Review of United flight San Francisco Tokyo in Economy

Airline United
Flight UA837
Class Economy
Seat 52L
Aircraft Boeing 787-9
Flight time 11:05
Take-off 18 Feb 21, 11:05
Arrival at 18 Feb 21, 15:10
UA   #45 out of 69 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 364 reviews
By BRONZE 1488
Published on 5th September 2021


This will be the second leg of my return journey from Boise, Idaho back to Singapore. After a minor departure delay in BOI, I've now arrived in SFO and will be making the long trip across the Pacific. At this point in time, I'm feeling pretty gloomy that my oversea trip is coming to an end but I'm glad I managed to travel internationally during this period when the whole world was virtually locked-down.

United Airlines
San Francisco International Airport (SFO) - Narita International Airport (NRT) B787-9
Economy Class
Gate G4

ETD: 11:05AM
ATD: 10:56AM (9 minutes early)
ETA: 03:10PM
ATA: 02:45PM (25 minutes early)

Boarding pass was issued in BOI during check-in.

photo img_2743-65917


I made my way through SFO's domestic terminal which still had a reasonable amount of traffic.

photo img_2779

Connecting to my next leg through this portal, I mean door.

photo img_2780

Last few hours on US soil.

photo img_2781

There isn't much to picture in the international terminal as most shops were closed so I headed to my gate. And here she is, N29984, the same bird I took on my flight from NRT. She was now going to make another trip back to Japan.

photo img_2782

A combined FIDS displaying both domestic and international departures.

photo img_2784

Cargo trolleys begin to surround the 787 while her belly is opened to load them on.

photo img_2785

I will be departing from Gate G4 today.

photo img_2786

A view of the plane from the waiting area.

photo img_2787

The waiting area is quiet with no more than 30 passengers on this flight I believe.

photo img_2790

Before long, boarding commences. There's no rush to board since there's plenty of room on this flight.

photo img_2791

Down the hallway…

photo img_2792

… and into the plane we go!

photo img_2793


Passing by Polaris.

photo img_2794

And Premium Economy.

photo img_2795

I was originally seated in 35L but another couple seemed to be seated in the same row by the system so I offered to move to the rear since I arrived after them. Picked a quiet area and chose row 52 for this flight.

photo img_2796

United's seatback IFE. WiFi was available for purchase and power ports were also available.

photo img_2797photo img_2861

Rear cargo door is still open.

photo img_2799

Let's have a look at the flight map and some details for this flight.

photo img_2800photo img_2803photo img_2804

Having a browse through the movie selection.

photo img_2802

A look at the back of the plane.

photo img_2806

And now the front. The 787's cabin just seems so spacious.

photo img_2807

As we pushed back, the flight attendants handed out disinfecting wipes while the safety video played.

photo img_2808

A short presentation by United on the measures taken on their plane to combat the spread of COVID-19 during air travel.

photo img_2809

Slowly taxiing to the runway

photo img_2811

An interesting view from the flight map!

photo img_2812

Passing by N786UA in frankly terrible shape.

photo img_2814

Flight map has also started to update.

photo img_2816

After a fairly long taxi, we've finally taken off.

photo img_2817

Seeing the Golden Gate Bridge for the first time in my life!

photo img_2818

The cabin is silent except for the hum of the engines. The cabin lighting was softened to make it more comfortable for the passengers.

photo img_2819

No Polaris/Premium Economy? No worries!

photo img_2820

Once the plane levelled off, the crew went about handing these little bottle of mineral water.

photo img_2823

Fight information in English and Japanese.

photo img_2824photo img_2825

The sparse seatback content include just the safety card and an airsickness bag.

photo img_2828photo img_2829

A pre-meal drink is served. I picked a beer this time.

photo img_2830

Dinner is served. A portion of cream pasta, some salad, rice crackers and a roll. Standard United fare, no where near close to what an Asian or Middle-Eastern airline would offer. After the tray were collected, the crew served an ice cream sorbet.

Post-meal lavatory visit. It's pretty clean and more sanitizing wipes are available here

photo img_2840photo img_2839

The cabin lights are dimmed and the windows automatically tinted by the crew for the long pacific crossing.

photo img_2841

It doesn't look like we travelled very far 

photo img_2842

Getting really dark now. Even my camera is struggling to get a steady shot.

photo img_2844

More flight information.

photo img_2847photo img_2848photo img_2849

The crew came around distributing alcohol. I took a red wine before my nap.

photo img_2850

When I woke up, we were already on the other side of the Pacific. What a miracle potion that wine was. I went to ask the cabin crew if they had any candy I could suck on as I was having a little pressure in my ears but sadly, they had none to offer. 

Just over an hour before landing, the cabin crew slowly lit up the cabin in preparation for the second service. I was quite surprised as usually the second service would be done 2 hours prior to landing? I guess the low load factor could have allowed the cabin crew to do it at the very last minute.

photo img_2856

Our blue planet. 

photo img_2859

The second service consisted of a egg and bacon pastry. It was dense and heavy, very filling. The crew went about handing out seconds to anyone who wanted it. I took one as I had some time between my connection and having transited in NRT earlier, I knew there would be nothing much I could buy to eat.

photo img_2860

Making our final approach into NRT.

photo img_2864photo img_2865

Just a few minutes more.

photo img_2868photo img_2869

Less than 10mi to go.

photo img_2870photo img_2873

Touchdown in NRT!

photo img_2874

Taxiing to our gate.

photo img_2875

Cabin is now well-lit and window tints are gone.

photo img_2877


Disembarkation in NRT is strictly by destination with connecting passengers taking priority over those who were at their final destination.

photo img_2878

I moved out of the plane when the cabin crew announced that passengers with onward connections to other Asian destinations were now allowed to disembark.

photo img_2879photo img_2880

Once out of the plane, we were ushered by ground staff to a transfer desk to complete some paperwork.

photo img_2881
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Cabin crew7.0

San Francisco - SFO


Tokyo - NRT



As expected, UA can't compete with the Asian or Middle-Eastern giants in terms of product. However, I'm glad they were very thorough with the cleaning and hygiene policy including mask wearing. Meals were basic, especially so for the second service. Also, I'm not sure but I think having small snacks or candies would definitely make the passenger experience better.

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  • Comment 580753 by
    KévinDC TEAM GOLD 5851 Comments

    Hi FiamaArin, beautiful pics and well-written report as always!

    Though travelling internationally in times of Covid can be complex, the positive side is planes are often empty on routes like this one where travel is restricted. And in cases where the flight in mostly empty, it's nice to have a whole row to stretch out. Arguably better than the premium economy experience where the armrests are fixed so you can't lay across multiple seats.

    The catering is unsurprisingly blah...US carriers have always done a mediocre job with Economy class catering, but in this case the second "meal" is particularly sad, especially for an 11h flight! I would expect to see this more on a 6-7 hour TATL, not a TPAC.

    That new UA livery is sexy though! And the newish UA cabins look nice in ever cabin.

    Thanks for sharing!

    • Comment 580991 by
      FiamaArin BRONZE AUTHOR 69 Comments

      Hello Kevin,

      Thank you for always taking a look at my reports and I really appreciate it. The new cabin is a step up over the last time I flew on a 772 on the SIN-HKG route. My expectations for catering wasn't high but the breakfast was slightly disappointing and probably just another cost-cutting measure in this era of low passenger numbers.

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