Review of Lufthansa flight Sofia Frankfurt in Business

Airline Lufthansa
Flight LH1429
Class Business
Seat 3A
Aircraft Airbus A320neo
Flight time 02:25
Take-off 24 Jul 21, 06:55
Arrival at 24 Jul 21, 08:20
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Published on 31st August 2021


At long last, ladies and gentlemen, it's my pleasure to welcome you to this brand-new series, covering my first return home to the United States since January 2020! I had started planning this trip with my dad in May 2021, and while most of it went exactly according to plan, the beginning of the trip did not. I'll get into more details in the trip information section., but I wasn't actually meant to be on this flight until around 7 hours prior to departure. Admittedly, I was slightly disappointed to be 'downgraded' to Lufthansa for this flight, but all flights that were part of this trip were still memorable, especially the ones that I'll cover in installments 3-5. And now, let's head back to the United States, via Frankfurt first!

trip information

This trip consisted of 6 flights on 3 different airlines. All flights were flown on different aircraft types. Additionally, I'd be passing through 7 airports on that trip, all of which I had previously been to.

Originally, the first part of the routing was supposed to look like this:

July 23rd: TK1030 | Sofia → Istanbul | Airbus A321 | Business Class
July 24th: TK289 | Istanbul → San Francisco | Boeing 787-9 | Business Class
July 24th: UA2336 | San Francisco → Seattle | Airbus A320 | Economy Plus®

I found that itinerary on It cost 77k miles per person. My dad and I booked it. After all, what better way to say goodbye to pandemic-induced travel restrictions than 13-and-a-half-hours in Business Class on one of Turkish's new 787s? But as you'll read in this report, my Turkish Airlines Business Class experience ended before it even began. Instead, I ended up on a plain vanilla Lufthansa A320neo.

As with my last trip to the US, I'll reveal the routing as the trip progresses, to keep you all in suspense. At part one, it looks like this:

photo screen-shot-2021-09-14-at-144150

the evening of the planned departure

Our Turkish Airlines flight to Istanbul was scheduled to depart at 9:25 PM, so my dad and I got to the airport around 7 PM.

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-27-um-112745photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-27-um-112754photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-27-um-112805

Check-in took quite some time, as we had a rookie check-in agent who was a bit intimidated to see such a long itinerary (and to see an actual Star Gold costumer 🙈). It took around 15 minutes for our documents to be checked, and our boarding passes to be printed. Our bags were able to be checked all the way to Seattle, and we then headed to the security and immigration check.

vitosha aspire lounge sofia

Since the last time I had flown out of Sofia a month prior, a new priority lane had been added at the security checkpoint, which made the process go even quicker (clearing security in Sofia is always pretty chill, though). Immigration was also a breeze, and soon enough we were in the Vitosha Aspire Lounge, which we had all to ourselves.

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-27-um-112815photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-27-um-112822

The food spread included some small sandwiches, as well some mini pizzas, which I passed on.

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-27-um-112842photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-27-um-112851photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-27-um-112903-18997

The lounge offers a nice view of the tarmac.

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-27-um-112911

sofia airport (sof)

I decided to take a walk around the terminal before boarding to do a bit of planespotting.

At the time, all indications pointed to my flight being on time.

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-27-um-112925

Air France A319 getting ready to depart to Paris CDG.

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-27-um-112939

LH1706 from Munich had arrived a bit earlier in the evening.

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-27-um-112954

A Bulgaria Air E190 was parked…

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-27-um-113000

…and so was one of Gullivair's 2 ATRs. I hope to be able to try them out soon.

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-27-um-113007

On the other side of the terminal was a beautiful sunset. Unfortunately, my camera doesn't zoom, but if you look closely you can see what should have been my ride of the evening. I was ecstatic to discover that one of Turkish's newest A321s, TC-JTE 'Polatlı', had flown in from Istanbul as TK1029.

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-27-um-113025

the rolling delay

I didn't take any more pictures from this point, but as we lined up to board, we kept on waiting and waiting. The boarding time came and left, and the ground crew did nothing but stay in the gate area on their phones. Around 15 minutes after we were supposed to board, I asked one of the agents if we were going to board. She said that there was a technical problem with the aircraft and that we'd have to wait. It would have been nice if they had made an announcement, but as I've come to learn European airlines tend to not keep passengers as updated as American airlines do (at least in my experiences).

At that point, all 6 Business Class passengers (including my dad and I) retreated back to the lounge to wait there. The flight was first delayed to 10 PM. I started chatting with two of my fellow Business Class passengers (a German man on his way to Düsseldorf, and an American service member on his way to Kuwait), and we did rounds to the gate every few minutes to see if there was an update. When I went to the gate, I saw a bunch of ground crew member and the captain (I assume he was the captain, as he was wearing a white shirt and had a Turkish Airlines vest on) surrounding the left main landing gear.

I had the idea of listening to LiveATC when I got back to the lounge in hopes of hearing if anything went wrong during the landing. Unfortunately, as the aircraft was taxiing off the runway, the tower reported that it had a flat tire. I had finally figured out what the cause of our delay was. As Sofia is home to a large Lufthansa Technik facility, I was hopeful that our tire would be able to be changed, and that we'd still be able to fly to Istanbul that evening.

The delay kept on getting bigger and bigger, and eventually the flight was scheduled for 11:25 PM. At this point I realized that it was unlikely that they would fix the problem, and I was hoping against hope that TK would send in another aircraft from Istanbul to pick us up.

the cancellation and rebooking process

Shortly after 11 PM, the only announcement over the airport PA came - the flight was cancelled and all passengers should make their way to the Turkish Airlines ticketing counter. My dad and I, along with the other Business Class passengers rushed out of the lounge to try to beat the queue at immigration, which we had to re-clear in order to re-enter Bulgaria. That was fairly quick, and our baggage was already waiting at baggage claim.

As we arrived at the Turkish Airlines ticketing counter, we discovered that there was only one person manning the station, and he was dressed in a T-Shirt in jeans. I later learned that this was the Turkish Airlines station manager (props to him for handling the situation so professionally - I hope someone from Turkish Airlines is reading this and can thank him). He told Business Class passenger and Star Gold members to form a line behind the counter.

A few minutes later, two more Turkish Airlines representatives (in uniform) showed up and helped him with the rebookings. Once the other two men showed up, the station manager moved to the back of the counter to help the premium passengers.

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-27-um-113039-47058

He was working as quickly as he could, and around 12:15 AM it was our turn to be rebooked. We were given 2 options - another Turkish Airlines flight to San Francisco the next day, or an option via Frankfurt. While at first the Turkish Airlines option sounded good for us, I checked ExpertFlyer to see what the loads on that flight were looking like. That's when I saw that the flight he was offering - TK79 - was operated by a Boeing 777-300ER, with an inferior Business Class product. On top of that, the only seats left were middle seats. While I would have loved to experience Turkish Airlines' Business Class, my dad and I decided to go for the routing via Frankfurt and fly Turkish's 787 in Business Class another time rather fly on the 777. He had already flown the 787 in J earlier in the year, and I was sure that I would fly it sometime in the future. We made the right decision, and the station manager rebooked us on the 6:55 AM Lufthansa departure to Frankfurt.

As we were leaving, an Irish man in Economy Class starting making a huge scene about how awful Turkish Airlines is, and how he deserved to be rebooked. I chuckled and was relieved to see that scenes like that don't just happen in the United States.

We didn't need a hotel, and instead drove to our crash pad for a very short night.

the morning of the actual departure

After about 3 hours of sleep, it was time to head back to Sofia Airport.

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-27-um-113058

I had checked us in online, and luckily there were still good seats left on the flights that we were rebooked on. As we entered the airport at 5 AM, there were still a few passengers who were meant to be on our Turkish Airlines flight the night before waiting to be rebooked. The station manager and his two colleagues were still hard at work. They deserve a raise!

At check-in, the Lufthansa (Swissport) agent was much more seasoned than the agent from the previous evening, and within 5 minutes our bags were checked, and we had our boarding passes in our hands.

Security was once again a breeze, and funnily enough the immigration agents who had processed our re-entry into Bulgaria a few hours earlier were the ones who processed our exit. That was also quick, and we headed back to the lounge for some much-needed coffee.

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-27-um-113114

From the lounge, I spotted the A321 that was supposed to fly us to Istanbul the night before. She had been moved to a remote stand just beside the gate.

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-27-um-113127

We didn't stay in the lounge for long, and before boarding I went to check out the A320neo which would fly us to Frankfurt.

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-27-um-113138

boarding + initial impressions

Everything was alright with our bird, and boarding even began a bit early.

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-27-um-113154

I managed to get a better view of our aircraft from the gate. Doing the honors that morning was D-AINH, an almost 4-year-old Airbus A320neo built and delivered new to Lufthansa in August 2017.

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-27-um-113205

Heading down the jetbridge behind a pair of Atlas Air 767 Captains flying home after operating some US Military Charter flights out of Sofia.

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-27-um-113217-60480

Fuselage shot.

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-27-um-113231

A chipper, young flight attendant greeted everyone with a "Guten Morgen!" and a sanitizing wipe. I quickly found my seat, 3A. My dad was in row 5, the last row of Business Class.

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-27-um-113244-89021

Legroom at my seat was great as expected.

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-27-um-113312photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-27-um-113321

In the seatback pocket, the safety instructions card, an airsickness bag, and the Onboard Delights menu, which wouldn't be need for this flight upfront.

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-27-um-113336

Cabin during boarding.

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-27-um-113343-86853-47446

Antimacassar of the middle seat.

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-27-um-113456


photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-27-um-113407

One of the Atlas Air captains sat next to me but moved to row 1 next to his colleague once boarding was finished, so I had 3 seats to myself 😃

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-27-um-113446-21049

lufthansa 1429 - sofia to frankfurt

With the doors shut and the jetbridge detached, Captain Stefan announced that we had received our clearance for the flight and would be departing toward the east, making a left turn after takeoff towards Belgrade then passing Lake Balaton, Linz, and Nuremberg before commencing our descent towards Frankfurt. All that information before takeoff? My favorite kind of pilot!

One interesting thing to note is that while the captain addressed us as "ladies and gentlemen", the flight attendant making the announcements adhered to Lufthansa's new gender-neutral announcements in German but not in English. Her German announcements began with "Liebe Fluggäste (dear passengers)", but her announcements in English featured no greeting, and she would immediately get to the point, which I found to be a bit odd. You can hear an example of that in the takeoff video starting at 3:10.

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-27-um-113639

Pushing back.

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-27-um-113710photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-27-um-113721

Our beautiful PW1127G starting up… music to my ears!

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-27-um-113732

Taxiing towards the runway.

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-27-um-113747

Looking towards the tower, and getting one last glance at TC-JTE in the distance. Hopefully she'd return to the skies soon.

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-27-um-113800

departure from sofia

Rolling takeoff from Runway 09.

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-27-um-143108photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-27-um-143120photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-27-um-143324


photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-27-um-143332photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-27-um-143341

Left turn to the north.

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-27-um-143356photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-27-um-143402

So long, Sofia!

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-27-um-143412photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-27-um-143427

Cabin during the climb out.

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-27-um-143435

Takeoff video:

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-27-um-143740

Flying past the former Dobroslavtsi Air Base.

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-27-um-143751

One final look at Bulgarian land below us.

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-27-um-143802

breakfast service

Our flight attendant wasted no time in getting the service started, and by the time we were over Northwestern Bulgaria, the breakfast tray was served.

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-27-um-143814

The tray included fresh(ish) fruit…

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-27-um-143955

…butter, jam, and cream…

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-27-um-144008

…and the main course, a plate of cheese, roast beef, a tomato, a single piece of celery, and some disgusting cheese spread. The flight attendant also proactively came around the cabin with the bread basket, though I only took a single croissant.

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-27-um-143944

Proper silverware, as expected in Business Class.

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-27-um-144026photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-27-um-144035

To drink, I had a cup of coffee…

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-27-um-144054

…as well as a glass of water.

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-27-um-144100

Passing Belgrade…

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-27-um-144114

…and Novi Sad.

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-27-um-144125

Overall, the breakfast was quite tasty (with the exception of the cheese spread). My only complaint is that it seemed a bit light for a two-hour flight.

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-27-um-144139


Overflying Pécs, Hungary.

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-27-um-144150

I'm in love with that engine 😍

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-27-um-144201

A look at my seat and the cabin.

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-27-um-144214

With almost all passengers asleep, there wasn't much to hear other than the hum of the engine, which created a very tranquil environment in the cabin.

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-27-um-144245-24672photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-27-um-144257-50141

Over Austrian airspace now, looking towards the town of Leoben.

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-27-um-144316

A great view of the alps! 🤩

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-27-um-144332photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-27-um-144344photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-27-um-144359

Passing two lakes, Traunsee on the left and Attersee on the right.

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-27-um-144416

arrival into frankfurt

As we reached the Bavarian town of Ingolstadt, we commenced our descent into Frankfurt.

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-27-um-144429

While descending, First Officer Johannes provided us with a weather update at our destination. Cloudy but warm weather were awaiting us in Frankfurt.

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-27-um-145509

Cabin during descent.

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-27-um-145528-77129

Overflying the Rhein River near Oppenheim. Some of the effects of the catastrophic flooding from the week before could still be seen.

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-27-um-145550

Looking south.

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-27-um-145604

Established on our final approach while passing the city of Mainz.

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-27-um-145621

Flörsheim am Rhein off to our left.

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-27-um-145641

Short final.

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-27-um-145652

Over the runway.

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-27-um-145706photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-27-um-145715

Touchdown on Runway 07R at 8:15 AM, 5 minutes early, after a flight time of 2 hours and 9 minutes.

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-27-um-145726

Slowing down.

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-27-um-145732

Vacating the runway.

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-27-um-145746photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-27-um-145753

Landing video:

Taxiing into the apron.

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-27-um-145813photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-27-um-145831photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-27-um-145840

Gate B41, from where I had departed to Pula exactly 2 weeks earlier.

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-27-um-145848

Pulling into our remote stand.

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-27-um-145857photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-27-um-145906photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-27-um-145917-89031

Once last look at my home of the past 2 hours and change.

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-27-um-145928

I said goodbye to the flight attendant, who was holding a bin of chocolates at the door, and made my way to the bus that would take us all to the terminal.

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-27-um-145943

One last look at our aircraft. Thanks for the ride, November-Hotel!

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-27-um-145954

routing of lh1429

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-26-um-125429

Nothing much to say here, we left Sofia via the OGOSTA 3S RNAV Departure, flew more or less directly to Frankfurt, where we flew the PSA 07 RNAV Transition to our approach on Runway 07R. Our cruising altitude was 38,000 feet.

The next report, covering my very first long haul flight in 18 months, will be posted in the next few days… stay tuned, the adventure is only just getting started! 😁✈️

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Cabin crew8.0

Swissport Aspire Lounge - 2


Sofia - SOF


Frankfurt - FRA



Overall a pretty solid intra-European Business Class flight with Lufthansa

+ Friendly, professional crew
+ Newer cabin
± Mostly tasty (albeit small) breakfast
- No entertainment/WiFi

While not the flight that I was hoping to be on, it was very pleasant, and flying Lufthansa always feeling like being in my European home. I've said it before, but I just hope that Lufthansa installs WiFi or Personal Device entertainment on their new A320neos.

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    Leadership TEAM BRONZE 5391 Comments
    Thank you for this report.
    Ouch, bad luck with the technical issue, those things happen but it's always frustrating to have a change on your travel plan when it was planned a long time in advance and with the anticipation of a particular product (TK 789 in that case).
    Lounge is not that bad, the mini flags on the open sandwiches are funny.
    OK breakfast tray on board but a pretty average and firm seat.
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      Hi Leadership! Indeed, technical issues happen, but this one was especially painful... Yeah, the lounge is nice enough for a small airport like SOF. The sandwiches are tasty, and the flags are a cute touch. The seat is definitely not the best, but unfortunately that seems to be the standard in Europe. Thanks for stopping by!

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