Review of ANA flight Tokyo Singapore in Economy

Airline ANA
Flight NH801
Class Economy
Seat 37K
Aircraft Boeing 787-9
Flight time 07:20
Take-off 19 Feb 21, 18:10
Arrival at 20 Feb 21, 00:30
NH   #5 out of 72 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 208 reviews
By 948
Published on 26th September 2021


Final flight of this 6-part epic. I have a 3 hour layover in Tokyo before departing back to my hot and humid country.

All Nippon Airways
Narita International Airport (NRT) - Singapore Changi International Airport (SIN)
Economy Class
Gate 32

ETD: 06:05PM
ATD: 06:07PM (on time)
ETA: 12:50AM
ATA: 12:29AM (on time)

A picture of the boarding pass issued in Boise.

photo img_2744


Passing by empty Duty Free shops.

photo img_2882

More walking as the group transferring from the flight are led by ground staff to the Transfer Desk.

photo img_2883

At the transfer desk, the staff made sure everyone had the appropriate paperwork and documentation for the next legs of the flights. Being a Singaporean citizen, all I needed was to produce my receipt for the arrival swab tests.

photo img_2884

I was also issued a new boarding pass for the flight.

photo img_2885

The FIDS were as expected. Barely any flights or just straight up cancelled.

photo img_2886photo img_2887

My plane being loaded in the late afternoon sun.

photo img_2888

Another look at my previous plane! Being loaded and restocked for the return flight shortly.

photo img_2889

I didn't do much walking because I was already pretty tired from the previous flights. The setting sun cast a beautiful pink hue over the airport.

photo img_2892

Boarding was announced punctually and the few passengers heading to Singapore started to board.

photo img_2893

Down the aerobridge.

photo img_2895

And into the plane.

photo img_2896


Passed by NH's business cabin.

photo img_2898photo img_2899

Took my seat at 37K. Legroom, decent. 

photo img_2900

Up close of the IFE for this flight.

photo img_2901

A familiar IFE remote. Seems like airlines have been using this since forever.

photo img_2903

Not a full flight. 

photo img_2902

The seatback contents have been reduced to just the flight safety card, airsickness bag and a pair of headphones.

photo img_2904photo img_2905photo img_2906

I do appreciate that ANA label their seats on the armrests.

photo img_2907

Taking a look at the flight preview for tonight.

photo img_2908

7 hours to Singapore. Will be arriving Saturday morning.

photo img_2909

Took off promptly and once we hit cruising, the cabin crew began handing out snacks and drinks.

photo img_2910

Followed soon after by the meal. The cabin crew had a laminated card showing the two options and you just had to point at whichever you wanted. I opted for Japanese curry again. The meal was served with a roasted chicken salad, garden salad, some edamame and a futomaki. Beverages were also available for request. 

Mid-way though my meal, the crew handed out a portion of hot cream of corn soup. 

photo img_2916

Cabin lights were dimmed once the trays were collected.

photo img_2917

Took a rest and woke up with 2 hours to arrival.

photo img_2918

Obligatory toilet visit. Clean toilet with the signature Japanese bidet.

photo img_2920photo img_2921photo img_2922

Flying over the Philippines.

photo img_2924

Spent the rest of the journey watching random shows till final approach.

photo img_2926photo img_2928


Cabin lights are lit after landing and as we taxi to the gate.

photo img_2927

Disembarking. Thank you ANA for the pleasant flight.

photo img_2929photo img_2930

The familiar heat and humidity of the air.

photo img_2932

Changi with almost no-one except staff fully dressed in PPE.

photo img_2933

Made my way towards immigration and bag collection.

photo img_2934photo img_2935

Will be collecting from Belt 16 tonight.

photo img_2936photo img_2937

There aren't many bags so it's easy to spot my items on the carousel.

photo img_2938
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Cabin crew9.0

Tokyo - NRT


Singapore - SIN



A great way to end my trip. ANA delivered a wonderful product on this flight. Asian carriers still hold the edge in terms of product compared to the US carriers. Thank you everyone for reading my reports and I hope to deliver more once the pandemic ends.

Information on the route Tokyo (NRT) Singapore (SIN)


  • Comment 581744 by
    ThomasDutch SILVER 542 Comments

    Seems that service remained pretty good with ANA during Covid19 despite a few procedures, but being isolated for two weeks after a businesstrip is an absolute terrible thing. Been seeing a few others with a mandatory quarantine arranged by state, so I guess you may have been lucky with the hotel or were you allowed to choose?

    Thanks for sharing this report.

    • Comment 581769 by
      FiamaArin AUTHOR 69 Comments

      Hi Thomas,

      Thank you for reading my report! The quarantine hotel was allocated by the government. Basically we were just ushered to the bus. I didn't even know where I was headed until I saw where the bus was heading to.


  • Comment 581771 by
    Aigle_voyageur GOLD 687 Comments

    Thank you for sharing this FR :)

    A very good flight on ANA with a very good japanese catering.

    Interesting fact about the seats labels on armrests. I never paid attention.

    As for Singapore's quarantine measures, ewww... I hope the pandemic ends soon as well in Asia.

    Have safe flights. ;)

    • Comment 581830 by
      FiamaArin AUTHOR 69 Comments

      Hi Aigle,

      Thank you for reading my report! I hope you enjoyed it. \

      Interesting fact about the seats labels on armrests. I never paid attention. >

      It's a small detail but a great way to help older folks who can't look up find their seats.

      As for Singapore's quarantine measures, ewww... >

      Looking on the bright side, I just treated it like a two-week company sponsored staycation. I do believe these measures are needed to slow the spread of the virus, especially in Singapore with our aging population.

  • Comment 581974 by
    757Fan 607 Comments

    Looks like a great flight with ANA. They seem to offer a really good Economy Class product! Thanks for sharing.

  • Comment 583296 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 5530 Comments

    A nice end to a cool pandemic-era series of flights!

    ANA service seems mostly the same as pre-pandemic, minus showing menu choices on cards and mask wearing, etc. The meal looks very tasty, for an intra-Asia route.

    Ever-changing quarantine and vaccination requirements along with border closures have made international travel during the pandemic very challenging. Thanks for giving us some insight into the Hotel quarantine. It's nice to see that Singapore is finally opening up to some countries with the Vaccinated Travel Lane programme. It seems it was successful enough with Germany and Brunei that it was expanded to 9 more countries--hopefully this continues as we learn that Intl travel can be safe when vaccinated.

    Thanks for sharing!

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