Review of Kuwait Airways flight Paris Rome in Business

Airline Kuwait Airways
Flight KU166
Class Business
Seat 6A
Aircraft Airbus A300-600
Flight time 01:55
Take-off 26 Dec 12, 09:15
Arrival at 26 Dec 12, 11:10
KU 16 reviews
East African
Published on 22nd October 2013

After spending Christmas in France, time to go to Africa.
From Paris, countless options link JNB. One way trip with reasonable fare during the festive season sounded like a utopian scheme, so i departed from Rome.

Going to FCO can be easily done from Paris with 148 frequencies offered weekly by 6 airlines departing from three different airports (BVA, CDG and ORY). Thus i chose the cheapest C option available : Kuwait Airways

Upon booking, the website promised a four holer raising some mixed feelings:
What is the best between flying the classic AB6 or getting a newer cabin on their A340?
Later on, the departing schedule got postponed for 30 minutes, always nice when the flight is early in the morning.

Promising an A340
photo Sanstitre1_zpsd8ffbdc5


On the D-day the alarm clock went off at 4h30 for an one hour ride in a RER B to CDG 1. I must admit that the last visit of this terminal dated back from the dawn of the airlines alliance era in 1998, Korean Air not in Skyteam yet operated from there to Kimpo Airport…

At the RER station Laplace, Charles De Gaulle means Orly
photo PICT0036_zps6a84e161

As i'm not a first time visitor, going to Orly led me to Roissy
photo DSC07932_zpse05d95ad

Sad for SN, out of the Hall 4
photo DSC07934_zpscc125d21

Near the counters, two smiling staffs employed by Alyzia checked the travelling documents and the eligibility of the premium lanes. Because of the American mum and her offspring, the agent invited me to process in no time at the First Class counter.

Dedicated premium desks
photo DSC07930_zpsab014bc3

Flight information sheet
photo DSC07928_zps575dc3bd

First Class treatment again ;-)
photo DSC07948_zps0f963f93

It is safe to say that there is nothing you can’t find in the over priced ADP shopping mall, more adapted to the bottomless wallets. So i quickly gave up the window shopping.

Circular shopping mall
photo DSC07952_zps01634336

With not much to do, I set off to the nicely named Salon Premiere Air France lounge. To be honest this was a generic lounge with nothing much to write home about, of course i did not expect the quality of the T2E La Première sanctuary but with this adjective i had expected a better food offering and environment.

Ring the bell to enter
photo DSC07961_zps42babded

photo DSC07982_zps460b9a16

photo DSC07967_zps84fadde9

photo DSC07968_zpsc071f004

An erractic Internet connection
photo DSC07985_zpsf214eed7

Snacks available in most of AF flights
photo DSC07969_zps5654627b

No fruit on offer
photo DSC07971_zpse346b0fe

photo DSC07975_zps15c0270b

photo DSC07970_zps3817db8f

Nicolas Feuillate to start this day !
photo DSC07974_zps2c59e06f

My breakfast
photo PICT0038_zps0ccbb66b

The numerous pictures taken drew the attention of other guests previously seen while checking-in and the lady asked questions about the details needed in that lounge. Following a nice chat, she revealed me that CDG was far to be convenient to find direction. I'd ventured to help them despite not having visited T1 for the last 15 years.

Security checks made through File N°1 were smooth, then i tried to spot few aircrafts but nothing exceptional.

photo DSC08007_zpse7589d4d

Kid area
photo DSC08006_zpsa2293ee2

The beauty named after the oilfield AL-RWADHATAIN
photo DSC08008_zps41fb4fc7

photo DSC07998_zpsc62da9e2

The Alyzia staff called for boarding regardless the travelling class, so i was in the middle of the herd. Quickly a nice female attendant, helped by Imad Farhat, welcomed us on board.

photo DSC08012_zps6969646d

« Al-Khutout Al-Jawwiya Al-Kuwaitiyah » is the national airline of the Kuwait, it has been launched in 1954 and flies a fleet of 17 aircrafts to 39 destinations across 3 continents. Few days after booking, a fire started on one of theirs A300 in Jeddah, raising many doubts about the seriousness of their maintenance.

Kuwait Airways KU166
Paris Roissy CDG – Rome Fuimicino FCO
Distance: 685 miles
Airbus A300B4-605R 9K-AME
ETD/ETA: 9h15 – 11h20
ATD/ATA: 9h17 – 11h10

I settled down quickly in the 7A before moving forward to 6A. Upon booking you can select your seat preference but once it done you can not change it.

From the 6A
photo PICT0063_zpsb625221b

One of the lovely crew member looking after the C class named Jean Gaptandan came to collect my jacket and then the protocol of service began like that:

1) Welcome drinks
2) Newspapers
3) Oshiboris
4) Pitted and dried dates
5) Delicious Arabian coffee
6) Drink order for the flight meal

(Orange, tropical cocktail, tomato, mango and water)
photo DSC08021_zpsb50225e2

photo DSC08023_zpsf8864759

photo PICT0065_zpsb3354a4d

My choices:

photo PICT0064_zps31a6db83

photo DSC08024_zps552bb753

(French, english et arabic)
photo DSC08025_zps5aef130f

Weak and nice coffee
photo PICT0069_zpsae512b3b

Once all doors closed and locked, there were 3/18 guests in First, 10/18 in Business and full house in Economy meaning an overall load factor of 208/232 quite reflecting the peak season activity.

Safety announcements and call to prayer for Allah Akbar in English and Arabic.

Take off video:

photo PICT0054_zps01e9ef9d

photo PICT0078_zps170c35ec

photo PICT0082_zps66867fe3

Also nicknamed the flying saucer
photo PICT0083_zpsa01aa034

photo PICT0107_zpsb6ce9544

The winglet
photo PICT0120_zps23fa23b5

photo PICT0126_zps79f2bbd0

Business class is layed out in 2-2-2 spread over 3 rows, there was a nonoperational cathodic ray screen in the bulkhead and color scheme was a bit old fashioned.

photo DSC08046_zps19ba22e4

photo DSC08075_zps368e9795

Quickly a meal was served, it looked like a lunch more than a breakfast. First was brought over a cold drink then a single choice two courses tray with cold canapés and hot meatball and hot samosas typical from Middle East. And to conclude a dessert cart was rolled over the aisles.

photo PICT0133_zpsf0a90dcd

photo DSC08053_zps545280fd

photo DSC08049_zps4b620635

Great variety of breads
photo DSC08050_zpse4dbc19b

photo DSC08054_zpsc280bfcd

photo DSC08057_zps03f5cfee

photo PICT0137_zps5ac29d87

photo DSC08058_zpsd4f57100

Another KU route
photo DSC08059_zps05d1cda5

photo DSC08063_zps3f4ad856

Gorgeous mini éclair and opéra
photo DSC08064_zps7536b0ea

The cradle style seat was worn out, the pitch was ok for my size (175 cm) in seat position. In relaxation mode, i felt cramped as few cms were probably missing to provide a decent comfort. There was no electrical plug nor headset given. A PTV located in the armrest was not working either. However for a 2h journey a such lacklustre entertainment system was nothing dramatic. Luckily the nice weather over the Alps enabled to get a show better than the IFE.

Pillows and blankets
photo DSC08093_zpse256c224

Showing its age
photo DSC08019_zpsdc208002

Limited pitch for big size but recline better than AF, AZ, EZ…
photo DSC08048_zpsbb07a2b9

photo DSC08034_zps21991a06

photo DSC08028_zpsf0ccd399

photo DSC08026_zps891ac08f

photo DSC08039_zpsfd253746

photo PICT0057_zpsfd0c2ef7

one can clearly notice only 777s ;-) photo PICT0061_zps1f2789cf

Probably 4 or 5 fifth freedom routes in total?
photo DSC08032_zps3872ac57

photo DSC08031_zpsb1011a79

Better than any inflight movies :-)
photo DSC08066_zpse35c92d8

photo PICT0155_zps3b257855

Then i've toured the aircraft to discover the Y section, before getting my jacket back from the nicest F/A.

2 – 4 – 2
photo DSC08071_zps625f2372

2 – 3 – 2
photo DSC08072_zpsbbaad698

photo DSC08042_zps0cce32e2

Perfumes and oat milk branded Roger & Gallet
photo DSC08043_zpse4bab262

Landing Video:

Landing on time and parking near a long hauler AZ at the T3 satellite G. Upon disembarking, i was curious to peek in the F class with the same number of seat than the C, unfortunately for you, i've been denied access in order to do not disturb the passenger continuing to Kuwait city.

photo DSC08083_zps277d8441

photo DSC08078_zps4ee6cfb9

photo DSC08080_zps67ccbd05

Airbus A300-605 9K-AME at Rome FCO
photo DSC08094_zpsa19d2277

Afterwards, for a longish 15min we were put on hold in the jetbridge without any reason given. The whole business class left the plane and 50 people in Y headed towards the Eternal City.
My bag arrived third and i bade the Americans adieu.

Awaiting for the ground staff clearance
photo DSC08096_zps874add2b

photo DSC08102_zps1e40ef8b

Nice gesture
photo DSC08105_zpsa5b31d3b

Arrived on time too :-)
photo DSC08112_zps6dacf386
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Kuwait Airways

Cabin crew7.5

Galaxy Lounge - 1


Paris - CDG


Rome - FCO



I liked it very much and would be happy to fly Kuwait Airways again.
CDG T1 was nice, clean and convenient, and the lounge more than enough
Rome was a rather simple affair : quick and efficient !

Information on the route Paris (CDG) Rome (FCO)

The contributors of Flight-Report published 49 reviews of 5 airlines on the route Paris (CDG) → Rome (FCO).


The airline with the best average rating is Kuwait Airways with 7.7/10.

The average flight time is 2 hours and 3 minutes.

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  • Comment 90668 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 6105 Comments

    It's been a while since we've seen once of your reports; good to see you back! Thanks for sharing this first FR in English on this interesting Fifth Freedom route. The lounge is decent--thank goodness you were able to get some champagne in the lounge since there's no alcohol onboard. It's too bad that KU is a dry airline because the rest of the product is clearly above the competition for this route--for a long-haul, not so much, but for a 2 hour intra-Europe flight; it's great! Welcome back!

  • Comment 90672 by
    Papoumada GOLD 6895 Comments

    Nice to read you again on FR.

    The product looks ok for a medium haul flight but if you are on a low calories diet ;)

    Breakfast with champagne the day after Xmas : nice habit.

    Pity KU is a dry company.

    Thanks for sharing.

  • Comment 90687 by
    Flight94 1883 Comments

    Thanks, it's great to discover again this Flight-Report.

  • Comment 90693 by
    lagentsecret 12308 Comments

    Thanks for sharing this FR and welcome back

    Nice business product for a two hours flight but I'd prefer a full breakfast instead of collation

  • Comment 90739 by
    East African AUTHOR 1555 Comments

    Thanks evereyone !

    One of the reasons is that this website does not allow GR or ground reports exclusively and the other is probably procrastination...;-)
    The CDG bound sector in the afternoon might be more annoying concerning alcohol for non-muslim clients, but the FCO lounge must not be dry if you dare the J or F!

    @Durian :
    I'm not an expert but i don't think they should. Nowadays Gulf Air, which was a pionner and former leader in the Gulf Region, can not even fill an A320 to mainstream destinations such as CDG, LHR or FRA...
    For the ethnic fare details, feel free to read Leadership's excellent explanation in the french version here :

    @Papoumada :
    Yeah that's quiet hearty indeed !
    Champagne was the continuity of the eve's feast...:-)

    @Flight94 :
    Thanks for reading and commenting

    @Lagentsecret :
    i can only concur with you but i would guess that throughout the year, loads are not so important in this sector to provide a fine catering.

  • Comment 90899 by
    FriendlySkies 4 Comments

    Nice report! I suddenly have the urge to book this flight the next time I am in FRA or FCO!

  • Comment 90972 by
    Sealink 66 Comments

    Very enjoyable and I thought the seats looked really comfortable! Maybe just me!

    The welcome to Rome text is a very nice touch.

  • Comment 93841 by
    Travip 108 Comments

    Very nice FR. I love the catering. :)

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