Review of easyJet flight Nice Mulhouse / Bâle in Economy

Airline easyJet
Flight DS1002
Class Economy
Seat 12F
Aircraft Airbus A320
Flight time 01:10
Take-off 01 Oct 20, 12:35
Arrival at 01 Oct 20, 13:45
U2   #6 out of 9 Low-cost airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 623 reviews
By GOLD 208
Published on 1st December 2020

This is the last part of that routing:

nce landside

We left from Terminal 2, the other terminal being closed for the time being:

photo img_6874_resultatphoto img_6879_resultat

Check in was done in a matter of minutes with a friendly agent that prints our boarding passes. It was impossible to get them online.

photo img_6876_resultat

Also here the departure screen doesn't look very full:

photo img_6875_resultat

The Monop' shop is closed:

photo img_6877_resultat

Relay is open though:

photo img_6878_resultat

This part of the terminal is really quiet:

photo img_6880_resultat

A bit more people where Air France is located:

photo img_6881_resultatphoto img_6882_resultat

To access the security checks you need to self scan our BP:

photo img_6883_resultat


To get airside, you first have to go through the duty free:

photo img_6884_resultatphoto img_6885_resultat


photo img_6886_resultat

10 masks for 6.9€ is pretty expensive:

photo img_6887_resultat

We went to the lounge since I still have two accesses left on my Priority Pass.

photo img_6888_resultat

infinity lounge nce

The lounge is almost empty:

photo img_6889_resultatphoto img_6890_resultatphoto img_6892_resultat

Playing is not allowed due to COVID:

photo img_6893_resultat

It wasn't possible to take pictures from the food offering since it is no more self service and everything is being prepared by someone, à la carte.

photo img_6891_resultat

I went only for a coffee:

photo img_6894_resultat

A real Boarding Pass:

photo img_6895_resultat-10383

the flight

Close to boarding time we went to the boarding lounge.

photo img_6896_resultat

This way:

photo img_6897_resultatphoto img_6898_resultat

Gate A01 today:

photo img_6899_resultat

Boarding started shortly after:

photo img_6900_resultat

As soon as the passengers begin to deplane, the boarding is launched:

photo img_6901_resultatphoto img_6902_resultatphoto img_6903_resultat

SAS is also there:

photo img_6904_resultatphoto img_6905_resultat

EasyJet Europe:

photo img_6906_resultat

And our plane:

photo img_6907_resultat

The door:

photo img_6908_resultat

Skytrax award:

photo img_6909_resultat

As usual a very nice welcome on board and, as usual again, I go straight to "my" 12F:

photo img_6910_resultatphoto img_6911_resultat

Here it is:

photo img_6912_resultatphoto img_6913_resultat

Rear view:

photo img_6914_resultat

Side view:

photo img_6915_resultat

Nice seat pitch:

photo img_6916_resultatphoto img_6917_resultat

Our neighbour:

photo img_6918_resultat

Our wingtip:

photo img_6919_resultat

The A320neo SAS again:

photo img_6920_resultat

V7 - 319:

photo img_6921_resultat

Air France:

photo img_6922_resultat

A319 / 321

photo img_6923_resultat

Challenger 300:

photo img_6924_resultat

Bombardier Global 6000:

photo img_6925_resultat

 Embraer Lineage 1000:

photo img_6927_resultat

BBJ 737-700:

photo img_6928_resultat

And wait, what's that?

photo img_6931_resultat

Macron One :)

photo img_6933_resultatphoto img_6934_resultatphoto img_6937_resultat

Did you know that this A330-200 belonged to Swissair, then to Swiss (HB-IQB) and then to Air Caraibes (F-OPTP) and that it is 22 years old?

photo img_6938_resultat

Taking off:

photo img_6939_resultatphoto img_6940_resultatphoto img_6941_resultat

Saint Laurent du Var:

photo img_6942_resultatphoto img_6944_resultatphoto img_6945_resultat

The wingtip again:

photo img_6947_resultat

Some nice views:

photo img_6951_resultatphoto img_6954_resultat

The airport:

photo img_6955_resultatphoto img_6958_resultatphoto img_6962_resultat

We took some pringles with water and coffee:

photo img_6965_resultat

The rest of the flight was uneventful and soon enough we start our descent:

photo img_6966_resultat

The weather isn't that nice at home :(

photo img_6968_resultatphoto img_6970_resultatphoto img_6971_resultat

Almost there:

photo img_6973_resultat


photo img_6974_resultatphoto img_6975_resultatphoto img_6976_resultat

The cargo works pretty well:

photo img_6977_resultatphoto img_6978_resultatphoto img_6981_resultat

For EasyJet it is not really the same, we were only 30 passengers on board and the other Airbus on this picture did not fly that day:

photo img_6983_resultat

Those also:

photo img_6985_resultat

We parked closed to the terminal:

photo img_6984_resultat

And our luggages arrived in a matter of minutes.

photo img_6986_resultat
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Cabin crew9.0
Buy-on-board menu6.0

The Infinity Lounge - 2


Nice - NCE


Mulhouse / Bâle - EAP



Another nice flight with EasyJet, nothing much to say, the flight does the job!

Thank you very much for reading!

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