Review of Cebu Pacific flight Manila Kuwait City in Economy

Airline Cebu Pacific
Flight 5J 018
Class Economy
Seat 50K
Aircraft Airbus A330-300
Flight time 10:50
Take-off 08 Oct 16, 21:25
Arrival at 09 Oct 16, 03:15
5J 18 reviews
Mohd Amiruddin
Published on 4th November 2020


Hello. This time I'm going to write my flying experience on Cebu Pacific Airways to Kuwait City.

This is a part of my trip back to Egypt after summer holiday in Malaysia. The whole trip will be like this;

Kota Kinabalu (BKI) - Kuala Lumpur (KUL) - Malindo Air
Kuala Lumpur (KUL) - Manila (MNL) - Cebu Pacific Airways
Manila (MNL) - Kuwait City (KWI) - Cebu Pacific Airways
Kuwait City (KWI) - Alexandria-Borg El Arab (HBE) - EgyptAir 

While flying direct between Malaysia to Egypt via the Middle East on those famous gulf carriers are too cliche, I grab a chance to try new airlines and new transit countries. This time, Cebu Pacific Airways and EgyptAir. All these bookings were made separately.

As of June 2017, Cebu Pacific announced the cessation of flight to Kuwait City, Doha-Qatar and Riyadh-Saudi Arabia. However, Dubai route was retained and the sole destination in the Middle East for Cebu Pacific. Also, flight number 5J 18 is now used for Manila-Dubai route. 
I already knew this will be insane to transitting in Kuwait, why on Earth Kuwait when I still can go to Iran or Qatar. However the price was tempting and affordable. I will sort it out later what to do in Kuwait 

Flying day

After a good stay in Manila for 3 days, I went back to Ninoy Aquino Airport Terminal 3 where Cebu Pacific is operating. I took airport bus that was very cheap, I mean super cheap! 

photo img_1928photo img_1929

PHP20 or RM2 or $0.40 where the bus was comfortable with AC

photo img_1930

I have no photo at the terminal as I remember I did took some photos there but couldn't find it now. Terminal 3 was huge and modern. It is modern but nothing wow about the design and architecture.

Check-in took some times because I was the only non-Filipino and not a Middle Eastern, I was directed directly to the counter, cutting the queues of Filipino overseas worker that going back to Kuwait. Malaysian passport holder can enter State of Kuwait using Visa on Arrival for $10. 

photo img_1931

Without paying extra service or made any request, a nice lady who attended me at the check in desk approaching and welcomed me to board the aircraft earlier. That's nice :D

First time on Cebu Pacific's wide body aircarft 

photo img_1934

As I could remember, there were a few Arab visitors onboard while the rest are Filipinos. The flight wasn't full. I think that's why they terminate this route. Philippines Airlines and Kuwait Airways also operate this route and the price honestly almost the same when you add on the luggage and the meal. 

Cebu Pacific Airways' magazine SMILE

photo img_1951

Duty free catalogue

photo img_1950photo img_1947

The flight was slightly light load and I got whole row for myself. 

photo img_1946

As the cabin was very cold, I dig in my bag to see if I have some money to buy the blanket. I got the pricey but very cheap look blanket in yellow colour.

photo img_1948

As this was a red eye flight, I spent the whole flight sleeping, there was no IFE of course and the meal was limited and non-Halal. I woke up when we were about 1 hour before landing. 

photo img_1954

Landed at Kuwait International Airport on time

photo img_1953photo img_1955

THE arrival

After getting my Visa on Arrival at Visa office I went directly to the immigration. 

Welcome to the State of Kuwait :) 

photo img_1958photo img_1957

Just before an officer told me to not take photos there :P

photo img_1959

As I am a 'visitor' I was directed straight to meet the immigration officer, dont have to queue behind those lengthy line. Thank you!


It was horrible when I knew there were no luggage locker here. My next flight to Egypt will be next 19 hours. So I decided to book a hotel to relax.

I took a taxi for 8KWD. The taxi driver asked me what was my purpose here, business? work? and I answered 'holiday'. He was suprised and asked me again "What do you want to see here? there's nothing in Kuwait!". then we both laughed. 

 Excuse me. That's true. Kuwait is not for tourist. I mean a broke student tourist like me :P 

Enjoy this few photos of Kuwait I took on my way to restaurant and Malaysian Embassy.

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Cebu Pacific

Cabin crew9.0

Manila - MNL


Kuwait City - KWI



Cebu Pacific Airways's long-haul is not my preference. But for short and medium-haul that will be okay and acceptable.
Manila is a nice place to visit
Kuwait is not. If you want to visit the Middle East, you can go to the UAE, Qatar and Saudi Arabia. Oman also can be put in your list.
Thank you for reading



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    alexsajen 11 Comments

    Hey Mohd.,
    Thanks for this wonderful trip report.
    I understand, as a resident of Kuwait, there is nothing to see in Kuwait, but a lot of new touristic attractions are in planning, so the next time you visit Kuwait, you could include some of these as well.

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