Review of Vietnam Airlines flight Hanoi Buon Ma Thuot in Economy

Airline Vietnam Airlines
Flight VN1603
Class Economy
Seat 27G
Aircraft Airbus A321neo
Flight time 01:25
Take-off 18 May 20, 10:40
Arrival at 18 May 20, 12:05
VN   #27 out of 85 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 221 reviews
By 570
Published on 19th September 2020

Hi guys. Welcome to my next report on Flight-Report. Today, I will fly with Vietnam Airlines from Hanoi to Buon Ma Thuot on Airbus A321neo. But first, please check out my trip report about this flight on YouTube. This video is more detailed than the script version on Flight-Report and has more special things there, so I hope you guys will check out, like the video and support to my channel by subscribing Vinavia on YouTube :D    

And here is the script report. Hope you guys will enjoy :D

Today's flight would start at Terminal 1, Noi Bai International Airport, Hanoi. 

photo screenshot_20200919_082302photo screenshot_20200919_082312

Departure hall of the terminal

photo screenshot_20200919_082335-62125

Today, I would fly on flight VN1603 to Buon Ma Thuot, and the estimated departure time would be 10.30 am.

photo screenshot_20200919_082409

Check-in counters for this flight.

photo screenshot_20200919_082509-59572

To save time, I decided to get my boarding pass at the self check-in kiosk.

photo screenshot_20200919_082523photo screenshot_20200919_082529-49423

After that, I went straight to the security check area.

photo screenshot_20200919_082536photo screenshot_20200919_082542

About 10 minutes later, the security check was cleared and I finally got into airside.

photo screenshot_20200919_082552photo screenshot_20200919_082558

Time to head to the departure gate for this flight right now.

photo screenshot_20200919_082604photo screenshot_20200919_082610

Here was the departure gate of this flight: gate 9.

photo screenshot_20200919_082640photo screenshot_20200919_082656

Boarding was called, then I went downstairs and got on the bus to get to the aircraft.

photo screenshot_20200919_082859photo screenshot_20200919_082905-37260

Let's just stay here and wait a bit for the bus to arrive.

photo screenshot_20200919_082911photo screenshot_20200919_082918

This was the aircraft for today's flight.

photo screenshot_20200919_082924photo screenshot_20200919_082934

This Airbus A321neo has the registration of VN-A625, and it was 1.2 years old.

photo img_20200518_100823photo screenshot_20200919_082955


photo screenshot_20200919_083004


photo screenshot_20200919_083023photo screenshot_20200919_083015

Here was my seat on this flight: seat 27G.

photo screenshot_20200919_083035

Legroom was pretty large and decent like on other A321neos of Vietnam Airlines.

photo screenshot_20200919_083040

Tray table

photo screenshot_20200919_083047photo screenshot_20200919_083057

View from my window, and cabin view from my seat. 

photo screenshot_20200919_083103photo screenshot_20200919_083115

About 20 minutes after boarding, the aircraft started to pushback and taxied to the runway.

photo screenshot_20200919_083125photo screenshot_20200919_083139photo screenshot_20200919_083145

Safety video was screened during that time.

photo screenshot_20200919_083132


photo screenshot_20200919_083155photo screenshot_20200919_083203


photo screenshot_20200919_083237photo screenshot_20200919_083244photo screenshot_20200919_083329

10 minutes after take-off, snacks and drinks were served.

photo screenshot_20200919_083606-18750

Here was the snack box that I received. 

photo screenshot_20200919_083617photo img_20200518_110755

I had a packet of dried meat floss soft waffle.

photo img_20200518_110812

And another package of buttermilk biscuit sticks.

photo img_20200518_110818

For drink, I got a small bottle of water.

photo img_20200518_110824

To be honest, these snacks tasted quite good and they aren't so bad for a short flight like this. But I like the waffle more :)

photo screenshot_20200919_083626

View from my window, and cabin view from my seat during the flight.

photo screenshot_20200919_083638photo screenshot_20200919_083648photo screenshot_20200918_094826

In the seat pocket, I had: A sickness bad, a safety card, and an inflight magazine of Vietnam Airlines named Heritage.

photo screenshot_20200919_083704

The wireless entertainment system was available on this aircraft. Check out my old report to see what it's like (

photo screenshot_20200919_083717

After over an hour in the air, the aircraft started to descend and prepared for landing.

photo screenshot_20200919_083739photo screenshot_20200919_083821


photo screenshot_20200919_083846photo screenshot_20200919_083854photo screenshot_20200919_083838


photo screenshot_20200919_083902photo screenshot_20200919_083908


photo screenshot_20200919_083915photo screenshot_20200919_083922


photo screenshot_20200919_083940photo screenshot_20200919_083946photo screenshot_20200919_083952


photo img_20200518_121230photo img_20200518_121251

All the passengers would have to walk to the terminal instead of taking buses.

photo screenshot_20200919_084006

As you can hear in the video, the airport was really windy at that time.

photo screenshot_20200919_084054photo screenshot_20200919_084048

My journey had ended at Buon Ma Thuot International Airport, Buon Ma Thuot, Dak Lak Province. Thank you for reading and watching, and see you in the next report :D

photo screenshot_20200919_084126photo screenshot_20200919_084142


photo screenshot_20200919_084152
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Vietnam Airlines

Cabin crew7.5

Hanoi - HAN


Buon Ma Thuot - BMV



The check-in process was fast and efficient thanks to the self check-in kiosk. The interiors on this aircraft were new and modern, also, the seat was very comfortable with wide legroom. The flight departed and arrived on time. Like I said, the snacks tasted pretty decent and it isn't a bad option for a short flight like this one. The crews were nice and stayed professional throughout the flight. Overall, this was such an enjoyable and comfortable flight, and it feels great to be on A321neo of Vietnam Airlines after a while.



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    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 6182 Comments
    Hi Vinavia, thanks for another lovely report and video! It's been interesting to see how different airlines are handling service in the Covid-era. It appears that VN is offering a decent product. The VN livery looks beautiful on the A321neo! I wil say that it's a bit of a shame that VN installed such a unremarkable interior on these new seatback screens or power sources in Economy. The streaming IFE is nice, though, and the seats appear to be comfortable with a good amount of legroom.

    Thanks for sharing!

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