Review of Delta Air Lines flight Fairbanks Seattle in Domestic First

Airline Delta Air Lines
Flight DL760
Seat 02A
Aircraft Airbus A319
Flight time 04:00
Take-off 16 Jan 18, 01:30
Arrival at 16 Jan 18, 06:30
DL   #28 out of 71 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 687 reviews
By GOLD 414
Published on 9th December 2020

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Fairbanks International Airport

After a wonderful stay in Alaska, it is already time to head to new horizon. A bonus (and another on the next report) is available at the end of this FR.

I always and will always, liked Fairbanks airport:

photo dsc_0596

The use of the woods makes it looking very warm and inviting:

photo dsc_0599

Parking is in front of the building:

photo dsc_0597

We were alone at the check in, it was done in no time.
The check in area:

photo dsc_0589photo dsc_0592

And the regional airlines zone:

photo dsc_0590photo dsc_0591

Those airlines are exempt from TSA screening, passengers can just go to the boarding gate:

photo dsc_0593photo dsc_0595

Evening FIDS:

photo dsc_0594

TSA was super quick and here we are airside:

photo dsc_0601photo dsc_0602

Our A319 already arrived:

photo dsc_0603photo dsc_0604photo dsc_0607

This is the international departure / arrival zone with the charter flights ex Japan and the regular fligths from Germany or Canada in the summer:

photo dsc_0606

Information screens are available throughout the terminal:

photo dsc_0605photo dsc_0608

Alaska special livery:

photo dsc_0609photo dsc_0611

The other side:

photo dsc_0612photo dsc_0613

There is also a store for last minute gifts or snacks but it is on the expensive side:

photo dsc_0614

This 738 arrived and will go to ANC:

photo dsc_0616

Boarding started on time, back to the A319 lovely cabin:

photo dsc_0617photo dsc_0618photo dsc_0619

The bulkhead seats don't have a great legroom and the screen is located on the wall:

photo dsc_0620


photo dsc_0621

The strange thing is that it is the same cabine and type of plane as on the inbound, but those seats recline much farther:

photo dsc_0626photo dsc_0627

Power sockets:

photo dsc_0625

The seat pitch is good:

photo dsc_0628

Baileys to start with:

photo dsc_0629photo dsc_0630

The blanket isn't the one that is provided in Domestic First but still ok:

photo dsc_0622

We pushed back on time but we needed to de-ice and we have head wind, making the flight a bit longer, meaning a bit of a delay on arrival. no worries for us since we have 02H30 connexion time in Seattle.

Leaving beautiful Alaska:

photo dsc_0631photo dsc_0632

By that time I hoped to be back latest by 2019, that year I couldn't travel to Alaska as I used all my vacation to go twice to South America, I booked it to 2020. And in 2020, you know what… I hope to be back in 2021 since I really miss that state.

photo dsc_0633

Everts Air DC4:

photo dsc_0634


photo dsc_0635


photo dsc_0636photo dsc_0637

Flight information:

photo dsc_0639

in flight

Shortly after take off, there was a beautiful aurora outside but the flight deck didn't mention anything. As the cabin was pretty bright, the passenger on the first row stood up to ask the lights to be turned off or dimmed for the people to enjoy the show but the crew declined. I believed that they were starting preparation for the meal service. Sad.

I tried to snap some picture hidden under a blanket but it wasn't an easy task.

photo dsc_0642photo dsc_0646

There will be more and better  pictures at the end of the report :)

photo dsc_0649

Service starts with a luke warm towel:

photo dsc_0653

Choices were either egg quiche or hot oatmeal with fruits, my mother took the latter:

photo dsc_0658

The egg dish:

photo dsc_0659photo dsc_0660

With the cutlery:

photo dsc_0661

Both breakfasts were really nice, the hot dishes were good and filling, fruits were fresh and the bagel slightly toasted.
I then watched a movie until we landed in Seattle under the rain:

photo dsc_0667photo dsc_0668

The flight path:

photo dsc_0669

Hawaiian for HNL and OGG :

photo dsc_0670

767-300ER OMNI International:

photo dsc_0672

We landed 20 minutes late:

photo dsc_0674

northern lights

To be able to spot the aurora, there are a few requisites:

- Be at night
- As much moonlight as possible, if the activity is low and the moonlight high, you will barely see anything
- A clear sky
- And of course, solar activity, since the show comes from solar activity

And the last is … luck. You can see something here and nothing 10 miles away. Out of 4 nights of observation, we had luck one night and boy, that night, we really had luck. The activity forecast was low but never really trust the forecast.

It was 2 out of 9 (1-2 being low, 3-4 moderate, 5-6 active and so on.) Most of the people think the higher the number the higher the chances but not really. This website will explain it much better than I:

This is way we saw that night at the start:

photo dsc_0362

It was the first time in 5 years that I saw red in the aurora. The most common color is green then yellow, followed by red. Rarely seen are purple and blue. You can see some red in the pictures above the green:

photo dsc_0471photo dsc_0474

The the activity lowered a bit:

photo dsc_0420

Just to start stronger:

photo dsc_0445photo dsc_0446

It was such a show!

photo dsc_0462photo dsc_0463

The lights were dancing in the sky:

photo dsc_0458photo dsc_0460

It was a magical moment:

photo dsc_0447photo dsc_0452

And it lasted, lasted and lasted :) The whole show took more than three hours. It was around minus -30F outside, no need to say that we had the adequate clothing and had the possibility to head back to a heated room if needed. I thing during the 3H we went into the room for maybe three times 5 minutes :)

photo dsc_0454photo dsc_0455photo dsc_0464

It is just amazing:

photo dsc_0477photo dsc_0478

And two last pictures to finish with:

photo dsc_0483photo dsc_0494
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Delta Air Lines

Cabin crew7.0

Fairbanks - FAI


Seattle - SEA



It was a nice flight, a bit sad that the crew didn't highlight the northernlights but that's the way it is.

FAI was top notch but I found the toilets in SEA not really clean.

As usual a big thank you for reading, if you need tips around Alaska and the Northern Lights, please don't hesitate to contact me.

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