Review of easyJet flight Milan Prague in Economy

Airline easyJet
Flight EZY 2585
Class Economy
Seat 7D
Aircraft Airbus A320
Flight time 01:25
Take-off 16 Oct 13, 19:20
Arrival at 16 Oct 13, 20:45
U2   #8 out of 13 Low-cost airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 623 reviews
By 5499
Published on 23rd October 2013
Hello everyone and welcome to my next flight report!

After previous report in which me and my father took a daytrip to Milano Malpensa for spotting, this one is about to cover our flight back to Prague. I initially didn´t know whether to publish this one as it was a night flight with no outside photos from onboard, but still decided to give it a go. I always like opening your FRs even though they can sometimes be shorter with only a few photos, but it doesn´t matter. So some of you would maybe accept even mine.

As I mentioned in previous report, we arrived at Malpensa´s Terminal 2. It´s located between both 35L and 35R runways in the north end of the airport. We left terminal at about 2:30PM and went to the left as we knew 35L was RWY used for departures by that time. It only took about 5 minutes and we got to a nice place where planes were departing 35L right over us. Usually not very picturing-friendly place with fence ahead, but nice for watching and off course nice sounds for planes departing.
photo DSC_0249_01

First departure we captured was this TK´s B738 in Borussia Dortmund´s livery - that´s lucky to see. Last month in Amsterdam I saw EY A330 in Manchester City livery.
photo DSC_0159_01

I was surprised how many Easyjet flights were operated at Malpensa, Easyjet was definitely the biggest player there. On the other hand poor Alitalia traffic was disappointing. I expected to see some of their domestic flights to depart. We spend around 3 hours with observing departures and only 1 Alitalia´s B777 departed during that time, nothing else.
Traffic in general was a bit disappointing with heavies unfortunately departing after we got back to Terminal. But still there was almost always something to see so we had something to look at and with beautiful weather it was a fine afternoon.
photo DSC_0230_01

FeDex A300
photo DSC_0242_01

At about 5:15PM, 2 hours prior to our departure we turned back and returned to T2. We wanted to have some spare time and also get something to eat.
T2 departure hall
photo DSC_0254_01photo DSC_0257_01photo DSC_0258_01

Something to eat, nothing much to say about you know.

photo DSC_0259_01

After that we went through security. It didn´t take any longer than 5 minutes and it was just usual experience

Apron view from our gate
photo DSC_0260_01

MXP Terminal 1 in the distance
photo DSC_0261_01photo DSC_0262_01

At Terminal 2, arriving and departure halls look pretty basic and those are not places worth spending any more time than necessary. On the other hand when airside, it´s relatively nice with some nice restaurants and café looking worth visiting. We didn´t care though as we were up since early morning hours and we began to feel a bit tired, so we were just resting at our departure gate.
photo DSC_0263_01

Boarding began on time, but that was the last positive thing about boarding starting
photo DSC_0268_01

After showing our boarding passes we proceeded to bridge which was still locked on the other side… The bridge was quickly getting full of people with amount of breathable air quickly reducing which some people my dad incl.didn´t find very welcome. We waited there for at least 5 minutes but it felt like two years.
photo DSC_0269_01

At least I managed to get a shot of our aircraft for this leg - G-EZUH, 2,5 years old Airbus A320-214
photo DSC_0270_01

Finally doors were opened, we went down the stairs to leave the bridge and walk to our plane.
photo DSC_0272_01

Another U2 Airbus in the neighborhood
photo DSC_0273_01

This time boarding through the front door
photo DSC_0276_01

Flight EZY 2585

Date: 16/10/2013
Departure airport: MXP - Milan Malpensa
Arrival airport: PRG - Prague Vaclav Havel
Airline: Easyjet
Aircraft: Airbus A320-214, G-EZUH, 2,5 years in service
Seat: 7D
STD: 19:20
STA: 20:45
Leaving gate: 19:25
Arriving gate: 20:45

19th flight overall
5th on Airbus A320
2nd on Easyjet
1st on G-EZUH

photo DSC_0277_01photo DSC_0280_01

I took my originally booked seat 7E with dad being in 7F next to me. After sitting down I immediately felt that this seat is not as tight as the window seat I took in the first flight today. Dad confirmed to me that in the window seat it was much tighter for him than being in the middle seat.
Boarding took really long, when it seemed the crew is about to close doors somebody else always appeared. There were still plenty of seats vacant and my seatmate in 7D was well aware of that. He was already some steps of leaving his seat and moving forward, but always new pax arrived in the aircraft. When finally man FA said Boarding completed he moved and I welcomed his decision pretty much. It meant I could move to aisle seat and that left more space for both me and dad.
photo DSC_0281_01

Legroom in my new 7D seat. I felt very well there with my knees not touching the seat in front. By this time I knew I am about to have an enjoyable flight. That made me smile as I was really not expecting anything good about this flight you knew - low cost flight when it´s dark out there and sitting in the middle seat… I was happy things got to change this way
photo DSC_0282_01

Empty middle seat
photo DSC_0284_01

During pushback
photo DSC_0285_01

Before take off cabin was dimmed. I don´t understand it when passangers are still able to turn on their overhead lights.
photo DSC_0286_01

During taxi it seemed like we raced for 35L. Never taxied at such a speed before. Take off roll was really quick and short, after few seconds we rotated and began a steep climb. We turned right and about 2 minutes after lift off we were greeted by nice view of Malpensa.

Cabin during climb
photo DSC_0287_01

FAs in action. Cabin crew consisted of 2 women and 2 men. All of them I find nice and professional
photo DSC_0289_01

When flying I always have to drink something even when flying a low cost carrier. This time I went for apple juice - was fine
photo DSC_0291_01

Usual seat pocket contents - the Safety card, Easyjet´s magazine Traveller and Bistro and Boutique
photo DSC_0292_01photo DSC_0293_01

About the flight there is not very much to say. It was just nice and comfortable. Dad in the window seat was treated with nice views when climbing near Milano. I had a look into Traveller magazine and just enjoyed my stay in a comfortable seat.

Flight itself felt quick and we began to descend soon.
RWY 24 was in use at Prague, we headed northeast around the city and then turned left tu line-up for landing. Approach was calm and some 2 minutes to landing I was able to hear my favourite Airbus beep-beep-beep from cockpit meaning pilots disconnected the autopilot. I always find exciting the konwledge that pilots are now flying by their hands.

Touchdown was absolutely perfect, pretty smooth followed by hard braking and we quickly slowed down.
We taxied to the same D6 gate we departed earlier today.

Cabin during deplaning
photo DSC_0299_01photo DSC_0300_01photo DSC_0301_01

At the door we were told good-bye and lady FA thanked us for flight.

We walked through the terminal and left arrival hall to bus stop. Within 15 minutes we were on our way to the city centre from where we continued to our city of Brno.

That meant our nice day was over and dad thanked me a lot for this trip and he seemed to enjoy his birthday gift pretty much as I did. He mentioned he is already determined to return to Malpensa, but I´m pretty sure there are much more amazing airports in Europe where you can get for really small money.

Will shall see where we end up next time.

Thank you guys, for reading this report!
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Cabin crew8.0
Buy-on-board menu5.5

Milan - MXP


Prague - PRG



Malpensa T2 is quite fine when airside but it was compromissed with pretty horrible boarding experience.

Easyjet was pretty good once again. We arrived on time and flight was very comfortable, empty middle seat made everything even better.
Cabin crew did their job and were nice and friendly, I think there´s nothing more to ask for when flying low-cost carrier



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