Review of Vietnam Airlines flight Vinh Hanoi in Economy

Airline Vietnam Airlines
Flight VN1712
Class Economy
Seat 22G
Aircraft Airbus A321
Flight time 00:35
Take-off 29 Jul 19, 13:05
Arrival at 29 Jul 19, 13:40
VN   #32 out of 72 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 213 reviews
By GOLD 299
Published on 29th May 2020

Hi guys. Welcome to my next report on Flight-Report. Today, I will fly with Vietnam Airlines from Vinh to Hanoi on Airbus A321. But first, please check out my trip report about this flight on YouTube. This video is more detailed than the script version on Flight-Report and has more special things there, so I hope you guys will check out, like the video and support to my channel by subscribe Vinavia on YouTube :D   

And here is the script report. Hope you guys will enjoy :D

Today's flight would start at Vinh International Airport, Vinh City, Nghe An Province.

photo screenshot_20200528_155919-82540photo screenshot_20200528_155850photo img_20190729_090007

Today, I would fly on flight VN1712 to Hanoi, and the estimated departure time would be 1.00 pm.

photo screenshot_20200528_155940

Let's go inside the terminal.

photo screenshot_20200528_155951photo screenshot_20200528_155959

Departure hall of the terminal

photo screenshot_20200528_160018photo screenshot_20200528_160010

I really like this airport. As I discovered, the architecture of this terminal was inspired by lotus flower, which makes this airport pretty unique :D

photo img_20190729_091104photo img_20190729_113536

Vietnam Airlines' check-in counters

photo screenshot_20200528_160039-53718photo screenshot_20200528_160049

Check-in was done fast. Now I headed to security check.

photo screenshot_20200528_160058

5 minutes later, security check was done, and I got into airside.

photo screenshot_20200528_160109photo screenshot_20200528_160117

Then l took a look of the airside before heading to departure gate.

photo screenshot_20200528_160132photo screenshot_20200528_160140

Again, I was impressed with the architecture and the design of this airport. What do you guys think about this airport? Comment down below your opinions.

photo screenshot_20200528_160153photo img_20190729_115913photo img_20190729_115955

Aircraft for this flight was just arrived from Ho Chi Minh City. This Airbus A321 has the registration of VN-A359, and it was 11.5 years old.

photo screenshot_20200528_160206photo screenshot_20200528_160213photo img_20190729_122144

Here was the departure gate of this flight: gate 2.

photo screenshot_20200528_160220-32390

Boarding was called, then I went downstairs and got on the bus to get to the aircraft.

photo screenshot_20200528_160228photo screenshot_20200528_160238photo screenshot_20200528_160258-67440

After a short ride, I finally got to the aircraft of this flight.

photo screenshot_20200528_160319photo img_20190729_124025photo img_20200526_100213_180


photo screenshot_20200528_160351photo screenshot_20200528_160409photo screenshot_20200528_160418

Here was my seat on this flight: seat 22G.

photo screenshot_20200528_160449

Legroom was really spacious, thanks to this thin but comfortable seats design onboard some older A321s of Vietnam Airlines.

photo screenshot_20200528_160510

Tray table

photo screenshot_20200528_160456

View from my window, and cabin view from my seat.  

photo screenshot_20200528_160522photo screenshot_20200528_160531

Refreshing tissue was handed out and safety video was aired on the screens before pushback.

photo screenshot_20200528_160540photo screenshot_20200528_160549

15 minutes after boarding, the aircraft started to pushback and taxied to the runway.

photo screenshot_20200528_160602photo screenshot_20200528_160614


photo screenshot_20200528_160733photo screenshot_20200528_160755photo screenshot_20200528_160815

Enter text here…

photo screenshot_20200528_160826photo screenshot_20200528_160836

Just 5 minutes after take-off, drinks were served. There were only 2 choices of drinks: water and coke.

photo screenshot_20200528_160853-48477

And I asked for a cup of water.

photo screenshot_20200528_160906

Right after I got the drink, the aircraft just started to descend and prepared for landing.

photo screenshot_20200528_160913photo screenshot_20200528_160923

Before landing, let's have a look inside the seat pocket. In the seat pocket, I had: a sickness bag, a safety card, and an inflight magazine of Vietnam Airlines named Heritage Fashion.

photo screenshot_20200529_135152

Views while descending

photo screenshot_20200528_160945photo screenshot_20200528_161002photo screenshot_20200528_160933


photo screenshot_20200528_161010photo img_20190729_134134photo screenshot_20200528_161022


photo screenshot_20200528_161033photo screenshot_20200528_161045photo screenshot_20200528_161117

Enter text here…

photo screenshot_20200528_161126photo img_20190729_135101

My journey had ended at Terminal 1, Noi Bai International Airport, Hanoi. Thank you for reading and watching, and see you in the next report :D

photo screenshot_20200528_161152photo screenshot_20200528_161220photo screenshot_20200528_161233

Enter text here…

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Vietnam Airlines

Cabin crew7.5

Vinh - VII


Hanoi - HAN



The check-in procedure was fast and smooth. The flight departed on time, and arrived sooner than estimated time. The flight was really short so there wasn't anything to complain about the inflight services. The crews were really nice and gentle, even though they had to rush to serve all the passengers on this short flight. In conclusion, even though the flight was just 35 minutes long, I had the great time being on this flight, and I enjoyed a lot of beautiful views outside the window thanks to the low attitude of this flight :D

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  • Comment 555240 by
    Aigle_voyageur GOLD 689 Comments

    Thanks for sharing this FR. :)

    For a regional airport like VII's, its inside is very impressive indeed. But there were shops or not ?

    A big aircraft but not really full for such a short flight. Having a drink is still better than nothing.

    Funny thing I found, when I saw the aircraft's registration, I thought: was it really an A321? Or an A350 from the same airline? ^^

    Have safe flights ;)

    • Comment 555251 by
      vinavia GOLD AUTHOR 192 Comments

      You're right. There aren't many shops inside the terminal, but there are still some. The aircraft, VN just used A321s on this route during peak seasons, but now they are operating ATR 72s on this route. Thank you so much for your comment :D

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