Review of American Airlines flight Miami Dallas/Fort Worth in Domestic First

Airline American Airlines
Flight AA2555
Seat 04F
Aircraft Boeing 737-800
Flight time 02:57
Take-off 29 Aug 20, 14:32
Arrival at 29 Aug 20, 16:29
AA   #44 out of 95 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 490 reviews
By GOLD 733
Published on 3rd October 2020

Report No: 2020-810

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Welcome to this new US domestic First Class mileage run series. As American Airlines does have really good Domestic First Class fares which allows me to get status points for a really good value, so I decided to do mileage runs. This series is my first mileage run series and there would be more US domestic mileage run series coming through this year and next year.

The fourth flight of this series would be onboard the American Airlines 737-800 from Miami to Dallas Forth Worth which is actually a flight that connects two major hubs of American Airlines. When I originally booked this flight, I have preferred to take a flight from MIA to DFW to try the American Airlines Flagship First Class seats onboard the 777-300ER which is offered as Domestic First onboard this route, however, I ended up with a 737-800 with Project Oasis seats. Although an equipment change allows a full refund or a free change on American Airlines, I didn't touch the routing as I was maximizing mileage at this route. Unfortunately, I didn't find worth it to visit the Admirals Club in MIA this time as my connection was short, however, you could find a post-COVID review of the MIA Admirals Club here.

Here is the routing for this mileage run;

Enter text here…

Loads for this flight

Domestic First: %45-50
Main Cabin: %20-25


While I arrived at the airport, I checked the FIDS. As MIA-DFW is a strategic route for American, they are still offering numerous of daily flights with some of them being on wide-bodies. As I also mentioned before, I was unable to fit a wide-body into my schedule as the only wide-body aircraft that day on this route was a 08:00ish departure from MIA.

photo img_4143

MIA was empty with more shops open compared to my previous visit. The duty free was also open, however, with only a few international flights departing from MIA, it was empty.

photo img_4144

And, it was time to take the SkyTrain to gate D16

photo img_4145

Here is the concession list of MIA. There are many options available at the North Terminal, although most of the merchants were closed.

photo img_4146-58212

FIDS one more time

photo img_4147-77376

And the SkyTrain was empty during my ride.

photo img_4148

After arriving at Station 1, I was able to spot this American 777-200ER approaching the terminal

photo img_4149

And, N907NN was visible at that time, this would be the aircraft taking me to Dallas-DFW.

photo img_4150

Another view of N907NN

photo img_4151


Boarding was made according to group numbers as American Airlines does not follow the back-to-front model like some other carriers. On this flight, boarding started a bit later than the scheduled time, however, as there were only a few passengers onboard, it was completed really fast.

Hand sanitizers were present at the gate

photo img_4152-21735


After being welcomed by the crew and being handed a snack bag, I have headed to my seat 4F.

photo img_4154

Although the Project Oasis seat looks similar to the Project Kodiak seats, it has a narrower legroom and the fact that there is no actual divider between First and Main Cabin decreases the value of being in a premium cabin.

photo img_4155

Here is a view from the window.

photo img_4156

Overhead panel

photo img_4157

Here is the snack bag that was provided to me during boarding. American offers snacks bag both to First and Main Cabin passengers on flights that are over 900 miles. The previous three flights on this series were shorter than 900 miles so no food was offered.

photo img_4159

The bag had a water, a Biscoff cookie and a hand sanitizing wipe.

photo img_4160-65224

If we return to the seat, the seat had a power outlet and a USB port under the armrest.

photo img_4161

And now it's time to cover the American Way magazine.
Starting with the news that American had moved to Terminal 5 in Heathrow. It's nice to have both BA and AA under the same roof, however, unless this change is temporary, this might mean that AA's new Flagship Lounge project in LHR is cancelled.

photo img_4162

Here is the fleet of American Airlines.

American Airlines phased out their 757's, 767's and A330-300's during COVID. I was lucky to try the American 757 last winter and I would post a report of that flight later in the year, if I'm out of recent reports.

photo img_4163-42932

Airport terminal maps

photo img_4164photo img_4165photo img_4167-32960

And American destinations in the eastern part of the US

photo img_4168-87559

IFE options, including movies, TV shows, Apple Music and Wi-Fi

photo img_4169-69427photo img_4171

And after reviewing the American Way magazine, boarding was completed and we had started our push back

photo img_4172

And after a short taxi, we were in the air

photo img_4173

North Terminal, concourse D

photo img_4174

A view of the airport

photo img_4175

Aerolinas Argentinas, TAP Portugal, Frontier, LATAM and Avianca aircrafts that are parked at the South Terminal

photo img_4176

And downtown Miami

photo img_4177photo img_4178

Miami Cruise Terminal

photo img_4179

South Beach

photo img_4180

And shortly later we turned northwards

photo img_4181

Fort Lauderdale Airport

photo img_4182

Like the previous flight, this aircraft was also equipped with the Viasat IFE system

photo img_4184photo img_4185

The pricing for Wi-Fi was the same like the previous flight

photo img_4186

Apple Music and live TV was free of charge

photo img_4187

Live TV channel options

photo img_4188

And a last shot from the window for now, as I was going to close my window blind.

photo img_4189

Shortly later, the crew appeared to take drink orders. I've opted for a Bloody Mary which was promptly served. At that time, I asked about if there was the turkey sandwich and cheese plate options which are stated in the AA website. The crew apologized from me as she thought that no food was loaded except the snack bags.

photo img_4190

After a minute, the crew came to me and told me that the sandwich and the cheese plate was actually loaded on the flight and started to offer First Class passengers their meals.

On this flight I have opted for the Turkey Havarti Argula Sandwich option. Pre-COVID, this sandwich was on American's Buy on Board menu for Main Cabin passengers.

photo img_4191photo img_4192

The sandwich was served with a Ghirardelli chocolate and a pack of mayo.

photo img_4194

The sandwich tasted good.

In this case, I would like to thank American Airlines for offering a refreshment style meal onboard their flights over 900 miles as all other USA based carriers only offer snack onboard their longer US domestic flights ( excluding premium transcon routes ) .

The crew also came for drink refills throughout the flight, I've opted for a tomato juice.

photo img_4195

During my visit at the front lavatory, I have realized that it was clean which is a nice touch. It's nice to see that US carriers now care more about the cleanliness of their lavatories as in the pre-COVID era, American was the carrier that I was consistently seeing dirty lavatories.

photo img_4196-87820photo img_4197-34487

For the rest of the flight, I have watched some TV shows on the mobile IFE system and while we were approaching DFW, I have opened my window blind.

photo img_4198

Central Dallas

photo img_4199

Dallas Love Field Airport which is the secondary airport of Dallas which is the home of Southwest Airlines. Although, it is much closer to the city.

photo img_4200photo img_4201

Downtown Dallas from another angle

photo img_4202

Another shot of DAL

photo img_4203

Addison Airport which is usually used by private jets and aviation academy aircraft

photo img_4204

Beautiful landscape as we descend

photo img_4205

DFW is now visible

photo img_4206

And we touched down ahead of schedule.

photo img_4207

As we have landed to the most outermost runway set, it took about 10 minutes to taxi to our gate.

photo img_4208

American hangar at DFW

photo img_4210

The ATC at DFW

photo img_4211

Some American aircraft parked at remote stands

photo img_4212

An American A321-200 at a remote stand

photo img_4213

A view of Terminal A

photo img_4214

And we had parked at gate C12 next to this Boeing 737-800

photo img_4215


After saying goodbye to the crew, I have left the aircraft and I was inside DFW for the first time.

Here is a last shot of the aircraft that brought me to Dallas.

photo img_4216

The series would continue in the next and last report which would be posted soon.
Once again, thanks for reading and hope to see you in another report.

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A conclusion of all 5 flights in this itinerary would be provided in the conclusion section of the last report.

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  • Comment 564495 by
    757Fan 599 Comments

    Thanks for sharing. Interesting that if you had possibly not said something, the meals wouldn't have been discovered in the galley!

    • Comment 564499 by
      ISTFlyer GOLD AUTHOR 342 Comments

      Hi 757Fan and thanks for your comment,

      Interesting that if you had possibly not said something, the meals wouldn't have been discovered in the galley!

      - I guess that the FA didn't know about the new food offerings, she looked like she didn't see them in the past when serving them; although when she asked the lead FA, she discovered that there were meals onboard for F pax or at least the lead FA would discover it at some point and serve them.

  • Comment 564512 by
    lagentsecret GOLD 12460 Comments

    Thanks for sharing this FR

    Another comprehensive and detailed report, very pleasant to read

    Nice views at take off

    The snack bag offer is very poor

    "The crew apologized from me as she thought that no food was loaded except the snack bags."
    Very weird that she wasn't aware of the food loaded

    "started to offer First Class passengers their meals."
    The other passagers had to thank you ^^

    "last report which would be posted soon."
    This one should be DFW-LAX ;)

    A rather good flight for a US domestic flight

    See you soon

    • Comment 564514 by
      ISTFlyer GOLD AUTHOR 342 Comments

      Hi lagentsecret and welcome to the 4th report in this series,

      Another comprehensive and detailed report, very pleasant to read Nice views at take off

      - Thank you
      The snack bag offer is very poor

      - It's the offering for Economy Class passengers, however, it's still poor, but US travelers won't expect much as they generally eat something or purchase snacks at their own expense at the airport.
      Very weird that she wasn't aware of the food loaded

      - I still didn't get the point of how she did not know that food was loaded, although after verifying with her supervisor, she immediately came to me and asked my choice. This flight was on one of the first days after AA reintroduced food on flights longer than 900 miles so I wasn't shocked that the crew didn't know that food was loaded.
      The other passagers had to thank you ^^

      - Most of the other passengers in DF was standby crew members, maybe 2-3 more revenue passengers other than me. With more than 10 daily MIA-DFW flights, it's normal to see the premium cabin of some of the flights on this route empty.
      This one should be DFW-LAX

    • Comment 564515 by
      ISTFlyer GOLD AUTHOR 342 Comments

      - We will all know that in a couple of days. Although, I would give a hint that the last report in this series would be the longest one ( in terms of mileage ) among them.

      A rather good flight for a US domestic flight

      - Indeed, it was a pleasant mid-haul US domestic flight.
      See you soon

      - Same.

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