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Airline Delta Air Lines
Flight DL1543
Seat 2A
Aircraft Airbus A319
Flight time 04:00
Take-off 08 Jan 18, 21:10
Arrival at 09 Jan 18, 00:10
DL   #40 out of 85 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 780 reviews
By GOLD 612
Published on 9th December 2020


Welcome to the third part of this routing, heading to the North!

Sky Club Delta Terminal A - Seattle

After a nice week-end in Seattle, a bonus about the Museum of Flight at the end of this report, it is time to head to Alaska!

Check in was done in no time in the dedicated SP Zone in SEA:

photo dsc_0223

Nobody at TSA, we just breezed through it.

photo dsc_0224

Our flight was only leaving at 09PM and it was around 04:40 so we decided to head to the Delta lounge. At that time it was still possible to access it with day passes.

The welcome was nice and we went upstairs as it is usually much quieter there. It was, and it stayed like this for the duration of our stay.

photo dsc_0225

Looking down:

photo dsc_0244photo dsc_0245

Upstairs there is only snacking, the main buffet is downstairs:

photo dsc_0226photo dsc_0240

There are communal tables there and also workspaces:

photo dsc_0236

Let's have a look at the buffet, starting with breads:

photo dsc_0227

Clam showder and tomato soup:

photo dsc_0228photo dsc_0230

To go with the soups:

photo dsc_0231

Mushrooms gnocchis:

photo dsc_0229

Salad bar:

photo dsc_0233photo dsc_0234

Veggies, hummus and dips:

photo dsc_0232

Starbucks coffee:

photo dsc_0235

Softs are available self service, hard drinks at the bar and there is a premium selection to be paid for also. My first selection:

photo dsc_0241photo dsc_0242

My mother's:

photo dsc_0243

Everything was tasty and good, it wasn't "haute gastronomie" but for an airport lounge it was more than adequate. I also like the fact that they used real plates and cutlery.

There were plenty of staff to make sure the tables were cleaned. They also offered the daily specials consisting of a vodka plus banana liquor cocktail and also a dessert with, again, bananas and cookies.

photo dsc_0246

Was also pretty nice.

A bit of spotting in the meantime with this Delta 737-900ER and a Southwest 737-700:

photo dsc_0237photo dsc_0238

BA 772 to LHR:

photo dsc_0239

And our A319 that arrived on time from Chicago. Note the 318 registration for an A319 :)

photo dsc_0247photo dsc_0248


photo dsc_0250photo dsc_0251

The lavs were clean and modern in design:

photo dsc_0253photo dsc_0254

flight to fairbanks

We went to the gate shortly before boarding, here the upgrade screen:

photo dsc_0255

Standby screen:

photo dsc_0256

The boarding totems:

photo dsc_0257

Boarding was slightly delayed as we were waiting for people ex- JFK that had a 20 minutes delay.

The jetbridge:

photo dsc_0258

The plane was entirely retrofitted, who could tell that this plane is an old 17 years bird, that started with Northwest?

photo dsc_0259photo dsc_0260photo dsc_0261

Right view:

photo dsc_0262

My only concern was the recline that was really limited:

photo dsc_0263

The blanket was nice and warm but the pillow is the standard coach pillow one would find on a long haul flight:

photo dsc_0264

Water was already available:

photo dsc_0265

Power sockets:

photo dsc_0266

Safety card:

The screen is bigger than the one on the 767!

photo dsc_0271


photo dsc_0272

The seat pitch:

photo dsc_0273

The Delta Lounge:

photo dsc_0274photo dsc_0276photo dsc_0277

Welcome Bailey's for me and a sparkling water for my mum:

photo dsc_0275

I like the Delta app that allows you to track your bags. The AF app offers this also now, but two years later :)

photo dsc_0280photo dsc_0278

The design of the PSU is really nice:

photo dsc_0279

The pax ex- JFK arrived, we pushed back a bit after schedule:

photo dsc_0281

717 DL:

photo dsc_0282

The information about our flight:

photo dsc_0287photo dsc_0288

The geovision is great:

photo dsc_0289

The service started with a hot towel:

photo dsc_0290

And snacks:

photo dsc_0291

As we took of after 09, it was a light dinner that was served:

photo dsc_0295photo dsc_0296

It was good but I already had this dish on a HNL SLC flight the year before. Not a big deal though.

I saved the cookie for the coffee:

photo dsc_0297

A quick visit to the toilets:

photo dsc_0292photo dsc_0293

The flight is smooth, I will spend my time on the IFE, the selection is really great, lots of movies in french.

We landed 15 minutes ahead of schedule, happy to be back in Alaska!!

photo dsc_0300

Night shoot of the terminal building:

photo dsc_0298photo dsc_0301

The cabin crew makes a turnaround here while the pilots have a 24H layover. Sad for the cabin crew not being able to enjoy the Alaskan winter.

Fairbanks - FAI

We made our way to the arrival hall:

photo dsc_0302photo dsc_0303

Not that much activity in the middle of the night:

photo dsc_0304

We claimed our luggage quickly:

photo dsc_0305photo dsc_0306

And our 8 days vacation in Alaska could start!

BONUS : Museum of Flight

If your path takes you to Seattle, a visit to the Museum of Flight is a great idea. We spent most of our Sunday there.
When you enter, on your right there is the T.A Wilson Great Gallery with more than 50 planes on display, with this fwd part of and ex 737-200 US Airways:

photo dsc_0060photo dsc_0062

That is accessible:

photo dsc_0190photo dsc_0193

The cockpit:

photo dsc_0191photo dsc_0192

A lovelw Alaska DC3:

photo dsc_0194

Outside there are 763 awaiting their delivery to the US Air Force:

photo dsc_0195

And this beautiful Super Connie:

photo dsc_0196

But the best is the Aviation Pavillion, the other side of the road that you can reach via this bridge:

photo dsc_0063photo dsc_0064

Boeing 247D:

photo dsc_0067

We started with the most beautiful plane in the world, Concorde:

photo dsc_0065photo dsc_0072

The cabin:

photo dsc_0075


photo dsc_0079photo dsc_0080

Fuselage shoot:

photo dsc_0085

Boeing VC- 173B "Air Force One" :

photo dsc_0068photo dsc_0094

The galley:

photo dsc_0100

Flight Attendant pannel:

photo dsc_0101

Secretary's office:

photo dsc_0103

Briefing room:

photo dsc_0104

Presidential desk:

photo dsc_0106

Presidential lavs:

photo dsc_0111

Valet station:

photo dsc_0114


photo dsc_0118

The cockpit:

photo dsc_0119photo dsc_0120

Fuselage shoot:

photo dsc_0122


photo dsc_0124

727-022 United:

photo dsc_0132

FA Pannel:

photo dsc_0133

The cabin:

photo dsc_0134

Flight Deck:

photo dsc_0137photo dsc_0138

The very first B747, RA-001, City of Everett:

photo dsc_0143

Inside it clearly shows it was a prototype:

photo dsc_0144photo dsc_0146

The ballasts, to be able to move the gravity center:

photo dsc_0147

It was also used as prototype for air tanker, this is the officer in charge of the refuelling station:

photo dsc_0149

Rear to front view:

photo dsc_0152

The airlines that ordered the 747 at that time:

photo dsc_0157

The first 737 build, a 737-100 that was used by the NASA:

photo dsc_0155photo dsc_0156

The third 787 prototype, that is perfectly working and only here "on rent" :)

photo dsc_0163

Cabin and cockpit:

photo dsc_0169photo dsc_0170photo dsc_0172

And to finish, a series of iconic aircraft doors, for those who like them :)
Starting with Concorde:

photo dsc_0071photo dsc_0084

From the inside:

photo dsc_0076

707 Air Force One:

photo dsc_0096photo dsc_0098

The four holes on the door were used to install the presidential seal when he was aboard:

photo dsc_0121


photo dsc_0131


photo dsc_0181


photo dsc_0165photo dsc_0167

We really loved that museum, there are so many things to do there, a visit is a must.

I hope you enjoyed this report as much as I enjoyed sharing it!

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A very nice and enjoyable flight to FAI with DL, if all domestic flights could be like this, I'll be more than happy.

As usual a big thank you for reading!

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