Review of American Airlines flight Charlotte San Diego in Domestic First

Airline American Airlines
Flight AA1152
Seat 1C
Aircraft Airbus A321
Flight time 05:20
Take-off 20 Jan 21, 16:15
Arrival at 20 Jan 21, 18:35
AA   #50 out of 78 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 538 reviews
By SILVER 1647
Published on 4th July 2021


Hello and welcome to the final segment in this new series of Covid-era flight reviews. In the previous set of reviews, I covered my first flights since the beginning of the pandemic, which took me round-trip between France and Southern California to sign on a new home at the end of 2020. Those 4 American Airlines premium cabin reviews can be seen here.

In this series of flights we'll be flying back across the Atlantic from Toulouse TLS for our move back to the US. This review will cover the last leg of the series, a domestic US transcontinental flight between CLT and the final destination of SAN. This flight would be my first experience on a refurbished pre-merger US Airways A321 with the new "Oasis" interior.


We'd routed the transatlantic flight to New York as there were more options to NYC in those times of very reduced long-haul schedules, and we had family to visit up and down the East Coast after a year away in France. 

After a few days' road trip, the last flight in our move back to Southern California was booked from from Charlotte, NC. 

photo routing


The morning of the flight we drove up to Charlotte, NC from Charleston, SC. As it was only a 3-hour drive, I didn't find it worth the hassle, or extra price, to take a connecting itinerary originating in Charleston - CHS. In my pre-child days, the AvGeek in me would have been happy to take an extra flight, but these days flying with a toddler, the more direct, the better. 

photo img_1784photo img_1789

We arrived at CLT about 2.5 hours before departure to return the rental car. 

photo img_1791

check in & lounge

There was no wait at the totally empty Priority check-in section. A very friendly AA agent played a game of hide-and-seek with my son, who had a blast running around. 

photo img_1792-78366photo img_1793

Little did they know he's a veeeery fast runner for a (almost) 2-year-old! 🤣

photo img_1795-36320

We had a good laugh and I appreciated that all the running around helped to spend some of that abundant toddler energy prior to boarding!

Security was relatively quick given we all have TSA pre-check, though it's never super fast when flying with very young children as each milk/formula container has to be checked. Nevertheless, I'll take the pre-check experience over standard security any day as there's no need to remove shoes, belts, computers, liquids, etc.   

Coming out from the security checkpoint we arrive in the central Atrium. It's a large, open light-filled space with some shops and restaurants as well as a very Southern and unique feature of CLT, rocking chairs. 

photo img_1796photo img_1800

The atrium area was pleasantly uncrowded–so the little one was able to run around and tire himself out a bit more. This was in the pre-mass-vaccination days before domestic travel really rebounded. 

photo img_1799-96641photo img_1802-54558

As many of you know, Domestic First class tickets don't come with lounge access in the U.S. and AAdvantage Elite status only gives lounge access on international itineraries. Luckily we have Priority Pass and were able to get 1-hour free at the Minute Suites. 

I like the concept of Minute Suites when travelling as a family as it's private and much quieter than a lounge. Hanging out in airline lounges with a super energetic toddler isn't even remotely relaxing, so I appreciate transit  hotels and Minute Suites for the ability to have a little peace and privacy in airports.  

photo img_1803-56443

It wasn't only moving day for us that day!

photo img_1804


By the time our hour at the Minute Suites was up, it was time to head to the gate for boarding.

I'm sure CLT hasn't been this empty in months.  

photo img_1806

Arriving at the gate, we were surprisingly waved over to pre-board by the gate agent, without having to ask. A very nice gesture! After several inconsistent experiences with asking to pre-board with an infant in lap while flying AA Domestic First class, I'd stopped bothering to ask as it seemed I got a different answer every time since technically AA doesn't have an explicit policy for pre-boarding babies in First class, only in Economy. 

Although my son was still under 2-years-old at the time, I'd gotten him a seat on this flight, like on the previous flights, as he was getting too big to sit on my lap for hours. 

I knew that we'd be on an A321 with new cabins as there were 5 rows of First class on the seat-map–un-refurbished A321s only have 4 rows of First. 

photo img_1805

Walking onto the aircraft, the cabin certainly looked and felt brand new. 

photo img_1807photo img_1808

Having previously flown AA's A321neo in First, there was virtually no difference in the cabins. 

photo img_1809photo img_1810photo img_1813-97466

The refurbished "Oasis" A321s have the same Collins Aerospace MiQ seats as the A321neo, 737-800, and 737 MAX 8 fleets. This is also the same seat model used for long-haul Premium Economy on widebody jets. 

Each seat has power under the armrest. Seats in the bulkhead row have AC power only, while seats in other rows have USB ports as well. Having any kind of power source is a big improvement over the old A321 cabins. 

photo img_1811

Sanitising wipes were distributed during boarding. 

photo img_1815

It's no secret that AA's "Oasis" retrofit program was part of an overall cabin densification plan, which means there are more seats on planes with the new cabins and therefore some seat pitch was lost in each cabin–this is more pronounced on the 737s, however. 

That being said, though the first row has noticeably moved closer to the bulkhead wall, there are cutouts at foot level which allow legs to be fully extended. The cutout makes all the difference on a longer flight–I've often lamented the lack of legroom in the first row of Domestic First on many Delta jets, where the seats are too close to the wall with no cutouts for feet.  

photo img_1816photo img_1817photo img_1820

the flight

Boarding went quickly as the flight wasn't completely full and we pushed back a few minutes early. 

photo img_1825photo img_1826

At the time there were still lots of parked aircraft, which have since mostly been re-activated.

photo img_1828photo img_1829photo img_1831

Taxi time was short and we were off the ground in a few minutes.

photo img_1832

My son was content to play with his toys and watch cartoons for most of the flight. I know children in First/Business can be a controversial subject–luckily my toddler is used to flying and always well-behaved. 

photo img_1835-57650photo img_1844-80371

Meals were served about 45 minutes into the flight. Per the current pandemic-era service protocols, on longer non-premium domestic routes a fresh cold meal is served.

photo img_1836

The box was composed of fresh salad with goat cheese, crudités with humus, fruit, charcuteries, and a brownie. While certainly a downgrade from pre-pandemic hot-meals, it was an overall well-rounded offering for a cold meal with generous quantities. 

photo img_1838

Drink service was a choice of full bar–the only difference from pre-pandemic times was that the lack of real glasses. 

photo img_1839

As part of the cabin refurb programme, AA have been removing in-seat TVs from narrowbody aircraft that had them to offer a consistent product across, the domestic fleet. Though I much prefer seat-back entertainment, AA offer free streaming IFE to personal devices on all flights. 

photo img_1845photo img_1848

Wi-Fi is also available for a fee

photo img_1846photo img_1847

The streaming IFE content is quite good with basically the same films, series, and music available on widebody in-seat IFE. 

photo img_1849photo img_1850photo img_1851

At the time (January 2021), there were 2 Live TV channels available: Bloomberg TV and beIN Sports.

photo img_1856photo img_1857

Both live channels worked perfectly well.

photo img_1858photo img_1859

Unfortunately, it seems AA quietly eliminated the beIN sports channel in April 2021. 

photo img_1860

Flight attendants came through the cabin regularly throughout the flight to offer more drinks, and I was happy to oblige. 

photo img_1852

The 5h flight went by quickly and we arrived at the gate ahead of schedule. 

photo img_1861

Home Sweet Home!

photo img_1862photo img_1863
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American Airlines

Cabin crew8.5

Charlotte - CLT


San Diego - SAN



Over the last several years, I've made my opinion of project Oasis clear--I don't like it...for the 737s, anyway. I find it a shame that AA decided to rip out PTVs from domestic aircraft and squeeze in more seats in both cabins, reducing legroom. This downgrade of the product has mostly negatively impacted the 737-800 fleet. For the pre-merger US Airways A321 fleet, which never had PTVS or power, unlike the PMAA 737s, the Oasis cabins have actually been an upgrade with the addition of power and tablet/phone holders in both cabins.



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  • Comment 575672 by
    ChrisB GOLD 2436 Comments

    thanks for the detailed report Kevin!
    The AA hide n seek is really nice to see and cute - but simply human - moments in this never ending situation!
    I never had the chance to fly business on US domestic routes and your FR definitely did tickle my fancy!

    • Comment 575753 by
      KévinDC TEAM SILVER AUTHOR 6052 Comments

      Thanks for your comments Chris!

      The AA hide n seek is really nice to see and cute - but simply human - moments in this never ending situation!

      Moments like that make for good memories, which are sadly becoming rare in these stressful times of travelling in Covid times.

      I never had the chance to fly business on US domestic routes and your FR definitely did tickle my fancy!

      I personally prefer US Domestic First to Intra-European business class, if anything for the much more comfortable seat.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  • Comment 577583 by
    CounterSurprise 80 Comments

    Hi Kévin,

    Thanks for the detailed FR! Pandemic flying seems oddly strange with places previously buzzing with life now empty. I agree with your assessment of the new AA Domestic First. Still, it’s miles better than the “European business class” product KLM tries to sell.

    • Comment 580326 by
      KévinDC TEAM SILVER AUTHOR 6052 Comments

      Hi CounterSurprise,

      Thanks for your comments and sorry I missed it earlier! Yes, US Domestic First seats are definitely much better than Euro-biz blocked middle seats. The difference is especially appreciated on longer flights like this. Within Europe, I've done 4h+ flights in J and it starts to get uncomfortable. The one thing Euro carriers have over US carriers is generally better catering and drink selections.

      Thanks for stopping by!

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