Review of American Airlines flight Raleigh Miami in Domestic First

Airline American Airlines
Flight AA2397
Seat 04F
Aircraft Boeing 737-800
Flight time 01:41
Take-off 29 Aug 20, 11:59
Arrival at 29 Aug 20, 13:40
AA   #40 out of 87 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 493 reviews
By GOLD 520
Published on 30th September 2020

Report No: 2020-809

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Welcome to this new US domestic First Class mileage run series. As American Airlines does have really good Domestic First Class fares which allows me to get status points for a really good value, so I decided to do mileage runs. This series is my first mileage run series and there would be more US domestic mileage run series coming through this year and next year.

The third flight of this mileage run series would be onboard the American Airlines 737-800 from Raleigh Durham to Miami onboard American's new Project Kodiak First Class seats.

Here is the routing for this mileage run;

Enter text here…

Loads for this flight

Domestic First: %75-80
Main Cabin: %70-75 


After arriving from my previous flight, the terminal looked really empty with only a few passengers in sight and they were mostly passengers from my previous flight heading to the exit.

photo img_4088

As I had about 2 hours to spend in RDU, I decided to visit the American Airlines Admirals Club, however, the lounge services in the club was closed due to COVID and the club only offered customer assistance. The Delta SkyClub was similarly closed.

photo img_4089

So, here are the concessions that I could spend my time. Popeye's was also open, however, it wasn't listed on this screen.

photo img_4090


photo img_4091

That day, I decided to have a pizza at California Pizza Kitchen.

photo img_4092

As I had a water bottle from my previous flight, I didn't purchase any drinks and the pizza costed $14.79 + tax.

photo img_4094

Although the pizza was small compared to the price I paid, it tasted really good.

photo img_4095


Before boarding the usual COVID announcements were made that masks with air vents would not be accepted, no food & beverage service would be made on this flight, airport purchased alcohol could not be consumed onboard, etc…

Later on, boarding started with the respect of boarding groups, as I was in Group 1, I was one of the first ones to board the aircraft.

photo img_4096-52813

Fuselage shot of N800NN

photo img_4097


After being welcomed by the crew, I took my seat in the last row of the Domestic First Cabin. This aircraft was equipped with the Project Kodiak seats and it was the first time that I was trying them.

photo img_4098

The seat has a USB port, a phone/tablet holder, a seat pocket and a literature socket. The legroom was pretty generous.

photo img_4099

While boarding was going on, I took a photo from the window

photo img_4100

Our neighbor was this American Airlines 737-800 that was heading to Charlotte.

photo img_4101

Here is the seat pocket content. I would cover some content of the American Way magazine in one of the coming reports in the series.

photo img_4102

Here is the power socket which is located under the armrest.

photo img_4103

At that time, this American 737-800 was being towed to a gate for its next flight.

photo img_4105

After boarding was completed, the lead flight attendant, introduced herself and offered pre departure beverages. I've opted for a coffee with Bailey's which was promptly served. Also, the crew addressed First Class passengers by name at all times.

photo img_4106

While waiting, this UnitedExpress Embraer was taxiing to the runway for its flight to Houston-IAH.

photo img_4107

And we had started our push-back on time and the crew did the safety demo at that time.

photo img_4108

UPS cargo aircraft near the cargo stands

photo img_4109

A FedEx aircraft

photo img_4110

And after a short taxi, we were in the air.

photo img_4111

After takeoff, the scenery was nice and entertaining and it was time to say goodbye to RDU which I would visit again soon.

photo img_4112photo img_4113photo img_4114

This aircraft was equipped with the Viasat mobile IFE system.

photo img_4115

And in addition to the first two flights, it offered free live TV and free Apple Music during the flight.

photo img_4116

Here are the Wi-Fi options for todays flight

photo img_4117

The Mobile IFE menu

photo img_4118

Movie menu

photo img_4119

Live TV options

photo img_4123

After reaching our crusing altitude, the sun appeared and we were over the clouds.

photo img_4120

At that time, the crew came and asked if we would like to have a drink. I've opted for a tomato juice which was served with a hand sanitizing wipe.

photo img_4121

At that time we have entered Florida airspace.

photo img_4122

During the flight, I watched an episode of Defending Jacob which looked like a nice TV series. However, it's strange that for Apple TV+ content, American only offers the first two episodes of all TV shows so if you would like to watch the rest, you would need to have an Apple TV+ subscription and download the content before your flight on your phone.

photo img_4124

During the flight, I have visited the front lavatory which was clean during my visit.

photo img_4125photo img_4126-12261

The rest of the flight was uneventful, however, the cabin crew offered drink refills and collected trash multiple times during the flight.

photo img_4127

Couldn't find which airport this is

photo img_4128

Heading southwards towards Miami

photo img_4129

The Canals at Florida

photo img_4130

Fort Lauderdale Airport

photo img_4131

Heading towards the south

photo img_4132

And turning towards the west

photo img_4133

Miami Hard Rock Stadium

photo img_4134

Landscape before arriving at MIA

photo img_4136

Dolphin Mall

photo img_4137

And we've arrived at MIA on time

photo img_4138

After a short taxi we were already at the North Terminal

photo img_4139

The North Terminal is the home of American Airlines in Miami

photo img_4140

And we have parked at gate D24 next to this American Boeing 737-800

photo img_4141


And after saying goodbye to the crew, I have left the aircraft and headed to the terminal.

I wasn't able to take a shot of our aircraft, although I have taken a shot of this American 787.

photo img_4142

And the mileage run series would continue in the next report.
Thanks for reading and hope to see you in another report.  

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American Airlines

Cabin crew9.5

Raleigh - RDU


Miami - MIA



A conclusion of all 5 flights in this itinerary would be provided in the conclusion section of the last report.



  • Comment 564343 by
    lagentsecret GOLD 12460 Comments

    Thanks for sharing this FR

    No lounge access : that's a pity !

    On board it was nice to have the new seat which seems to be confortable

    Catering was beverages only

    Great pictures at approach and landing

    See you soon for, I think, a more longer flight, maybe to LAX

    • Comment 564347 by
      ISTFlyer GOLD AUTHOR 353 Comments

      Thanks for sharing this FR

      - You're very welcome 007
      Thanks for sharing this FR

      - Unfortunately, AA didn't open their non-hub lounges at the time I was traveling. Although now they are re-opening 6 non-hub lounges next Monday, however, the RDU club is not in the list.
      On board it was nice to have the new seat which seems to be confortable

      - Although it's not the best DF seat in the AA fleet, it was comfortable
      Catering was beverages only

      - AA strictly does not serve food and even snacks on flights under 900 miles.
      Great pictures at approach and landing

      - Thanks for the compliment
      See you soon for, I think, a more longer flight, maybe to LAX

      - It's true that the next flight in this series would be a long flight but I won't reveal the destination at the moment.

      Once again thanks for stopping by and take care.

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