Review of VASCO flight Can Tho Con Ong in Economy

Airline VASCO
Flight 0V8070
Class Economy
Seat 7D
Aircraft ATR 72-500
Flight time 00:35
Take-off 12 Jan 20, 14:35
Arrival at 12 Jan 20, 15:10
0V 8 reviews
By 342
Published on 26th August 2020

Hi guys. Welcome to my next report on Flight-Report. Today, I will fly with Vietnam Air Services Company (VASCO) from Can Tho to Con Dao on ATR 72-500. But first, please check out my trip report about this flight on YouTube. This video is more detailed than the script version on Flight-Report and has more special things there, so I hope you guys will check out, like the video and support to my channel by subscribing Vinavia on YouTube :D  

And here is the script report. Hope you guys will enjoy :D  

Today's flight would start at Can Tho International Airport, Can Tho.

photo screenshot_20200826_111429photo screenshot_20200826_111436

Let's get inside the terminal.

photo screenshot_20200826_111445

Departure hall at the terminal

photo screenshot_20200826_111458

Today, I would fly on flight 0V8070 to Con Dao, and the estimated departure time would be 2.35 pm.

photo screenshot_20200826_111518

Heading to the check-in counter for this flight.

photo screenshot_20200826_111526photo screenshot_20200826_111533photo screenshot_20200826_111541

VASCO check-in counters

photo screenshot_20200826_111552-57518photo screenshot_20200826_111601

Here was actually the original flight that I booked: flight 0V8074. However, it was delayed 3 times from 12:45 to 13:05, then 13:30, then 15:30. Then at the 4th time, that flight was canceled and I was switched to flight 0V8070, which departed at 13:30. I was really frustrated and annoyed to get delays continuously :(

photo screenshot_20200826_111613

Check-in was done, then I went to the security check area.

photo screenshot_20200826_111623photo screenshot_20200826_111630

About 5 minutes later, the security check was cleared and I finally got into airside.

photo screenshot_20200826_111913-68610photo screenshot_20200826_111920-16336

Time to go to the departure gate of this flight.

photo screenshot_20200826_111928photo screenshot_20200826_111934-13094

Here was the departure gate of this flight: gate 8.

photo screenshot_20200826_111941

Boarding was called, then I went downstairs and got on the bus to get to the aircraft.

photo screenshot_20200826_111948photo screenshot_20200826_112010

This was the aircraft for this flight.

photo screenshot_20200826_112352

This ATR 72 has the registration of VN-B218, and it was 11.2 years old.

photo screenshot_20200826_112359-78174photo screenshot_20200826_112405-26731


photo screenshot_20200826_112414

Here was my seat on this flight: seat 7D.

photo screenshot_20200826_112616

Legroom was pretty impressively decent for this aircraft.

photo screenshot_20200826_112624

Tray table

photo screenshot_20200826_112629photo screenshot_20200826_112635

View from my window, and cabin view from my seat. 

photo screenshot_20200826_112644photo screenshot_20200826_112650-68494

Refreshing tissue was handed out before departure.

photo screenshot_20200826_112657

About 10 minutes after boarding, the aircraft started to pushback and taxi to the runway.

photo screenshot_20200826_114030photo screenshot_20200826_114037


photo screenshot_20200826_114046photo screenshot_20200826_114052


photo screenshot_20200826_114102

5 minutes after take-off, drinks were served. There were 2 choices of drinks on this flight: water and coke.

photo screenshot_20200826_114113-56259

And I asked for a cup of coke.

photo screenshot_20200826_114119

View from my window, and cabin view from my seat during the flight.

photo screenshot_20200826_114127photo screenshot_20200826_114134photo screenshot_20200826_114142

In the seat pocket, I had: a sickness bag, a safety card, and an inflight magazine of Vietnam Airlines called Heritage Fashion. 

photo screenshot_20200826_114150

The seat was loose, and I can even use my hand to recline the seat.

photo img_20200112_144405photo screenshot_20200826_114157photo screenshot_20200826_114204

Nearly 30 minutes after take-off, the plane started to descend and prepared for landing.

photo screenshot_20200826_114226photo screenshot_20200826_114233photo img_20200112_150548


photo screenshot_20200826_114247photo screenshot_20200826_114253


photo screenshot_20200826_114302photo screenshot_20200826_114321-84796


photo img_20200112_151435-55880photo img_20200821_081505_787photo screenshot_20200826_114334

My journey had ended at Con Dao Airport, Con Dao Island, Ba Ria - Vung Tau Province. Thank you for reading and watching, and see you in the next report :D

photo screenshot_20200826_114344photo screenshot_20200826_114351

photo img_20200112_151736photo screenshot_20200826_114357


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Cabin crew8.0

Can Tho - VCA


Con Ong - VCS



The check-in process was a little bit time-consuming. But the most disappointing thing on this trip was the delays just like my last inbound flight and the total delayed time was 45 minutes. The interiors were super old and downgraded, especially the seat. The flight was short so there wasn't much in terms of inflight service. And the crews were nice and hospitable. In conclusion, like the last inbound flight, this flight was decent, but the delays before the flight were just bad and unpleasant.



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