Review of Scoot flight Sydney Singapore in Economy

Airline Scoot
Flight TZ1
Class Economy
Seat 61K
Aircraft Boeing 777-200ER
Flight time 09:00
Take-off 13 Dec 12, 14:05
Arrival at 13 Dec 12, 20:05
TR 60 reviews
By GOLD 684
Published on 24th October 2020

Trip Report: Scoot 9V-OTB TZ1 Sydney to Singapore

Flight details:
Airline: Scoot Airways
Flight No: TZ1
Aircraft: Boeing 777-212ER
Registration Number: 9V-OTB "Big Yella Fella"
Departure Sydney: 13:00 pm
Arrival Singapore: 18:45 pm
Total time : 7hr 41min

Video: Scoot 9V-OTB TZ1 Sydney to Singapore


This report is from a holiday trip in Dec 2012 to India. I had booked this trip on a short notice. As other airlines were expensive, chose to fly with Scoot with onward flight to Chennai on Tiger Airways.

Arrival and Check-in

I arrived at airport early and headed to check-in counter. I travel light and not issues with bag.

My India visa was checked and got the immigration form and boarding pass.

Immigrtion and Security

Immigration was quick as having e-passport , simple scan and was out in the security area. I was prepared with all sorted, was out of security in few minutes.

Duty Free AREa

After completing security, passed through the duty free area.

photo image003photo image002

Departure area was not busy as international peak is almost over.

photo image004


With spare time, indulged in some plane spotting. Qantas Cargo Boeing 767 resting.

photo image001

passing more shops for plane spotting.

photo image005photo image006

Cathay Pacific to Hong Kong

photo image007

Scoot aircraft arrives from Singapore as TZ2.

photo image008

More airside action follows below…

photo image009

Virgin Australia Boeing 777-300

photo image010

Air Calin Airbus A320

photo image011

China Airlines A330 departing to Taipei.

photo image012

Virgin Atlantic Airbus A340-600 to Hong Kong and London towed to gate.

photo image013

Nose view

photo image014

Tail view

photo image015

Euro Atlantic Chartered flight

photo image016

Jetstar Airways Airbus A330-200

photo image017

Departure Gate

Soon it was time for departure, headed towards the gate area. Scoot was boarding from gate 24.

photo image018

Empty International section at this time of the day.

photo image019


Flight boarding commenced shortly.

photo image021

Boarding pass was checked. Before being allowed to enter the aircraft.

photo image022

Scoot 9V-OTB named as "Big Yella Fella"

photo image023

Walk down to board the aircraft.

photo image024

Jetstar in neighbouring gate.

photo image025

Crew welcoming passengers.

photo image026

Crew checked the boarding pass and directed passengers.

photo image027


photo image028

Seating 3-4-3 in Economy class.

photo image029


Reached my seat and organised for 8 hrs of flying. Pushback commenced after passengers had boarded and doors were closed.

photo image030

Cabin crew demonstrated the safety procedures while aircraft taxied towards runway 34L Airbus A380 in view.

photo image031

Boeing 747 in view during pushback.

photo image032

Taxi and Holding

Long taxi to runway crossing the M5 motorways and "The beach".

photo image033

Holding short of runway to allow incoming aircraft to land.

photo image034


Fast roll and takeoff towards North and then heading West.

photo image035photo image036

Sydney landmarks in view - Opera House, Harbour Bridge, Anzac Bridge

photo image037photo image038


Gaining altitude flying over Western Sydney.

photo image039

Flying towards North West, seen below foot of Blue Mountains.

photo image040

OnBoard View

 After my previous experience flying with Scoot. I booked the yellow seat, Seat spacing between Blue and Yellow seats. Yellow seats are much more comfortable.

photo image041

Seat Pocket MAterial

photo image042

Safety card - Scoot Boeing 777-200ER

photo image043

Scoot - Onboard reading magazine.

photo image044


photo image045

Scootv - Inflight entertainment magazine

photo image046

Duty free catalogue

photo image047

Router map for Scoot and Tiger Airways - Singapore

photo image048

window View

As I did not purchase any entertainment for this flight. Rested and enjoyed the window view.

photo image049

Flying over the Northern Territories

photo image050

Cabin view

Crew on board was active.

photo image051photo image052

flying over the clouds.

photo image053

Boarding pass for Scoot. I had chosen Fly and bag ticket.

photo image054

Hot outside from the window of Boeing 777-200ER,

photo image055

CaBIN View

Got up to stretch and use the toilet. Toilet was clean.

photo image056

Mix of Blue and Yellow seats in the rear section. Blue seats were very uncomfortable from my previous experience.

photo image057

Heading towards Singapore,

photo image058

Cabin Service

Crew began cabin service. Those who had booked meal were served and others placed orders for the Buy on Board service.

photo image059

I ordered the chicken biryani

photo image060photo image061

Got soft drink and fruit slices along with the meal.

photo image062

Winding river over NT.Australian coastline over Northern Territory before heading towards sea,

photo image063

After meal, next 2 hours was flying over the waters.

photo image064

Buy on board [BOB]

As I was hungry, I placed order for more food as the crew came around if anyone wanted to place order.

photo image066photo image065

Mushroom chicken rice

photo image068

Food was hot, washed it soft drink.

photo image069

Cloudy over Indonesia. Hit turbulence due to warm air in the tropics.

photo image071

Indonesian island in view below.

photo image072

Front Section - CAbin view

Yellow seating area in the middle section.

photo image074-64716photo image073

Engine view from frosted window.

photo image074-64716

Crew call button active

photo image075

Getting closer to Singapore, with another hour of flying.

photo image076


Crew went around collecting the rubbish. Captain came on speaker to announce descend will commence shortly.

photo image080

Crew carried safety checks and asked passengers to open the windows and seat upright. Landed in Singapore on time. Upon landing and taxi, arrived at gate.

photo image081

Rain outside..

photo image082


I collected my bags and headed out of the plane.

photo image083

Crew waiting at the door to see off passengers.

photo image084

Business class seats on Scoot

photo image085

Soft and cushioned seats of 2-4-2.

photo image086

Final view from aerobridge.

photo image087

Immigration and Baggage collection

Flight arrived at Terminal 2. Walked towards immigration as I had to exit and check-in to next flight on Tiger Airways. In those days, Tiger and Scoot were not interlinked.

photo image088

Immigration did not take long as I didn't require visa. Not questions asked, passport was stamped and headed to collect baggage.

photo image089

Baggage Collection

Baggage for flight was to arrive on carousel 36.

photo image090photo image091

After collecting my bag, headed upstairs to Terminal 2 departure area to check-in for next flight

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Cabin crew8.0
Buy-on-board menu7.0

Sydney - SYD


Singapore - SIN



Scoot was chosen for price as I had booked ticket on short notice. Service on board was satisfactory. I had flown with Scoot earlier and made sure to select the more comfortable yellow seat. Overall I had a good trip with Scoot.

Information on the route Sydney (SYD) Singapore (SIN)


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