Review of Israir flight Batumi Tel Aviv in Economy

Airline Israir
Flight 6H886
Class Economy
Seat 20A
Aircraft Airbus A320
Flight time 03:10
Take-off 10 Jun 21, 14:50
Arrival at 10 Jun 21, 17:00
6H 9 reviews
By 467
Published on 14th August 2021

Flight Details:
Airline: Israir Airlines
Flight No. 6H886
Reg : 4X-ABI
Aircraft: Airbus 320-200
Departure Batumi (BUS) : 14:50
Arrival Tel Aviv (TLV) : 17:00
Time : 02:15

The trip starts on my way to BUS airport.

After we arrived to the airport, It's the time for Check in and Coronavirus operations.

photo img_20210610_114513

I couldn't make pictures of security check and passport control, so we skip to the Duty free and boarding area.

I had 2 hours until the boarding will start, then I decided to try Georgias lounge.

photo img_20210610_130040photo img_20210610_130042

Very basic lounge, offered Xachapuri, some georgians cheese, ham, breads, soft and hot drinks.

My plane arrived 15 min before boarding.

photo img_20210610_134153photo img_20210610_134209

Time to board the UAE livery of Israir.


photo img_20210610_141926photo img_20210610_142305photo img_20210610_144017

Time for Take off:

Enter text here…

photo img_20210610_145426photo img_20210610_145523

We had an offer to purchase an Sandiwches, some snacks and drinks.
I chosen the chiken sandwich and orange guice.

photo img_20210610_151207

The pitch:

photo img_20210610_155352

Enter text here…

photo img_20210610_155837photo img_20210610_144118

Time to land in TLV:
We made a long descend for landing.

photo img_20210610_155839photo img_20210610_160600photo img_20210610_160744

Enter text here…

photo img_20210610_161015photo img_20210610_161156photo img_20210610_161207

Welcome to TLV airport:

photo img_20210610_161223photo img_20210610_161225photo img_20210610_161333

Enter text here…

photo img_20210610_161847photo img_20210610_162004

The new operations to deboard the aircraft because of the Covid 19 is row by row, so the deboard took a lot of time.

photo img_20210610_162552photo img_20210610_163555

The terminal:

photo img_20210610_163719photo img_20210610_163821photo img_20210610_163840

On our way to the passport check and baggage claim.

photo img_20210610_164406photo img_20210610_164601photo img_20210610_164956

After exit the baggage claim hall, It's the time for Covid check.

photo img_20210610_170702photo img_20210610_170705

Thank you for reading my FR :)

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Cabin crew8.0

Batumi - BUS


Tel Aviv - TLV



So after a long year without vacation, I Vaccinated finally and decided to fly to Batumi.
I chose to fly with Israir because of the option to cancel the flight (at an additional cost) and get a refund of the flight ticket.
Israir airlines made a lot of rescue flights around Europe at 2020 to take Israeli people back to the country, they also made a lot of cargo flights around the world (with stopovers) with their a320's.
This year (2021) they made a lot of summer flights around europe, UAE and Seychells island.
All of their flights operate as same as low cost flights, Baggage, seats, meals At an additional cost.
The pitch between the seats is very tight, do not choose to fly Israir for long flights (more than 3 hours).
Israir started to make Buisness, economy class flights just to UAE, the other destinations only offered in economy class seating.
Batumi airport offer very basic services, small airport with small duty free and lounge.

Hope you enjoyed this FR. Thanks for reading.



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    Pilpintu 757 Comments

    Hello Roy!

    Thanks for this report!

    The trip starts on my way to BUS airport.

    Actually I didn’t know anything about Batumi. I made some research after reading your FR and I can see that it’s a very interesting place! In fact, I had seen the statue of Ali and Nino somewhere on the Internet (such a sad story!), but I didn’t know it was in Batumi.

    Very basic lounge, offered Xachapuri

    I am in love with Xachapuri after some more googling. lol

    We made a long descend for landing.

    I love those long, slow descents. Usually so scenic!

    the deboard took a lot of time.

    Yeah, same here. You’d better not be in a hurry!

    Thank you for reading my FR :)

    Thank YOU for sharing! Batumi has just entered my bucket list. :D

    Stay safe!

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