Review of Air Canada Rouge flight Havana Toronto in Economy

Airline Air Canada Rouge
Flight AC1877
Class Economy
Seat 27F
Aircraft Airbus A319
Flight time 03:25
Take-off 14 Mar 20, 07:00
Arrival at 14 Mar 20, 10:25
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Published on 20th May 2020


Welcome to the fourth flight of this new series covering my late winter getaway to Cuba with stopovers in Munich, Germany and Toronto, Canada. The whole trip consisted of the following 6 flights operated by Lufthansa, Air Canada and Air Canada Rouge:

28.02.2020 - LH1613 - WAW-MUC
29.02.2020 - AC847 - MUC-YYZ
29.02.2020 - AC1876 - YYZ-HAV
14.03.2020 - AC1877 - HAV-YYZ - you are here!
14.03.2020 - LH471 - YYZ-FRA
15.03.2020 - LH1348 - FRA-WAW

but as the last flight has eventually been cancelled due to covid-19 pandemia and closing of Polish borders on the 15th of March, we've been offered a flight to Berlin instead:

15.03.2020 - LH178 - FRA-TXL


It is quite hard, I would say almost impossible to see the whole country in just two weeks. Not only because Cuba is big enough, but also because it belongs to a different dimension where hiring a car, taking a domestic flight or a fast train seems like a science-fiction movie. That's why we decided to see just the essentials and make a small circle using the Viazul buses that despite promising a better "tourist" standard are, as almost everything in Cuba, old-fashioned, and used.
Our first destination was the iconic city of Trinidad that belonged to sugar cane plantations owners and is in my opinion one of the nicest places on the island.

While walking around the city we could see a classroom of a local primary school (look on the portraits on the walls)

photo img_1327

From Trinidad it is easy to make a one day trip to Playa Ancon and see Cuba's Caribbean coast that looks really nice.

photo img_1406photo img_1410

From Trinidad we went to Santa Clara that is not a very popular destination for tourists as there is not much too see if you are not interested in the monument and tomb of Che Guevara

photo img_1524photo img_1549photo img_1550

We spent the rest of our stay in Varadero that despite being the most popular holiday place in Cuba, has great beach and is close enough to Havana, so you don't need spend another 5 hours on a Viazul bus before heading back to the capital for your flight back home.

On the end of this bonus: one of the most beautiful things in Cuba - the old cars.

There were also more Polaquitos to meet on our way

photo img_1489photo img_1490photo img_e1502

And a lot of propaganda…

In Varadero I made a visit to a local office of Cubana de Aviacion that looked a little bit like a small aviation museum. Flying an IL-96 across the Atlantic from Havana to Madrid (that's currently their one and only long haul connection) must be a terryfying experience!

photo img_1606photo img_1607photo img_1608

We came back to Havana for the journey back home to discover that on the day of our arrival Polish borders will be already closed due to COVID-19 and no incoming flights, except for charters, will be accepted. I've already managed to make a full check-in online and everything seemed fine, neither AC or LH informed about any changes so I thought maybe we would come back home normally. It was nice to see Havana one more time, take an old taxi and see the central square with Capitolio.

photo img_1756photo img_1760


Our departure was at 07:00 a.m., we needed to be at the airport at 05:00, so we got up at 4:00 and regarding all the anxiety due to COVID-19 restrictions I had an almost sleepless night. This beautiful taxi built in 1948! brought us to the airport. There is no other option to be honest, there are some buses but nobody knows when they depart and it would be too risky to try them so early in the morning.

photo 94261188_672659570178670_5300397690926923776_n

The airport seemed to work normally, there were some people wearing masks but regarding the fact that at that time there were only 2 people sick in whole Cuba, there wasn't much panic. We checked our bags in to our final destination, so there wa still some hope we can get to Warsaw safely.

photo img_1768photo img_1769

I was a little bit anxious what aircraft will this time AC Rouge send to bring us back to Toronto. Luckily this A319, even if not very young, was in far better condition than the previous one.

photo img_1773

One thing remained unchanged: there was no legroom!

photo img_1772

We took off with a sense of relief: at least we won't get stuck in Cuba if things get worse. Canada or Germany seemed a much better option.
Sun was slowly rising when we reached Florida

I decided to check the BOB offer despite not being hungry at all. I must say it looks decent and the prices are not crazy, so maybe next time…

As last time, drinks were served for free

photo img_1805

It was getting brighter as we were flying over US

photo img_1802photo img_1804

The cabin in full light: this time it wasn't yellow!

photo img_1806

As we were getting closer to Canada, the flight was getting bumpier and bumpier. Some aerials from the area of Pittsburgh

photo img_1809photo img_1810photo img_1811

It looks like there is no snow in Toronto anymore. It's good cause we are going to have a 9-hour long stopover and would like to go to the city center for a while if we will be let in - I heard some people taking during the flight that due to COVID-19 transit passengers are not allowed to leave the airport in Canada :( It would be a shame!

photo img_1815photo img_1817photo img_1818

Landing was quite smooth and soon we parked next to this 777-300 that arrived from Cairo

photo img_1819photo img_1824photo img_1828

When I turned on my mobile I received a message form Lufthansa saying that our last flight FRA-WAW was cancelled and that we would be informed on what to do to get home…Great! :(
As I wrote before, this cabin looked quite new even if the aircraft age was almost 22 years. So it seems it's not so much about the age but rather how the aircraft is maintained…

photo img_1829photo img_1830

Last look of our bird

photo img_1831photo img_1832

Now we just need to find out: 1) if we can leave the airport and go to Toronto, 2) how we are going to get from Frankfurt to Warsaw or 3) if maybe we will be offered another flight, e.g. a direct LOT flight to Warsaw if it wasn't cancelled. Answers will appear soon in the next report. Thanks for reading!

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Air Canada Rouge

Cabin crew7.0

Havana - HAV


Toronto - YYZ



AC Rouge is not that bad if the aircraft, even if offering a very tight legroom, looks decent and is clean. Can't say a bad word about the crew, it had no sense of humour but was correct.



  • Comment 554756 by
    aussenrist 224 Comments

    Thanks Loukas for sharing this report and glad you return to your country safely during the covid-19. The Cuba bonus is excellent!
    Personally I do not fly Rouge before. Although the legroom is tight and no IFE, I found its interior condition and the seats looks better than those AC mainline A319/320s.
    Look forward to your next report!

  • Comment 554777 by
    KL651 TEAM 4508 Comments

    Thanks for this FR.
    What a stressful end for a vacation; I can't imagine being stuck in Cuba...
    Rouge remains basic and is clearly a downgrade compared to what AC offers on its 32X aircrafts.

    • Comment 554804 by
      loukas AUTHOR 343 Comments

      Thanks for your comment. Indeed, I was scared to death only with a thought of getting stuck there. When I think about it now it makes me laugh but it wasn't the same when all this was happening and noone really knew what was going to happen.

  • Comment 555017 by
    Matthevv GOLD 79 Comments

    Cześć Loukas, fantastic report and an amazing bonus from Cuba. Thanks!
    I heard bad things about Air Canada Rouge but I haven't tried them yet...
    All the best!

  • Comment 555039 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 5393 Comments

    Hi Loukas,

    It looks like you were able to enjoy your holiday before all the stress set in with the border closures etc. Thank goodness you didn't get stuck in Cuba! I can't even imagine what that would have been like.

    Nice to see your Rouge A319 was in better condition this time. Yeah, that 29" pitch it pretty tight, but some carriers do even worse at 28". This is about the same cabin density and the exact same seat model as the BA A320 I flew recently so I can confirm it's tight--but not quite as bad as some LCCs.

    Thanks for sharing and looking forward to the next leg!

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