Review of Lufthansa flight Sarajevo International Frankfurt in Business

Airline Lufthansa
Flight LH1547
Class Business
Seat 02A
Aircraft Airbus A319
Flight time 01:50
Take-off 22 Aug 21, 12:30
Arrival at 22 Aug 21, 14:20
LH   #40 out of 69 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 1415 reviews
By GOLD 558
Published on 6th September 2021

sjj landside


After an amazing stay in Sarajevo, here we are in front of the terminal to go back home:

photo img_1780_resultat

PCR test kiosk:

photo img_1783_resultat

There is some construction work performed:

photo img_1784_resultat

Departure hall:

photo img_1785_resultatphoto img_1788_resultat

The vaccination certificate has been checked at the counter.

photo img_1786_resultat

Customs and security are on the first level:

photo img_1791_resultatphoto img_1792_resultat

Ground level:

photo img_1793_resultat

The staff is really friendly, the checks and passport controls are done in no time.

business lounge sjj airport

The lounge is right after the passport control:

photo img_1795_resultat

We were warmly welcomed, the lounge isn't big but lots of daylight and nicely air conditionned:

photo img_1798_resultat


photo img_1799_resultatphoto img_1800_resultatphoto img_1805_resultat

Some hard drinks:

photo img_1801_resultat


photo img_1802_resultatphoto img_1803_resultat

There are also sandwiches but since they were not refrigerated (one was with chicken the other one with cheese) I didn't try them.

photo img_1815_resultat

sjj airside

Close to boarding time we went to the boarding area with a toilet stop first. I have never, ever, seen toilets in such a disgusting state.

photo img_1806_resultatphoto img_1807_resultat

At least in an airport, I can only post those two pictures, what was behind the door can't be shown here :(

Our gate:

photo img_1808_resultat

The appron:

photo img_1810_resultat

There is only one boarding room:

photo img_1812_resultatphoto img_1813_resultat

Duty Free:

photo img_1814_resultat

Air Arabia A320:

photo img_1818_resultat

the flight

Boarding started on time with two agents that were the people the less friendly we have seen during our whole stay. Disorganised, arrogant, and so on. No priority boarding, we had to make our way up to the desk to be able to board.
Boarding was via stairs and walking to the plane:

photo img_1824_resultatphoto img_1826_resultatphoto img_1828_resultat

The terminal is getting a new wing:

photo img_1831_resultat

Fuselage shoot:

photo img_1835_resultat

Door shoot:

photo img_1833_resultat

Our purser, Sebastian, warmly greeted us aboard, and I made my way to the infameous NEK seat:

photo img_1837_resultatphoto img_1838_resultatphoto img_1839_resultat

In coach, no more free service apart from a bottle of water and chocolate:

photo img_1840_resultatphoto img_1841_resultatphoto img_1842_resultat

Austrian's BOB is better, in my opinion.

photo img_1843_resultatphoto img_1844_resultat

I find it "funny" that inflights magazines are no more available due to the pandemic and the risk of infection but there is no problem to publish a buy on board brochure …
The seat recline:

photo img_1845_resultat

Front view:

photo img_1847_resultat

The pitch is nice:

photo img_1848_resultat

The last passengers are boarding:

photo img_1849_resultat

Safety card:

photo img_1850_resultat

Another front view:

photo img_1854_resultat

Push back:

photo img_1868_resultat

320neo Pegasus:

photo img_1872_resultat

Air Arabia A320:

photo img_1873_resultat

Wizz A320:

photo img_1874_resultat

A nice place to play soccer:

photo img_1877_resultat

The landscape:

photo img_1881_resultatphoto img_1882_resultatphoto img_1883_resultat

The houses are pretty close:

photo img_1885_resultat

Take off! See you soon Sarajevo!

photo img_1886_resultatphoto img_1887_resultatphoto img_1891_resultat

A galley and door shoot later in flight:

photo img_1896_resultat

Wifi is also available:

photo img_1897_resultat

An aperitive service is first performed:

photo img_1900_resultat


photo img_1901_resultat

The meal:

photo img_1903_resultat

Bread is served hot, the only "problem" is that there is no salt or pepper on the tray and with mozzarella cheese, no condiments is a bit odd. Fortunately, I still had it from my Austrian flights :)

photo img_1904_resultat

Coffee and dessert:

photo img_1906_resultat

And a chocolate to conclude the light meal:

photo img_1907_resultat

The flight is really smooth and I read a bit:

photo img_1909_resultat-68835

Weather isn't great in Germany:

photo img_1908_resultat

With lots of thunderstorms:

photo img_1910_resultatphoto img_1914_resultat

Almost arrived:

photo img_1915_resultatphoto img_1917_resultatphoto img_1919_resultat

Really nice views over FRA:

photo img_1920_resultatphoto img_1921_resultatphoto img_1922_resultat

Queen of the skies:

photo img_1925_resultat

777F and MD11F:

photo img_1927_resultat

Landed and reverse:

photo img_1930_resultat


photo img_1932_resultat


photo img_1934_resultat


photo img_1936_resultat


photo img_1940_resultat

On time landing in FRA, the next part is coming soon :)

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Cabin crew10.0

Business Lounge


Sarajevo International - SJJ


Frankfurt - FRA



The NEK cabin is showing its age and worse, it is not comfortable at all. A super friendly purser that did more than its job and was happy to do this flight and take care about the customers.

The meal was on the light side but perfectly fine.

SJJ was great, apart from the toilets :(

FRA was easy to transfert, not too much people.

The lounge is a nice place to wait for the flight, only the catering could be better with, for example, put the sandwiches in the fridge.

Thanks for reading!

Information on the route Sarajevo International (SJJ) Frankfurt (FRA)


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    KévinDC TEAM GOLD 5851 Comments

    Hey Stephan, thanks for sharing ! The old NEK cabin looks even worse now that it is ageing. The new cabins look better but not sure if they’re more comfortable.

    Airlines like BA and TP and the new KL cabins have nicer thicker seats up front, too bad LH didn’t take part in that trend with their new cabins.

    Totally agree that having BOB menus but no magazines makes zero sense.

    Thanks for sharing !

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