Review of Air China flight Beijing Hong Kong in Business

Airline Air China
Flight CA117
Class Business
Seat 2A
Aircraft Airbus A321
Flight time 03:35
Take-off 12 Aug 13, 17:30
Arrival at 12 Aug 13, 21:05
CA 183 reviews
Published on 8th October 2013
Hi y'all!

This is the next leg of my journey back from Japan where I spent two weeks for vacation.

I am only doing a short stop in Beijing - actually not that short, I have to spend five hours in an airport which is not the most fun in the world - you'll see why! - before spending another 3 hours in the sky to reach Hong Kong. 3 hours flying over the same country - but the point of destination is very different…

I left you on the corridor going to immigration. I first wanted to apply for a 72-hours transit visa which would have allowed me to walk around in the city for a few hours.
There are five different kinds of immigration counters. Those for Diplomatic passport holders as well as air crews, those for chinese nationals, foreign citizens (allowed to enter with or without a visa depending on which nationality you have), 72 hours visa-free transit, and last - but not least, as this is where of most of passengers are going - transit desk.

As there was no one at the 72-hours free transit counter I waited for ten minutes to talk to an officer at the regular foreign citizens counter, to tell him that I wanted to apply for a free transit visa.

Surprisingly enough, (it was my first time in China but I would never have believed this reaction) he went in his office to call someone to the counters delivering free visas.

I walked back to the visa-free counter as the officer arrived and he asked me my reservation for the flight with which I'll exit China. As I didn't have my boarding pass, I handed her my mobile phone and the immigration form filled in while I was in the previous flight. After taking a look at it, she tells me to go ask for my boarding pass, at the transfer counter behind me. If they can issue it, I will have to go through the transit immigration counter. If not,, I have to come back to her.

The employee there will give me my boarding pass for the Air China flight, and write something in Chinese on it.

So that's officially the first time I'm denied entry in a country! With my Japanese passport I wouldn't have had any problems as we are allowed to stay 14 days in China without any visa, but unfortunately I didn't travel with it.

Anyhow the transit immigration counter also gives you a stamp, which is very odd…

photo 01-DSC_6804

I will have to go through a meticulous safety inspection with another security officials who will stamp by boarding pass.

I like this logo

photo 02-DSC_6805

The terminal is gigantic, there is no doubt that we are in China.

photo 03-DSC_6806photo 06-DSC_6809photo 08-DSC_6811

There is a FIDS just after the security check, which allows me to notice that there are some serious delays for flights going to HK. Also do you see another oddity in this picture? Yes, the flight to Pyongyang which you will never find in Europe or North America! This picture is especially intended for Florent ;)

photo 04-DSC_6807

Ok, lounge spotting time! Here in Beijing, China, it's a good opportunity to try CA's flagship lounge. It will be the Business Lounge for me.

photo 05-DSC_6808

It seems like there's not enough space in this giant airport for all flights to get a jetbridge!

photo 07-DSC_6810

It seems that most of the airlines flying to Beijing use CA's lounge, even Malaysia which is part of One World and thus entitled to enjoy CX's lounge.

photo 09-DSC_6812photo 10-DSC_6813

The employees at the front desk do not even say hello, but anyway, we're in China. There were many vacant seats, so I just picked one of them, took my computer out of my bag to kill time reading FRs. PEK does have a free wifi service, but it requires a password which can be obtained at the entrance of the lounge - otherwise at information desks all over the airport. I went to the entrance of the lounge where someone is helping foreigners who are used to internet freedom. Indeed, you have to scan your passport in order to get a password.

You really do get what kind of category China belongs to, even if it's just a 4 hours layover…

Let's get in touch with my friends, I tried opening Facebook… but Safari could not open it. Oh dear, I forgot that China was blocking not only Facebook, but also google, youtube, parts of Wikipedia… Fortunately, Flight-Report is accessible, however bear in mind that PEK does not offer high speed internet. Flight Reports are therefore not readable.

Browsing on the unforbidden internet I found a proxy which allowed me a 10 minutes free trial. It was enough to immortalize that on Twitter:

photo 11-DSC_6814

The lounge feels spacious and is bright enough, with these huge windows.

I'm still hungry, so I'm going to the back of the lounge where a nice buffet area is. There is a staff watching it. She saw me with my camera. I tried to take a pic of the buffet hiding myself behind flowers but it was too late : I look too suspicious for her and she ran to tell me that photos are forbidden.

There is a range of hot mains (industrial taste) with different kind of soups and dimsum (alright !)
I also tasted sushis, and I think they were the worst ones I ever ate. The dessert was fine.

photo 16-DSC_6819photo 17-DSC_6820

For some reason the staff supposed to watch over the dining area is gone, allowing me to take a picture of the buffet

This is a good idea, but unfortunately it is plastic cutlery which is distributed

photo 30-DSC_6835

The business corner is separated by a wall and is very quiet. A good place to focus on your business

photo 19-DSC_6823

There are some nice sleeping rooms, I'll request one of these and nap for a few moments!

You can also watch the traffic simply by pulling the curtain

photo 20-DSC_6824photo 21-DSC_6825

An MS A330, A CA B77W and my NH 787 going back to Tokyo

photo 25-DSC_6829photo 26-DSC_6830photo 27-DSC_6831

Chinese press at the entrance of the lounge

photo 28-DSC_6832

my gate is far away from the lounge so I walk watching the traffic
CA 330

photo 31-DSC_6836

SQ 77W

photo 32-DSC_6837


photo 33-DSC_6839


photo 34-DSC_6840

I wonder why does CX establish a codeshare with CA on this route? This is surprising.

photo 35-DSC_6841

A bus will drive us to our plane. The good thing is that there is a bus for business class passengers! Wow! It's a good way to do comfortable spotting ;)

photo 36-DSC_6842photo 38-DSC_6844

UA 77E in Star Alliance livery

photo 37-DSC_6843

Here is our 321 flying to Hong Kong this evening.

photo 39-DSC_6845photo 40-DSC_6846

The cabin are equipped with old Mao-Zedong style seats but anyway they are alright for a 3 hour flight.

photo 41-DSC_6847

There are slippers in the seat in front

photo 42-DSC_6848

Orange juice and oshibori are offered immediately after boarding

photo 43-DSC_6849

Nice pitch.

photo 44-DSC_6850

As my neighbor is a nasty Russian who didn't let me use the armrest and leaves his pillow on it I will simply ask the FA if it's possible to seat somewhere else for both of us to have more space, I say.
I'll get the 4K with no neighbor. Yipee!

photo 45-DSC_6851

Some more plane spotting before leaving PEK.
CZ 380

photo 46-DSC_6852

AF 77W, not very clean, huh?

photo 47-DSC_6854

Good bye, cloudy China

photo 48-DSC_6855photo 49-DSC_6856

God, it's better here in the skies

photo 50-DSC_6858

There are four rows of J in this A321

photo 51-DSC_6860

Beautiful skyscapes

photo 52-DSC_6861photo 53-DSC_6862photo 54-DSC_6864

Menus are distributed, and WOW, it is like a real restaurant with FOUR mains and two menus on this three-hour flight !

I will order the Chinese course. As there are Japanese stickers on my computer, the FA will speak to me automatically in Japanese. A very good point.
Let's start with some nuts

photo 60-DSC_6872


photo 61-DSC_6874

Business class is probably my favorite restaurant in the world!
The sun is already off for today

photo 59-DSC_6870photo 62-DSC_6875photo 63-DSC_6876

A pic of my tray. Everything is on it (appetizer and entrée) but they are brought separately for those who ordered the western course.

photo 64-DSC_6877

Chinese salad : Spicy Mountain Jelly Veggies

photo 65-DSC_6878

Hot and spicy beef

photo 66-DSC_6879

The Guizhou Chicken

photo 67-DSC_6880

Garlic Bread

photo 68-DSC_6881

Dessert time ; some fresh fruits (alright) and an Opera Cake (I didn't recognize the taste of chocolate!)

photo 69-DSC_6882photo 70-DSC_6883photo 71-DSC_6884

See you tomorrow, sun

photo 72-DSC_6885

CA offers an extensive menu with seven different kind of teas

photo 74-DSC_6886

Immigration forms are distributed, but sadly enough no stamps anymore in Hong Kong :(

photo 74-DSC_6887

A pic of my seat

photo 75-DSC_6888

the control panel : the recline is enough for a three-hour daytime flight.

photo 76-DSC_6889

Special products are offered to J class passengers.

photo 77-DSC_6890photo 78-DSC_6891


photo 81-DSC_6894

There was this magazine in the seat pocket. But seriously what's the point of talking about something happening on Facebook (I guess) if Facebook is prohibited in China?

photo 82-DSC_6895

Bad quality headphones

photo 83-DSC_6896

We landed 20 mins late. My camera is fed up with the moon, so it doesn't take nice photos at night. Sorry about that.
We'll park next to this Cebu Pacific with sharklets for KL651

photo 84-DSC_6897photo 85-DSC_6898

Bye bye Air China, it was a pleasure to try out your Business class!

photo 86-DSC_6899

We arrived in another terminal which I didn't notice. Immigration isn't right there, a bus will drive us to the main terminal.

photo 87-DSC_6901photo 88-DSC_6902

Cebu Pacific FAs are also taking the same path

photo 89-DSC_6903

The ride will be fast and I'll be handing my passport to the officer less than 40 minutes after deplane. No stamps anymore. I hope the new Hong Kong immigration system won't inspire other countries. Macau also caught stampophobia. This is sad, really sad. As my English teacher would say, a staple is not poetic enough!

photo 90-DSC_6904

My hotel is not far away. I will have to call the free shuttle going there for a short ride. Happy to be in Hong Kong, even without stamps!

Thanks for reading!
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Air China

Cabin crew8.5

Air China First And Business Class Lounge - 2


Beijing - PEK


Hong Kong - HKG



This was a good experience with Air China. Flight was a bit delayed but the private bus for Elites is an excellent idea - although it would have been great to park at the main terminal at HKG to avoid losing 20 minutes. These recliner seats are alright for a 3 hours daytime flight. FAs were doing their job right and the fact that they spoke to me in Japanese deserves some extra points. Food offering was great, but its quality can be improved. See you!

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La compagnie qui obtient la meilleure moyenne est Cathay Pacific avec 8.4/10.

La durée moyenne des vols est de 3 heures et 37 minutes.

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  • Comment 89475 by
    offcm 957 Comments
    thx for this FR Kristof. You're very hard with the lounge. i love the concept of sleeping room: this is a highlight of the place. For the fight... the product is correct, especially the food. the seat have one aspect a little retro
  • Comment 89478 by
    lagentsecret 12308 Comments
    Thanks for sharing this FR

    At least you have stamped in PEK without issue :-P

    Lounge's food doesn't look yummy

    Nice sleeping roms, sorry rooms

    The seats are old and the cabin is worn

    No wine list ?

    A lot of choices but it doesn't seem really tasty
  • Comment 89485 by
    FriendlySkies 4 Comments
    Nice report! Curious to see the AA logo on the CA lounge-- they use the CX/DragonAir lounge at PEK.

  • Comment 89508 by
    indianocean SILVER 7358 Comments
    The private bus for premium passengers is quite common in chinese airports. I like that!
    Nice report!
  • Comment 89509 by
    pititom GOLD 11335 Comments
    Nice offering in the lounge but I am not surprised the sushis didn't taste right : they don't even look right with this square shape ^^

    Russian's savoir comment :)

    Nice to have 4 dishes on the menu, but I just don't get what they wanted to explain for the Ghinzou Chicken ! The platter looks Korean to me (in term of presentation and vegetable selection). The Opera looks too industrial.

    A good averall flight, if it was fairly priced, because it can be improved !

    Thanks for this FR.
  • Comment 89527 by
    Papoumada GOLD 6982 Comments
    This report is interesting all along.

    Nice pictures of CA lounge : it looks quite posh !

    The sleeping zone is a very good idea.

    The menu list makes you feel hungry but the food served looks common. Was it tasty?

    Thank you for sharing.
  • Comment 89543 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 6188 Comments
    Great report! From the pictures the lounge looks pretty nice. I find that sleeping areas like this are rare and a big plus when it comes to a lounge experience (if you have a long layover). The seats are decent for a 3 hour flight and the pitch is definitely better than on domestic US flights. The catering is, of course, very good...something we would never see here in the US, LOL. Bye y'all LOL
  • Comment 89570 by
    A380B77W 4296 Comments
    Thanks for this good FR ;)

    The pictures are beautiful O_O !

    Good spotting at PEK !
  • Comment 89644 by
    Leadership TEAM BRONZE 5391 Comments
    Thank you Kristof for this FR, nice pictures once again.

    FAILLLLL for your stamps XD

    Lounge is pretty decent, nice choice of dishes, do you mind giving us more information of the wine list?

    Cabin is standard but comfortable enough for a 3h flight.

  • Comment 89908 by
    marathon 9875 Comments
    I have had a PAXbus a number of times in PEK too.
    Yes, Japanese passport holders can enter Mainland China 14 days without a visa... but their nationality is the only one forbidden to enter Tibet, with or without a visa.
    The Great Firewall is parameterized at provincial level. Flight-Report is usually blocked in Beijing, but I have had access to it in Shanghai.
    A small compact camera is a valuable an asset in China - I took many pictures I should not have.
    Funny that the controls of the seat in the aircraft are labelled in English only (no, the drawings are not Chinese ideograms, lol).
    Thanks for this first report of Air China's business class !
  • Comment 89917 by
    GASQKL 23 Comments
    Thanks for this report. I like the menu which is quite extensive. It is interesting that there is a Japanese speaking crew on board this internal China hop.
  • Comment 89918 by
    Durian 1170 Comments
    THanks for this report! Lounge is large but deco is tacky ! Impressive food choice for such a short flight !
  • Comment 93433 by
    Flysim 517 Comments
    Thanks for sharing !

    I'm pleasantly surprised of the product offers Air China on this flight which seem to be quite good.

    Nice pictures as always ;)

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