Review of Ryanair flight London Brno in Economy

Airline Ryanair
Flight FR 8403
Class Economy
Seat 22B
Aircraft Boeing 737-800
Flight time 02:05
Take-off 08 Oct 14, 18:45
Arrival at 08 Oct 14, 21:50
FR   #19 out of 20 Low-cost airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 381 reviews
By 3125
Published on 14th January 2015
Hello everyone,

this time I´m coming up with a rather low-cost report with a flight dating few months back to October 2014. During summer me and my father decided to go to London to spend there two days with some city exploring and of course - some spotting, which we later decided this trip would be his birthday gift. I managed to find some really cool fare and we chose Wizzair for flight from Brno to Luton for a great fare of 10€ + another few euros for priority boarding and standard cabin baggage.
Ryanair was an airline we selected for our return leg, Stansted - Brno, still at good price of 20£. As I previously posted a report with both BRQ-LTN and LTN-BRQ flights, I decided not to write one about our first leg this time. The whole experience was very similar to previous one, just the cabin crew was not only good, but simply excelent.

Having been to Myrtle Ave two times in past I had to admit once again that Heathrow really is an aviation paradise. During the two days we spend maybe 8 hours around airport spotting all kind of traffic.
As well as with spotting at Heathrow, London too is well known by many aviation enthusiasts so I´ll skip right to the returning flight.
We opted for Easybus to get to Stansted leaving Gloucester place some 3,5hours prior to departure. We managed to get soaked wet during a heavy rain which hit us about hour before leaving London. The travel with Easybus was pretty painful then, simply due to being in wet clothes and cramped in an uncomfy bus (you know Easybus, right?).

At least the journey to the airport was quick and we soon arrived at London Stansted airport.
This is the place where all buses arrive at Stansted. You can still opt for a Stansted express train, but last time I checked for the price it was like 22£ one-way which is pretty crazy price provided the fact Stansted is a lowcost airport.

Last time I was at Stansted it was 2 years ago and my feeling from airport was positive and I felt very good there. This time during a daylight, I felt like being at one dirty, crowded and simply not nice place.

photo DSC_0309photo DSC_0310photo DSC_0311

Only these FIDS were pleasant to my eyes, but it´s way too little

photo DSC_0312

I was very surprised to see these kiosks around and I quickly went to reprint my boarding pass. Just until I saw they charge 10€ or something for priting one BP.

photo DSC_0313photo DSC_0316

As we agreed there is nothing to do at this airport we decided to go to security which took us around 15 minutes.

We went to buy some souvenirs in this nice looking shop.

photo DSC_0321

First outside views showed the weather changed significantly during the last hour and there was worse weather to come.

photo DSC_0322photo DSC_0323

There simply wasn´t anywhere to take a seat airside.

photo DSC_0324photo DSC_0327

En route towards our departure gate.

photo DSC_0328photo DSC_0329

At this time I started feeling our take off would be pretty bumpy as the weather continued to get worse. And I was very excited about that.

photo DSC_0330photo DSC_0332photo DSC_0333

One of FR birds before the storm arrived.

photo DSC_0334

And this one is after it all started. Heavy rain with strong winds arrived. I found those conditions close to the limit, but everything seemed to operete untouched.

It was already very crowded when we arrived at our gate. Fortunately Ryanair features allocated seating since 2014 so no stress about the seats.

Weather got better until it was our turn to board but still it wasn´t the most positive experience.

photo DSC_0345

Hidding inside. At the door I was offered an inflight magazine. Oh no, I forgot there is no seatpocket in FR 738s.

photo DSC_0349

Sneak view into cockpit.

photo DSC_0350

Classic FR seats.

photo DSC_0351

Legroom was as expected, not very generous but still fine for 2hours flight.

photo DSC_0352

I took a middle seat while my father seated himself at the window. It was about to be dark in 10 minutes so nothing was visible outside.

photo DSC_0353photo DSC_0355

We departed on time and the weather was much better than at the time we arrived at gates area. The flight was pretty uneventful since take off to landing.
FAs came into the action 20 minutes into the flight, I ordered myself fries and a coke during BOB service. Crew on the flight was simply excelent, mainly one 20-25 aged male. He was very relaxed and attended everyone in a great manner. I paid for my order in pounds and he returned me a pound and told I gave him too much. I asked him if he is sure at which he replied yes. After he counted coins again he started to smile and I gave him back the pound as I knew I gave him a correct amount. He apologized that it was his first flight on that day. I asked him where does he continue then and he said he was flying only STN-BRQ and back that day. What a short shift!
The whole crew was just great when I compare it for example to my Turkish Airlines experience.

Also interior felt fine. At least when I consider it´s an unfamous Ryanair. In the end, maybe there are only 2 things I don´t like about Ryanair: lack of a seatpocket; and safety card attached to the seatback.
..Yeah and maybe I would be thankful for little less of yellow color inside.
But still, the flight was fine and I enjoyed my stay onboard.

photo DSC_0356

Time quickly went by and soon we were descending towards Brno. Everything was set for western arrival over the city at night at which we both looked forward to. We left the clouds just at the Brno suburbs and enjoyed the great views on our little bumpy approach. One minute to landing we overflew my house where my girlfriend noticed our arrival (there are usually not more than 2 flights per day at Brno). We touched down and after powerfull reverse came to a stop and taxied to the terminal.

photo DSC_0357

After disembarking we enjoyed last nice views of our bird and headed into the terminal.

Immigration was quick and in no time we were in the public area awaiting arrival of my brother who we arranged to take us home.
There is really not very much more I can say about this flight to my hometown so I would like to thank you for your attention and see you next time.

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Cabin crew10.0
Buy-on-board menu6.5

London - STN


Brno - BRQ



I can say Ryanair is improving and they really didn´t leave me unhappy. There are still some reserves in the way how the cabin looks like but on the other hand Cabin crew was great and there is probably not much more you can ask from a LCC.
I´m definately going to give Ryanair another shots in the future.

Stansted left me disappointed as I didn´t like the airport this time. It felt very lowcost, many people around and not enough seats available. Arriving here too early is just a waste of time.

About Brno airport there is nothing to be said. It´s nice they allow late evening arrivals over city. If you arrive from a Schengen country, it can take only about one and a half minute to get from plane stairs into a parking lot. Since we were arriving from UK it took us a little longer but still it was really fine.



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