Review of Buta Airways flight Baku Tbilisi in Economy

Airline Buta Airways
Flight J29223
Class Economy
Seat 24A
Aircraft Embraer E-190
Flight time 01:00
Take-off 18 Aug 19, 09:30
Arrival at 18 Aug 19, 10:30
J2 6 reviews
By GOLD 549
Published on 4th September 2020

Hi guys. Welcome to my next report on Flight-Report. Today, I will fly with Buta Airways from Baku to Tbilisi on Embraer 190. But first, please check out my trip report about this flight on YouTube. This video is more detailed than the script version on Flight-Report and has more special things there, so I hope you guys will check out, like the video and support to my channel by subscribing Vinavia on YouTube :D  

And here is the script report. Hope you guys will enjoy :D

Today's flight would start at Terminal 2, Heydar Aliyev International Airport, Baku.  

photo screenshot_20200904_132111-37959photo screenshot_20200904_132119-56793

Public departure hall of the terminal

photo screenshot_20200904_132125

Today, I would fly on flight J29223 to Tbilisi, and the estimated departure time would be 9.30 am.

photo screenshot_20200904_132154

Before getting inside the terminal, I had to clear the first round of security check.

photo screenshot_20200904_132200photo screenshot_20200904_132207

Finally, I got inside the terminal few minutes later.

photo screenshot_20200904_132214

Let's head to the check-in counter for this flight.

photo screenshot_20200904_132224photo screenshot_20200904_132249

Check-in area

photo screenshot_20200904_132305photo screenshot_20200904_132311-63102

There were a lot of people waiting for check-in at the check-in area.

photo screenshot_20200904_132322-46838

After a long wait and some issues with my checked luggage, check-in was done 40 minutes later. Then I went straight to the security check and immigration area.

photo screenshot_20200904_132329-65732photo screenshot_20200904_132338-40016

About 10 minutes later, I finally got into airside.

photo screenshot_20200904_132353

Time to go to the departure gate of this flight.

photo screenshot_20200904_132400

The waiting area

photo screenshot_20200904_132406-97049photo screenshot_20200904_132414-43227

Here was the departure gate of this gate: gate 19

photo screenshot_20200904_132421-91633photo screenshot_20200904_132428-77164

Boarding was called, then I went downstairs and walked to the aircraft.

photo screenshot_20200904_132434-74049

This was the aircraft for this flight. This Embraer 190 has the registration of VP-BRU, and it was 3.2 years old. This was the first time I had been on an Embraer aircraft, so I was very excited about this journey :)

photo img_20190816_085757


photo screenshot_20200904_132447photo screenshot_20200904_132454-71186


photo img_20190816_090417photo img_20200902_174539_189

This was my seat on this flight: seat 24A.

photo screenshot_20200904_132500

Legroom was impressively wide and comfortable for a regional jet.

photo screenshot_20200904_132505

Tray table

photo screenshot_20200904_132527photo screenshot_20200904_132548

View from my window, and cabin view from my seat. 

photo screenshot_20200904_132555photo screenshot_20200904_132601-87457

About 20 minutes after boarding, the aircraft started to pushback and taxi to the runway. 

photo screenshot_20200904_132612photo screenshot_20200904_132618photo screenshot_20200904_132625


photo screenshot_20200904_132631photo screenshot_20200904_132641


photo screenshot_20200904_132649photo screenshot_20200904_132656photo screenshot_20200904_132703

In the seat pocket, I had: an inflight magazine of Buta Airways, a safety card, and a sickness bag.

photo screenshot_20200904_132715

20 minutes after take-off, sandwiches and drinks were served. There were 2 choices of sandwiches: chicken or cheese.

photo screenshot_20200904_132722-14227

Here was the portion that I got.

photo screenshot_20200904_132730

I decided to get a chicken sandwich.

photo screenshot_20200904_132737

The filling of the sandwich seemed to be like chicken salad.

photo screenshot_20200904_132742

For drink, I asked for a cup of water.

photo screenshot_20200904_132747

The sandwich was pretty large and it tasted decent to me. But more importantly, I didn't expect to get free food and drink on a flight of low-cost carrier like Buta Airways.

photo screenshot_20200904_132753

View from my window, and cabin view from my seat during the flight.

photo img_20190816_100322photo screenshot_20200904_141508

After 50 minutes after take-off, the aircraft started to descend and prepared for landing.

photo screenshot_20200904_132807photo screenshot_20200904_132812


photo screenshot_20200904_132818photo screenshot_20200904_132826


photo screenshot_20200904_132844


photo screenshot_20200904_132901photo img_20190816_103727


photo screenshot_20200904_132915photo screenshot_20200904_132920


photo screenshot_20200904_132925-80709photo screenshot_20200904_132932

My journey had ended at Tbilisi International Airport, Tbilisi. Thank you for reading and watching, and see you in the next report :D

photo screenshot_20200904_132941photo screenshot_20200904_132946
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Buta Airways

Cabin crew7.5
Buy-on-board menu9.0

Baku - GYD


Tbilisi - TBS



The check-in process was really slow and time-consuming. The interiors were still modern and the seat was comfy for a regional aircraft. Also, the flight departed and arrived on time. The food and drink were the best part of this flight. It's so rare and very impressive to get free food on a low-cost flight. Moreover, the crews were pretty nice and helpful. In conclusion, it was such an enjoyable flight with Buta Airways. I'm amazed at how impressive the inflight services were for the budget airline, but the ground services need to be improved more.

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