Review of Heli Air Monaco flight Nice Monaco in Business

Airline Heli Air Monaco
Flight YO1735
Class Business
Seat 1
Flight time 00:07
Take-off 23 Sep 20, 17:35
Arrival at 23 Sep 20, 17:42
YO 3 reviews
By GOLD 584
Published on 1st December 2020

After a nice EasyJet flight, we are now heading to Monaco with Heli Air Monaco

Their staff waits for us at the bagage claim.

photo img_6550_resultat

They take care about the bags and transfers us to their desk located in the arrivals hall:

photo img_6551_resultatphoto img_6552_resultat

The luggages and the hand bags are tagged to MCM:

photo img_6554_resultat

A COVID-form for Monaco needs to be filled out:

photo img_6553_resultat-78257

airside transfer

The key word here is efficiency. Everything is done to have the transfer as quick and fast as possible. We got our bags at 05:10 and at 05:15 we completed the check in and are already waiting at a dedicated security desk only for helicopter passengers:

photo img_6555_resultat

Cabin and checked luggage go through X rays but as a passenger, you don't need to take care about that. The handling agents put everything on the belt for you. Quite impressive.

Vans are waiting the passengers to transfer them to their helicopter. Here Monacair:

photo img_6556_resultat

This one is for us, a bit less luxurious but we didn't really care:

photo img_6557_resultat

Inside the van:

photo img_6558_resultat

The transfer is airside and on the tarmac:

photo img_6559_resultat

We drove next to the EasyJet A320:

photo img_6560_resultat

Then under the runways:

photo img_6561_resultatphoto img_6562_resultat


photo img_6563_resultat

The van driver coordinates his arrival with the helicpter arrival via radio as we arrive to the field:

photo img_6564_resultat

Not for us:

photo img_6568_resultat

Ours is about to arrive:

photo img_6565_resultatphoto img_6566_resultat

The airport terminal:

photo img_6567_resultat


photo img_6571_resultat

During COVID, all flights are operated as full charter, meaning you got one helicopter for yourself or your party. No strangers aboard. That comes to a cost, since you can't just pay for a ticket but you rather book the whole aircraft. However, the prices went fairly low and we got a good deal for both of us at around 400€ total. Still expensive but ways cheaper than the regular price which is between 590€ and 800€

the flight

The pilote gives a quick briefing, while the luggages are loaded.

photo img_6572_resultat

Safety card:

photo img_6575_resultat

And off we go:

photo img_6576_resultatphoto img_6578_resultat


photo img_6581_resultatphoto img_6582_resultatphoto img_6583_resultat

Heading towards Monaco:

photo img_6584_resultatphoto img_6585_resultatphoto img_6587_resultat

It is so beautiful, a once in a liftetime experience!

photo img_6589_resultatphoto img_6590_resultatphoto img_6591_resultat

St Jean Cap Ferrat:

photo img_6592_resultat


photo img_6593_resultatphoto img_6594_resultatphoto img_6595_resultat

Cap d'Ail:

photo img_6597_resultatphoto img_6598_resultat

The heliport:

photo img_6599_resultatphoto img_6600_resultat

Almost there:

photo img_6602_resultat

The flight took only 7 minutes and the staff takes already care about our belongings:

photo img_6603_resultatphoto img_6605_resultat

This way out:

photo img_6604_resultat

Our bird left almost immediately back to Nice.

photo img_6606_resultat

Welcome to Monaco!

photo img_6608_resultat

monaco heliport

We had to clear police control and hand over our COVID forms, all done in less than two minutes.

This is inside the small terminal building:

photo img_6609_resultatphoto img_6610_resultatphoto img_6611_resultat

Outside, another van awaits us to drive us to our hotel:

photo img_6612_resultatphoto img_6613_resultat

The terminal from outside:

photo img_6614_resultat

We landed in Nice at 04H55, cleared security in NCE for the helicopter at 05:15, took off at 05:25 and it is now 05:40. 45' minutes in total. That is really impressive!

photo img_6616_resultat

We entered our hotel room exactly 60' after the aircraft landed in NCE. Amazing.

photo img_6621_resultatphoto img_6622_resultat
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Heli Air Monaco

Cabin crew10.0

Nice - NCE


Monaco - MCM



It isn't easy to evaluate this flight. There is no catering nor entertainement, the major word being speed. It was a one off experience that I really liked.

NCE and MCM were perfect, nothing to complain about, we breezed through both places.

Thank you for reading!x" :)



  • Comment 567786 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 5513 Comments

    Wow, what a cool experience and something really different! I've always wondered about this scheduled service as I've worked with Heli Air Monaco people in the past (very nice folks) and have always wanted to try these flights myself. There aren't that many scheduled passenger Helicopter flights in the world, most being charter/sightseeing, and this one is a bit of a mix of both with such beautiful views throughout the flight!

    Thanks for sharing this unique experience!

  • Comment 567803 by
    TonTonChristian SILVER 484 Comments

    Hi and thank you for this amazing FR !

  • Comment 567884 by
    lefrid 40 Comments

    Hi Esteban,
    Back in 2004 I used to take this flight on a weekly basis and I must admit that the helicopter was, door to door, a tad quicker than the taxi but not by much. We bought 100 tickets in one shot and the price was lower than the taxi for one person. Obviously for avgeeks, the flight is far superior. No question asked. So I fully understand your choice here to travel in-style. Unfortunately you were not alone, otherwise you could have asked a special take-off...
    Nice view from the Méridien

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