Review of Sky Airline flight Valdivia Santiago in Economy

Airline Sky Airline
Flight H2 124
Class Economy
Seat 12D
Aircraft Airbus A320neo
Flight time 01:30
Take-off 29 Jul 21, 11:35
Arrival at 29 Jul 21, 13:05
H2   #67 out of 92 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 58 reviews
Published on 16th August 2021

The last thing I want is to write a cheesy report.

But this report is cheesy.

Cheesy and smelly.

So smelly that I was afraid of being kicked out of the plane mid-flight!

Cheesus! I'm back at Pichoy!

One week after returning from my winter holidays, here I am on my way to Pichoy airport (ZAL) again. This time I have to pay a visit to my family in order to sign down some important stuff. Additionally - much to my chagrin and to the disgrace of my fellow passengers - uncle Andrés asked me to get him some Valdivian cheese. The dairy industry is important in the south of Chile.

The problem is that, even though I wrapped the cheese once and again in plastic, it won't hide the smell! It's like I'm carrying all my dirty socks in my bag!! Well, I hope masks will help.

My sister drives me to the airport after dropping her husband at his workplace. We happen to cross Cau Cau bridge, an engineering work that has brought public shame to the whole country after their builders realized that some important part of it was misplaced, rendering the bridge unusable for years. Even now…

photo img_20210729_083955

…only light vehicles can use it. Discovery Channel even dedicated an episode of one of their shows to it. See some information about the mistake here and here

photo img_20210729_084013

…and how Chile "has been left a laughing stock" worldwide. This is from Australia:

photo 2021-08-13-233637_1366x768_scrot

Well, the fact of living with a religious mother trained me very well to live with shame, so I couldn't care less. This is a typical Valdivian morning, cloudy and cold…

photo img_20210729_084437

…something I missed after two weeks in the desert.

photo img_20210729_084440

These are the last days of July…

photo img_20210729_084530

…and hualles (Nothofagus obliqua) are still dormant. Digüeñes won't grow on their branches until October (I love them with scrambled eggs)

photo img_20210729_084904

However, fragrant aromos (Acacia mimosa) are in full bloom.

photo img_20210729_084922

Pichoy is administered by the DGAC (Dirección General de Aeronáutica Civil), the agency of the Chilean Air Force in charge of overseeing civil aviation down here. As you may know, airport amenities are not among the top concerns for air forces anywhere, so progress in this aspect is slow. So I'm very impressed when I find something that was not here a week ago.

photo img_20210729_091125

A shelter for passengers waiting to go through the mandatory sanitary checkpoint before being admitted into the hall! One step closer to dethroning Changi, little ZAL!

photo img_20210729_090441

How's that, CJC? ZAL protects their passengers from the rain. You could do something about the sun, couldn't you?

photo img_20210729_090624

A view of the whole terminal building. I think it's important, for this could be one of the last chances I have to see it the way it is now. I've heard some exciting news.

photo img_20210729_091242

Let's go inside. First thing to keep in mind: Passengers only.

photo img_20210729_090648

Second thing to keep in mind: You won't be allowed in without your mask. They say por favor (please) and then obligatorio (mandatory). Isn't it contradictory? It reminds me of my mother yelling at me Close your mouth and eat! What did she want me to do? Osmosis?

photo img_20210729_090639

And if you count 120 people in the hall, stay outside. Isn't that a small number for an airport? I men, considering that an A320 - the kind of aircraft that normally lands at ZAL - can carry up to 220 passengers.

photo img_20210729_090645

They also tell you where to get your sanitary certificates online in case you forgot to do it at home. It's very easy. You fill in a form online and you get your pasaporte sanitario, pase de movilidad, etc, on your mail.

photo img_20210729_090826

I want to go inside but it's quite early. Still two hours for my flight. But nobody is controlling outside and somebody with a bag has just come in. So I just follow.

Helloooo??? Anybody here???

photo img_20210729_091659

Or here???

photo img_20210729_091650

Or here????? Oh my. Only the English language side of is quieter than this!!

photo img_20210729_091744

Only a coffee-loving soul breaks the sepulchral silence.

photo img_20210729_091754

Let's follow his example.

photo img_20210729_092033

You see? Cheese is a popular souvenir from Valdivia. You can see some spiced cheese here - with basil, oregano, smoked cheese, and even with merkén (smoked hot chilli pepper)

photo img_20210729_092048

Now let's find a distant corner where I can have my breakfast without harming other passengers' sense of smell. A seat at the bottom of the hall, by baggage claim, will do. This warning says nothing about using this seat…

photo img_20210729_094413

…as a breakfast table.

photo img_20210729_092301

I'm pretending that the smelly bag is not mine when I notice - for the first time ever - that ZAL has an elevator! I wonder if it's working, and where it might take you. I press the buttons but nothing happens. Then I hear a voice behind me.

photo img_20210729_092736

It's this lady, who tells me that the elevator is out of order and that, anyway, there's nothing upstairs except the cafeteria, which has closed down. I ask if it will ever open again. She tells me that she doesn't know, and here's when she drops the big news: "Maybe once THE AIRPORT HAS BEEN ENLARGED."

I'm like Whaaat?? That's great news!! On the trip back, a transfer driver tells me that the new Pichoy terminal will look like PMC or ZCO. That would be terrific!

photo img_20210729_093826

Boarding time draws near, so I pay a visit to the restroom.

photo img_20210729_092834

All that space was taken from what used to be a cafeteria, doubling the original size of the restroom.

photo img_20210729_092858

When I go back to the hall, somebody is checking the passengers' sanitary permits. When he has checked mine, he reminds me that I must wear my mask at all times, and that I must not eat in the hall. Oops! Too late.

photo img_20210729_093324

Don't ask, don't smell - boarding

10:04. First call. Another popular souvenir from Valdivia is chocolate, Entrelagos being the main chocolatería. This is something I don't understand: how countries or cities appropriate chocolate for themselves, when chocolate comes from the tropics!!

photo img_20210729_100439

I keep my bag as far as possible from any sensitive nose. Mine is not one of those, but I can still smell the cheese!!

photo img_20210729_100552

As we near the sala de embarque I'm amazed to see a black doctor on the screen, giving advice on how to stay safe in the pandemic. Don't misunderstand me. It's just that until 20 years ago we didn't have black doctors in Chile. Actually, we practically didn't have any black people in Chile! Only with the recent phenomenon of mass migration from Haiti, Colombia and Venezuela, lots of black people have come to the country…

photo img_20210729_100912

…and of course I'm very happy that this is happening. Chile used to be a very homogeneous society. We all looked and behaved much the same, and the slightest difference made you the object of - if not bullying - at least some astonished looks. I didn't have it easy being a gay teenager in Chile in the 80s, either! My favorite part of immigration: its influence on our cuisine!

photo img_20210729_101321

The lady at the screening point didn't bat an eyelash at the sight of my bag in the x-ray machine. I think she slightly batted a nose wing, but didn't say anything. The thing is, once airside, I go straight to the farthest corner and leave my cheesy bag where it can't harm anybody. Poor castaway.

photo img_20210729_102233

Air conditioning and safety levels leave much to be desired around here! Duct tape instead of electrical tape? Are you serious, ZAL?! And even my air conditioning system is larger than this!

photo img_20210729_102517

It hits me only when I take this photo: The airside restroom. It's not there anymore! I mean, It is there, but the access is blocked by the screening point now. So, where are the restrooms now? Oh, I see! The little room where you see the yellow flowers used to be the end of the boarding room. Behind it, there used to be a meeting room out of the reach of passengers.

photo img_20210729_102540

The meeting room is a restroom now!

photo img_20210729_102847

And a very spacious one!

photo img_20210729_102850

This is amazing. It feels like half of the building is restrooms now! XD Well done, ZAL! My experience in the minuscule old restroom was unforgettable… in a negative way. Ew!

photo img_20210729_102854

A view of the enlarged boarding room.

photo img_20210729_102900photo img_20210729_102907

Checking the runway before the plane arrives.

photo img_20210729_110112photo img_20210729_110342

Only the wind blows outside…

photo img_20210729_110447

…but then there he comes!! Coming in from the south because its cloudy and they must have used the ILS.

photo img_20210729_110524

Let me introduce you to…

photo img_20210729_110539


photo img_20210729_110917

…an A320 NEO…

photo img_20210729_110935

…barely 1.5 years old at the time of this flight. A mere baby!

photo img_20210729_110945

Unlike LATAM, Sky doesn't offer a Premium Eco class…

photo img_20210729_111013

…so we're boarding the traditional rear-rows-first way.

photo img_20210729_111119

A view of the enlarged waiting room. The new restrooms are at the bottom.

photo img_20210729_111204

That tattletale thing.

photo img_20210729_111316

We board as soon as the incoming passengers deplane. I have my serious doubts that the cabin can be disinfected in such a short time.

photo img_20210729_111741

Masks must be worn at all times. Even while piloting a plane.

photo img_20210729_112830

The seats are the ironing table type and can't be reclined…

photo img_20210729_113221

…but I contact Sky to tell them about the broken armrests of my flight to Calama, and they reply "Hola Fernando (my middle name), we are sorry you had a bad experience aboard, however we can tell you that we are renewing our seats and we expect that by the end of the year all of them will be reclinable so that you enjoy a much more comfortable flight."

photo screenshot_2021-08-15-16-57-28-412_comfacebookorca

I put my bag in the overhead bin as fast and deep as possible, and pray they close the bin soon. This is my seat after I have disinfected it thoroughly with sanitizing towels. I'm not taking risks.

photo img_20210729_113404

I learned from the best!

Being an unexpected flight, I decided to fly bare-bones, so I was assigned a random seat. I'm very surprised when I notice the huge legroom…

photo img_20210729_113506

…which is much better even than in LATAM's Premium Eco. I'm surprised. How can that be?

photo img_20210729_113513


photo img_20210729_114158

Ah! Haha. I'm sitting in the emergency exit row! Not bad to be a random seat!!

photo img_20210729_113531

That explains the extra instructions.

photo img_20210729_115213

I'm happy to see I still have a tray table, though I'm not planning to use it today.

photo img_20210729_113555

We prepare for pushback.

photo img_20210729_113951

The flight

Some additional information about this flight.

photo 2021-08-13-225330_1366x768_scrot

I'm glad to see people are flying again.

photo img_20210729_115603

In fact, after a visit to the restroom…

photo img_20210729_121616photo img_20210729_121629

…I see that we are almost 100% full.

photo img_20210729_121853

The BOB comes and goes, but I'm not buying anything today. Anyway, let me tell you that Sky's BOB is the best in Chile. Their hot sandwiches are glorious!

Luckily, the crowd is obedient and we all stay seated until our turn comes. We deplane in groups of three rows.

photo img_20210729_134026

And my smelly bag?? You don't want to imagine the smell that filled the cabin when the FA opened that bin. It's an experience I don't want to repeat.

I hate it when we dock at the gates far from the boarding room. You have to walk a lot and there are no people movers. X(

photo img_20210729_134645

Finally, as I learned in my previous flight, I head directly to gate 6, on the third floor, and call an Uber. Easy peasy!

photo img_20210729_135706

I strongly advice that you don't miss the report on the trip back. You will se what happens when you forget that July has 31 days, not 30. :'''(

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Sky Airline

Cabin crew10.0

Valdivia - ZAL


Santiago - SCL



A surprisingly comfortable flight with Sky Airline, particularly because I was assigned an emergency exit row seat for free!! Non-reclinable seat, but enviable legroom!

Good news about ZAL: Good all Pichoy, where most of my adventures start, is going to be completely remade.

Good news about Sky Airline: They announce that all their seats will be reclinable by the end of the year!

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La compagnie qui obtient la meilleure moyenne est LATAM avec 7.2/10.

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  • Comment 578215 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 6359 Comments
    The problem is that, even though I wrapped the cheese once and again in plastic, it won't hide the smell! It's like I'm carrying all my dirty socks in my bag!! Well, I hope masks will help.

    HAH, I brought cheese to the US in my carry-on yeeeears ago and I will never do it again! wrapped in multiple layers of plastic and foil and paper it smelled awful as soon as I opened the overhead bins on arrival. Never ever every will I make that mistake again 🤣

    Ah! Haha. I'm sitting in the emergency exit row! Not bad to be a random seat!!

    Lucky you! If it were me it would be a middle seat in the last row

    I updated the aircraft type to A320neo from A320 since CC-AZQ is a NEO as you mention in the report 😁
    • Comment 578216 by
      Pilpintu TEAM BRONZE AUTHOR 982 Comments
      Hello Kevin!

      Oh, thanks so much for your comments and for pointing out this mistake with the aircraft type. Yes, you’re right. Sky uniformed their fleet to A320 NEO. I just don’t seem to be able to find that option in the aircraft type dropdown menu in the editor. I tried on Firefox and Chrome, but it looks like the option is not there. So thanks for updating it! I’ll send you some screenshots via email in case you can spot the reason for my problem.

      Take care! :)
  • Comment 578230 by
    marathon SILVER 10026 Comments
    Only the English language side of is quieter than this!

    Hey, I tried my best to bring some turboprop noise there ! :)

    This is something I don't understand: how countries or cities appropriate chocolate for themselves, when chocolate comes from the tropics!

    I thought it's grown in Switzerland and Belgium ? ^^

    The meeting room is a restroom now!

    You could not use the meeting room as a restroom, but can you now hold meetings in the restroom ?

    Thanks for sharing this story ! (apart from the cheese smell from my laptop ^^)
  • Comment 578306 by
    K2World 2120 Comments
    Thank you for this pleasant report and your nice sense of humor.
  • Comment 579289 by
    ChrisB GOLD 3013 Comments
    Gracias por el report con muchas buenos fotos y muy divertido!
    I fly with Sky too in 2019 and the seats weren't as good as what you present here, I guess I had an old cabin...
    Thank you for sharing!

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