 Comments

    I don't wish airlines to have a poor load factor (not good for fares and/or survival, in the long run), but it is always nice to fly in a relatively empty aircraft. The auctioning of upgrades is an interesting option. Even if I choose not to offer a bid, I do not mind Y passengers paying more for an upgrade in J, so that I have a less crowded Y cabin for free ;)
    I see nothing to complain about in this first FR - it even had an identification mistake, like in most of my own FRs ;)
    Thanks and welcome among the contributors !

  • Comment 88503 by
    manureva744 251 Comments

    Congratulations on a first FR ! I am very impressed with the Business Class cabin. The true business class seats, the amazing legroom... It looked like the crew paid attention to details, Excellent !
    Glad to see another english reporter here ! Welcome !

  • Comment 88509 by
    Flight94 1883 Comments

    Incredible report ! Thanks a lot !

  • Comment 88520 by
    A380B77W 4299 Comments

    Thanks for this very good report and welcome on board :)

  • Comment 88560 by
    lagentsecret 12446 Comments

    Thanks for sharing this first FR and welcome aboard

    The lounge is not really impressive especially for a flagship lounge

    The cabin is quite nice and the legroom is great

    A lot of beautiful pictures

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