Review of Austrian Airlines flight Frankfurt Innsbruck in Economy

Airline Austrian Airlines
Flight OS286
Class Economy
Seat 7F
Aircraft Embraer E-195
Flight time 01:00
Take-off 04 Jul 21, 13:30
Arrival at 04 Jul 21, 14:30
OS   #33 out of 66 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 259 reviews
By GOLD 406
Published on 12th May 2022


Hi everyone, and welcome to the final installment of this short series! In this report, I'll be taking you along on my very last Austrian Airlines flight from Frankfurt to Innsbruck. I've flown FRA-INN once before on my beloved Dash 8, though Austrian hadn't flown any Dashes to Frankfurt since before Covid. Prior to the pandemic, the INN-FRA-INN rotation was operated up to 5 times a day, I believe. However, the route had been on hiatus since March 2020. Finally, 6 days prior to this flight, Austrian brought back the rotation, albeit not every day. I flew this flight on the 3rd rotation of Austrian's INN-FRA-INN return. Unfortunately, their return to the route didn't last, and on October 30th, 2021, Austrian operated their very last INN-FRA-INN rotation. For about 6 months, the route was once again cancelled. Finally, 10 days ago, on May 2nd, the route returned, but this time operated daily by Air Dolomiti. While I do hope to fly them on this route in the future sometime, I hope you'll enjoy this journey on my last OS FRA-INN flight with me! πŸ˜ƒ

trip information

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photo screen-shot-2022-05-07-at-131457

I booked these flights as two different itineraries with miles, as my dates were inflexible and prices weren't good for those dates. Both itineraries, VIE-SOF and SOF-INN cost 8k United miles to book.

transiting at frankfurt airport

My flight from Sofia arrived at a remote stand, which meant a bus ride to the terminal. That's never a problem for AvGeeks like us, though, since we get to be up close and personal with cool airplanes 😁✈️

Passing a Lufthansa A330-300 resting after a flight from JFK before heading to Orlando later in the day…

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-20-um-154101

…another A330-300 (since transferred to Eurowings Discover) resting after a flight from Abuja before its next assignment to Dammam and Bahrain…

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-20-um-154111

…and an A320neo from Tallinn and off to Madrid.

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-20-um-154120

The transit procedure itself was super easy, and after the bus ride I headed up to the non-Schengen gates. My uncle was transiting from Bangkok to Newark, so I was fortunate to be able to meet up with him and his family airside for a few hours.

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-20-um-154145

After his longhaul from Bangkok and my early start, pizza seemed like a logical meal choice for 9 AM πŸ˜‰

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-20-um-154214

After a couple of hours of catching up, I headed downstairs to the Schengen A pier to wait for my flight.

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-20-um-154245-67334photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-20-um-154253

A look at the day's departures.

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-20-um-154352

There was a bit of a line to head downstairs, but it moved along quickly.

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-20-um-154400

frankfurt airport (fra)

Passport control was also a breeze, and before I knew it, I was at the A Gates.

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-20-um-154408photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-20-um-154417photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-20-um-154425

Since I still had a sufficient amount of time to kill, I roamed around the terminal for a bit.

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-20-um-154442photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-20-um-154455

I ended up sitting at a charging station…

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-20-um-154515

…with a great view of a 747-8i prepping for its flight to Mexico City!

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-20-um-154504

After topping up my phone's juice, I slowly started to make my way to my gate, and planespotting along the way. Here's a Lufthansa A340-300 preparing to depart to Mumbai.

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-20-um-154539

My heart skipped a beat as I saw a United aircraft for the first time since the pandemic began πŸ₯Ί hello old friend! πŸ’™ N36962 would shortly depart to Houston, while the 787-10 in the background, N16008, would be heading to Newark.

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-20-um-154656

On the other side of the pier, my uncle's A330 to Newark was boarding.

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-20-um-154709

Walking far down the A pier to my gate, A30.

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-20-um-154730photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-20-um-154752photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-20-um-154802

There were barely a dozen people in the boarding area, so I was looking forward to an empty flight πŸ˜‡

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-20-um-154826

My aircraft had already arrived: OE-LWM would be flying me down to my favorite place in the German-speaking world. Whiskey-Mike was built and delivered to Lufthansa CityLine in May 2012, and was transferred to Austrian in March 2016. Gotta love the close-ups you can get at FRA!

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-20-um-154814

boarding + initial impressions

Boarding was called on-time, and with such a light load priorities weren't necessary, so everyone boarded at once.

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-20-um-154842photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-20-um-154851photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-20-um-154904

A perky flight attendant greeted passengers at the door, and I made my way to 7F, a window seat in the first row of coach.

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-20-um-154916photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-20-um-154929

Good legroom.

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-20-um-155115

In the seatback pocket, the safety card…

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-20-um-155125

…and the Melangerie menu.

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-20-um-155133


photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-20-um-155152

When I looked to unfasten the tray table, I realized that the seat was slightly different from those of other Austrian Embraers. Indeed, apparently Austrian slightly modified the seatbacks, from what I had flown on my previous OS E195 flight, to the same seats found on Lufthansa CityLine's CRJs.

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-20-um-155211

Perfect window and engine view from row 7.

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-20-um-155141

austrian 286 - frankfurt to innsbruck

Most passengers boarded within 5 minutes, though we had to wait a bit for some connecting passengers to show up. In the end, there couldn't have been more than 25 passengers on the flight.

Once everyone was onboard, the captain came over the PA to announce a flight time of 50 minutes and advised us to expect a bumpy ride.

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-20-um-155231

A few moments later, we pushed back.

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-20-um-155248photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-20-um-155425

With such an empty flight, it's no wonder that I scored an empty aisle seat. And my choice of hat most definitely was not a coincidence. #BringBackOurDash 😜

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-20-um-155442photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-20-um-155451

Taxiing to Runway 18.

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-20-um-155529photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-20-um-155554

Passing the cargo area.

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-20-um-155608

departure from frankfurt

We were lined up on the runway for a good 3 minutes before finally receiving our takeoff clearance.

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-20-um-155620


photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-20-um-164228


photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-20-um-164246photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-20-um-164300photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-20-um-164314

Left bank after departure.

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-20-um-164330photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-20-um-164338

Unexpectedly, we turned right and followed our initial takeoff heading again. I assume that was due to weather.

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-20-um-164352photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-20-um-164410

Takeoff video:


A view of the cabin after departure. I have no idea why Austrian decided to block 6 rows of Business Class on this flight, given that there were all of 2 passengers up front.

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-20-um-164424photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-20-um-164432

Cruising at 31,000 feet. We never cleared the clouds despite our relatively high altitude, and it was pretty choppy for most of the ride.

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-20-um-164607

While cruising, the captain provided some arrival information, saying that we'd be on the ground on time and that the afternoon's weather called for heavy rain and thunderstorms after we'd land.

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-20-um-164616

Despite that, the crew still performed the service, and for the first time since the rollout of the Melangerie menu, I received a bottle of water without asking. Oh, how sad it is that that's something to be impressed by πŸ™ƒ

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-20-um-164525

arrival into innsbruck

We hit some pretty big bumps as we descended over the mountains, though once we entered the Inn Valley the flight smoothened out.

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-20-um-164631photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-20-um-164646photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-20-um-164706

I'll let the pictures of Europe's most beautiful approach speak for themselves 🀩

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-20-um-164718photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-20-um-164729photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-20-um-164754


photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-20-um-164802

Overflying the city of Innsbruck…

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-20-um-164810photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-20-um-164820

…passing the Inn River…

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-20-um-164839photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-20-um-164847

…short final…

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-20-um-164859photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-20-um-164908photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-20-um-164931

…and an insanely smooth landing on Runway 26 at 2:32 PM, 2 minutes late, after being airborne for 48 minutes. Kudos to the captain for such a magnificent approach, and being able to achieve a smooth landing in Innsbruck - didn't think it was even possible! 🀣

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-20-um-164942photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-20-um-164951

Vacating the runway.

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-20-um-165013

Landing video:

Pulling into our stand next to a Trade Air Fokker 100 operating summer charters from Innsbruck. It has just arrived from Kalamata and was off to Malaga next.

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-20-um-165028

One final look at my seat.

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-20-um-165042

I bid farewell to the flight attendant and was happy to breathe in the fresh Tyrolean air one last time as I stepped on to the tarmac.

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-20-um-165111

That shot never gets old! πŸ˜„βœˆοΈπŸ”οΈ

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-20-um-165124photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-20-um-165150photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-20-um-165158

routing + conclusion

photo screen-shot-2022-05-12-at-154332

There was a bit of confusion by the ground crew as to which door we could enter from, but that meant more time outside, with the planes and mountains. Once that was finally resolved, my suitcase was already on the baggage carousel, and within 25 minutes of deplaning, I was at my apartment hotel (😭). One final Innsbruck arrival was complete. Thanks for following along this journey of mine, and I hope you enjoyed this report! Stay tuned for an awesome new series coming soon - including 2 new airlines for me, a new airport, a new cabin, and yes, even a flight from my favorite small European airport - the one I just landed at πŸ˜‰ until then, all the best, and happy flying! πŸ˜ƒβœˆοΈ

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Austrian Airlines

Cabin crew8.0

Frankfurt - FRA


Innsbruck - INN



Overall, it was a very average, uneventful flight with Austrian.

+ Friendly crew
+ Nice cabin
- No form of entertainment

I really don't have much else to add. I hope that Austrian will add some form of entertainment on the Embraer fleet, but even without entertainment they are a pretty comfortable ride. Though I still miss my Dash 😜



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