Review of Delta Air Lines flight New York Tampa in Domestic First

Airline Delta Air Lines
Flight DL2593
Seat 02A
Aircraft Boeing 717-200
Flight time 02:50
Take-off 03 May 18, 11:25
Arrival at 03 May 18, 14:15
DL   #28 out of 72 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 687 reviews
By GOLD 414
Published on 16th December 2020

A look at the routing until now:

Delta Sky Lounge Terminal 2 JFK

Once arrived at the T2 we went to the lounge that has just went through refurbishment.  That part of the terminal was quiet:

photo dsc_0654photo dsc_0656

A 717:

photo dsc_0655

The lounge is this way:

photo dsc_0657

A view from upstairs:

photo dsc_0658

Here we are:

photo dsc_0659

The lounge is almost empty apart from a woman seating in a corner.
A tour of the lounge:

photo dsc_0660

Starbucks coffee:

photo dsc_0661


photo dsc_0662


photo dsc_0664

Bagels and danish:

photo dsc_0663

Cream cheese, eggs and fruits:

photo dsc_0665


photo dsc_0666

Cereals and toppings:

photo dsc_0667

More fruits and cottage cheese:

photo dsc_0668

Diary and oatmeal:

photo dsc_0669photo dsc_0670

I was more than pleased with this extensive breakfast offer.

My selection:

photo dsc_0679

A tour of the lounge which is huge:

photo dsc_0671photo dsc_0672photo dsc_0673

You see, empty!

The bar, the premium liquors are to be paid but basics like wine, beer, vodka or baileys are free:

photo dsc_0678

A view from our seats:

photo dsc_0680photo dsc_0681

our flight

A few minutes before boarding we went to the gate:

photo dsc_0682photo dsc_0684

The service door:

photo dsc_0686

Boarding started on time with priorities first , as usual:

photo dsc_0689

The first class cabin:

photo dsc_0690photo dsc_0691

The seat pitch:

photo dsc_0692

Water bottles:

photo dsc_0693

Safety card:

A welcome drinks is offered, my brother goes for a coffee while I go for an apple juice:

photo dsc_0698

On time push back:

photo dsc_0699photo dsc_0700

ERJ 145 AA:

photo dsc_0701

A380 Asiana:

photo dsc_0703

The queen of the skies:

photo dsc_0702photo dsc_0704photo dsc_0705

A340-600 SA:

photo dsc_0706photo dsc_0707photo dsc_0708

380 QR and then EK:

photo dsc_0710photo dsc_0711

777 China Southern:

photo dsc_0713photo dsc_0714

A320 Jet Blue:

photo dsc_0715

Then it is our turn to take off:

photo dsc_0716

Goodbye JFK:

photo dsc_0717photo dsc_0718photo dsc_0719

Two windows for me:

photo dsc_0720photo dsc_0721

Philadelphia and PHL:

photo dsc_0724photo dsc_0725photo dsc_0726


photo dsc_0727

A global view:

photo dsc_0728photo dsc_0730

The service starts with another apple juice for me and a ginger ale for my brother:

photo dsc_0731photo dsc_0732

No more alcool since I have a car to drive.

Choice for the lunch is either chicken salad or pulled chicken sliders, together with a coleslaw and a cookie.

photo dsc_0733photo dsc_0734

It really looked horrible but wasn't that bad at the end. The salad and the cookie were good though.

photo dsc_0735photo dsc_0736

A snack basket is also available:

photo dsc_0737

Arriving in Florida:

photo dsc_0738photo dsc_0739

That swimming pool is huge:

photo dsc_0740

Still on descent:

photo dsc_0741photo dsc_0742

And then St Petersburg with the Tropicana Field, the reason for our visit. The Tampa Bay Rays are playing there and we follow them since a couple of years. This trip is our 4th one to see them play.

photo dsc_0743photo dsc_0744

Over the bay:

photo dsc_0746photo dsc_0749


photo dsc_0750photo dsc_0751

Almost there:

photo dsc_0752

And landed:

photo dsc_0753photo dsc_0754

Two MD90 are at gate:

photo dsc_0755photo dsc_0756

I always loved that plane. Sad it is now history, no more operators are flying them, DL was the last one:

photo dsc_0757photo dsc_0758photo dsc_0760

As we were leaving the plane, the crew thanked us on behalf of this TPA based crew. I learnt that day that DL has a crew base in TPA. I believe it may be one of their smallest crew base.

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Delta Air Lines

Cabin crew8.0

Delta Air Lines Sky Club - 2


New York - JFK


Tampa - TPA



It was a nice flight but the catering is really nothing more than an average high-school meal. Horrible presentation, average taste.

No IFE aboard, but that's ok.

I was really thrilled by the lounge and our experience at both airports was top notch.

Thanks for reading!!



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