Review of Spanair flight Madrid Frankfurt in Business

Airline Spanair
Flight JX 117
Class Business
Seat 2D
Aircraft Airbus A320
Flight time 00:40
Take-off 09 Nov 09, 13:55
Arrival at 09 Nov 09, 14:35
JK 2 reviews
By 2411
Published on 15th October 2013
I took this trip back in 2009 when Spanair was still operating and had a lounge that was used by other *A members. I arrived at T2 and made my way to Spanair's tkt counter through a series of escalator and elevator rides. The J counter was manned by two ladies and the agent printed my boarding pass quickly. She showed me the location of the VIP lounge and wished me a good trip. Going through security was quick and soon I was on my way to the lounge.

My plane at the gate

photo Spanair Lounge @ MAD (2) (800x600)

JX's VIP lounge in MAD was located by gate D60 and about 800 m2. It was situated one floor up from the gates and one could access it through the stairs or the elevator on the other side. The room was pleasant with good views of the runway with its own rest rooms and internet terminals. It felt like a big open room with very few divided sections except for the computers in the back and the small eating area in between the two curving pantries. There is no hot food and only snacks - potato chips, cookies, olives, and small pastries. Juices are in pitchers and other beverages are located in the refrigerators. There was also two types of wines on the counters.


photo Spanair Lounge @ MAD (1) (800x578)



photo Spanair Lounge @ MAD (9) (800x606)photo Spanair Lounge @ MAD (10) (800x510)photo Spanair Lounge @ MAD (11) (800x422)

After checking my emails and raiding the pantry (I was bored to death, what can you do on a 4 hrs layover? ), I headed out to the gate about 40 minutes before dept. There were 2 agents at the counter and boarding started from rows 15-30. Gold and J psgrs were invited to board at their convenience - that usually means either be the first on line or wait until the herd has boarded and do it towards the end.

The purser was positioned at the door greeting psgrs and another one was in row 3 (last row of J). The seats are blue cloth and provided a relaxing ambiance. However, the pitch was really tight (31 or 78.74 cm is my guess) and the only good seats are the bulkheads in row 1. A pillow and blanket was in every seat and in J the middle seat is blocked. The FA's were truly professional and well groomed (as expected of foreign carriers). The one in row 3 was stunning and looked like Megan Fox. I had a bulky carry-on and did not seem to quite fit in the overhead and she took it and placed it in row 3 because it was empty. She then proceeded to secure it by wrapping the seat belt around the handle and told me with a smile to not worry about it.


photo JK MAD-FRA (2) (800x600)

Cold packaged towels were passed while we were sitting at the gate and pre-dept. drinks in glasses were offered. At first there was water, OJ and sparkling wine on the trays but psgs could order anything they wanted. Afterwards magazines and newspapers in Spanish, English and German were distributed. The only minor flaw is the lack of proactive coat hanging. Otherwise the crew was outstanding with a great attitude and professional demeanor.

After take off the purser took the drink orders and served two packages of peanuts w/dried fruits to each psgr. There was a hot meal but no choice. It was a steak entree with potatoes, a side salad with two chunks of cheese and a custard dessert. The steak was a bit bland but the quantity was very adequate. Furthermore, the FA passed around with the bread basket about 3 times. Glasses were refilled and refreshed everytime which was very nice.

photo JK MAD-FRA 2nd version (2) (800x550)photo JK MAD-FRA 2nd version (3) (800x570)


photo JK MAD-FRA (3) (800x411)photo JK MAD-FRA (6) (800x539)photo JK MAD-FRA (8) (800x530)

Arrival into FRA was on time on a rainy evening. We had to use the stair and bussed into the terminal which was a bit inconvenient. I then made my way to the Savoy hotel on S-banh and relaxed in the pool for a couple of hours before going to bed.

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Cabin crew9.5

Madrid - MAD


Frankfurt - FRA



I was glad that I had the opportunity to try Spanair before they liquidated. The service and meal that I received on this flight were very good and it is a shame that they are no longer around.

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  • Comment 90012 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 6105 Comments

    Thanks for sharing this, the first and only report on Spanair in Business on this site! The catering does indeed seem really good for a short flight in Euro-J

    • Comment 282625 by
      jetsetpanda AUTHOR 2294 Comments

      It was very good for an intra-Europe flight in my opinion. AF also had great catering and I have a set of pictures of their Y meals from CDG-MAD in 2001 (that was the year that I bought a camera and decided to record my inflight meals).

      It's always sad when an airline is no longer around. As an airline geek I get nostalgic but I am glad that I had the chance to experience a couple of these defunct carriers and keep the memories alive. I only wish that I had started taking pictures back then to record the experience. Some of the ones that I have flown before 2001 were Pan Am, Eastern, LACSA, Air Florida, Piedmont, Trump Air and Reno Air. After 2001 I have flown on Spanair, Sabena and Northwest and fortunately I have some records of those experiences.


  • Comment 90053 by
    lagentsecret 12308 Comments

    Thanks for sharing this FR

    Lounge is very basic and not confortable

    Catering doesn't look good to my eyes and the legroom is really too tight

    Pax bussing is one of the FRA's specialties

    • Comment 282682 by
      jetsetpanda AUTHOR 2294 Comments

      True, their VIP lounge was rather basic but I wouldn't call it uncomfortable. There were plenty of different seating areas and sofas were relaxing. The snacks on the other hand were limited and they could have offered something a bit more substantial like sandwiches or wraps.

      I did not have a choice of meals in J but the meal was not that bad. As a matter of fact I think the components were adequate and they gave a nice salad and dessert. The main meal could have looked fuller with a little bit more potatoes or vegetables.

      I think most short and medium long haul routes are bussed in FRA. I have never used a bus when traveling transatlantic on a widebody. Thkx.

  • Comment 90101 by
    KL651 TEAM 4527 Comments

    Thanks for this FR.
    With Spanair no longer existing, these reports are becoming historical pieces!
    Also, I think it's the first positive one I read about this airline.
    Such a shame there wasn't more legroom at the front of the plane.

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