Review of Turkish Airlines flight Istanbul Frankfurt in Business

Airline Turkish Airlines
Flight TK1587
Class Business
Seat 03K
Aircraft Airbus A330-300
Flight time 02:50
Take-off 24 Sep 19, 07:55
Arrival at 24 Sep 19, 09:45
TK   #13 out of 72 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 626 reviews
By GOLD 3905
Published on 14th September 2020

Each year, my mother and I spend a few days in Jordan.

This year we decided to give TK a try but from FRA, as the prices from BSL were 50% higher. We took the ICE from Basel to Frankfurt.

transit istanbul

Back in Istanbul, we need to clear security again and this will be a lot of walking, since we were parked at the far end of the terminal.

photo img_2738_resultatphoto img_2739_resultat

The end is not even near :)

photo img_2740_resultatphoto img_2741_resultat

The first of the check point is not opened yet but there weren't too much people.

photo img_2742_resultatphoto img_2743_resultat

After security you need to go upstairs back to the main hall:

photo img_2744_resultat


photo img_2745_resultatphoto img_2746_resultat

You can shop to death at IST airport:

photo img_2747_resultatphoto img_2748_resultatphoto img_2749_resultat

business lounge turkish airlines

We self scanned our BP's to access the lounge but agents are available if needed:

photo img_2750_resultat

After the entrance there is a big screen with always some kind of fancy digital animations:

photo img_2751_resultat

We went to the same seating area as when we arrived 10 days ago:

photo img_2752_resultat

Our flight is shown on time:

photo img_2753_resultat

The soft drinks station is huge:

photo img_2754_resultat

I quickly had  a look at the morning offer. Here a traditional turkish soup made with lentils:

photo img_2755_resultat

Simits are made fresh to order:

photo img_2756_resultat

Those dishes are the basics for a turkish breakfast:

photo img_2757_resultat

Apart from the muessli :)

photo img_2758_resultat

Cereals bar:

photo img_2759_resultat

Cheeses, olives and jams:

photo img_2760_resultat

Ayran, another typical turkish drink:

photo img_2761_resultat

The lounge is pretty quiet this morning:

photo img_2762_resultat

Kumru is a dish from Izmir that I always liked, more information here:

photo img_2763_resultatphoto img_2764_resultat

The omelette bar:

photo img_2765_resultat

This part of the lounge is totally empty:

photo img_2766_resultat

back to the terminal

We left the lounge early since our boarding gate was at the other end of the terminal.

photo img_2768_resultatphoto img_2769_resultat

TK A330:

photo img_2770_resultat

Here we are:

photo img_2773_resultat

the flight

Boarding was launched on time, I couldn't spot the plane nor was I able to check the registration of the plane on Flight-Radar. I started to wonder what kind of business cabin it will be. Full flat ? The dreaded old lie flat seats or the recliners? A few more minutes of patience :)

photo img_2774_resultat

A twin brother:

photo img_2775_resultat

The airport is huge, so are the jetbridges :)

photo img_2776_resultat

Almost there!

photo img_2777_resultat

At least! This is the best cabin TK has on its 33S fleet.

photo img_2778_resultat

As we were looking forward to sleeping, this cabin was warmly welcomed :)

photo img_2779_resultatphoto img_2780_resultat

And it is a pretty nice and roomy cabin:

photo img_2781_resultat

The only thing that bothered me a bit was to only have a small pillow:

photo img_2785_resultat

Welcome drink:

photo img_2786_resultat


photo img_2787_resultatphoto img_2788_resultat

Excellent seat pitch:

photo img_2789_resultat

Seat controls:

photo img_2790_resultat


photo img_2793_resultatphoto img_2794_resultat

The welcome drink together with nuts:

photo img_2791_resultat

Followed by the breakfast menu:

photo img_2798_resultatphoto img_2797_resultat

A quick visit to the bathroom:

photo img_2782_resultatphoto img_2783_resultat

The center armrest can be lowered or pushed up for more privacy:

photo img_2800_resultatphoto img_2801_resultat

Another A330 next to us:

photo img_2799_resultat

On time push back:

photo img_2802_resultatphoto img_2803_resultat


photo img_2804_resultat

And off we go:

photo img_2805_resultatphoto img_2806_resultat

An early morning start of Turkey and the black sea:

photo img_2807_resultatphoto img_2808_resultat

Service starts with a hot towel:

photo img_2809_resultat

The tray table is pretty big:

photo img_2810_resultatphoto img_2811_resultat

This is the tray without the hot meal:

photo img_2812_resultat

Hot breads are also being offered:

photo img_2813_resultat

My mother skipped the breakfast to sleep and so did I with the main course. I was simply too tired and not hungry anymore.

Converting the seat to a bed:

photo img_2815_resultat

Ce qui donne ça :

photo img_2816_resultatphoto img_2817_resultat

I slept for a solid hour and then watched the end of the movie I started on the previous flight.
A good thing was that my mother waked up an hour before arrival and the crew offered her the full breakfast tray. She just had a coffee since she wasn't feeling hungry at all.
The crew was really friendly and proactive on that flight.

photo img_2819_resultat

Blue sky storm:

photo img_2820_resultat

There are also cameras available on the IFE:

photo img_2821_resultat

Clouds are getting thicker close to FRA:

photo img_2822_resultatphoto img_2824_resultat

Very low ceiling:

photo img_2825_resultat

Almost there:

photo img_2826_resultatphoto img_2827_resultat

753 Condor:

photo img_2829_resultat

777 AA and 763 DL:

photo img_2831_resultat

Twice DL:

photo img_2832_resultat

388 LH:

photo img_2833_resultat

343 LH:

photo img_2834_resultat

787 AC:

photo img_2836_resultat

After a very warm farewell from the crew, we are back at FRA:

photo img_2837_resultatphoto img_2838_resultat

FRA is a digrace: wou need to walk ways to much in old and dark corridors, clear security, go landsite and go back to the luggage delivery hall. We needed more than 30' to arrive and the bags were delivered 50' after arrival.

photo img_2839_resultatphoto img_2840_resultatphoto img_2841_resultat

My mom tried to go to the toilets but gave up as they were just disgusting.

We went to the ICE station, since we had a first class flex ticket we were able to use the Deutsche Bahn lounge. Nothing to write a home about but at least you don't need to wait in the station. The lounge isn't exactly what I would call warm and welcoming. Pretty bland in fact.

photo img_2842_resultat

For drinks it is coffee, tea or some softs:

photo img_2843_resultatphoto img_2845_resultat

No snacks, no food on offfer. I just had a coffee:

photo img_2846_resultat

Ginger bread was given only to ladies at the entrance. So my mother got at least some food :)

photo img_2847_resultat

We then took our train back to Basel.

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Cabin crew9.5

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Istanbul - IST


Frankfurt - FRA



A wonderful flight with TK with a great crew, a comfortable seat and adequate catering.

I couldn't fault IST nor the lounge.

FRA is a shame. Long walks, cleanliness close to zero, long waiting times ... I hated it.

As usual thank you for reading, I'll continue to translate some of my French FR later in the month :) Stay safe!

Information on the route Istanbul (IST) Frankfurt (FRA)


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  • Comment 563409 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 5537 Comments

    What a huge difference from the old cabin that was falling apart on the previous flight. I think TK may win the prize for most different cabins and configurations on the A330 for one airline!

    That being said, this is a fantastic product for a 2.5h regional flight. The lie-flat bed isn't really needed, but it's nice to have the option and the seat is very spacious. I'm actually a fan of the Aura Lite seat, despite the lack of aisle access, as I find it gives a lot of space and the openness makes me feel less claustrophobic.

    The catering is top notch as always...well, pre-Covid anyway.

    Thanks for sharing :-)

  • Comment 564142 by
    ThomasDutch SILVER 542 Comments

    While Service and Catering tend to be very good on Turkish, I find them often lacking in terms of J class compared to their competitors. There is too much of variety between cabins on selected aircraft. Thanks for sharing.

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