Review of United Express flight San Francisco Boise in Economy

Airline United Express
Flight UA5328
Class Economy
Seat 7A
Flight time 01:55
Take-off 23 Jan 21, 10:45
Arrival at 23 Jan 21, 13:40
UA   #62 out of 69 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 63 reviews
Published on 13th June 2021


It's been a long journey but so far, I've only moved 4 hours into the future since I departed Singapore at 6am. I'm super glad that the final flight isn't too long.

United Airlines
San Francisco International Airport (SFO) - Boise Air Terminal/Gowen Field (BOI)
Economy Class
Gate F9

ETD: 10:50AM
ATD: 10:43AM (7 minutes early)
ETA: 01:40PM
ATA: 01:22PM (17 minutes early)


Final boarding pass for this journey. Glad to see this made it all the way from Singapore intact as well.

photo img_2412

After collecting my bags from the previous leg, I had to re-check it for the domestic leg of my journey. It was an interesting experience, I haven't had to do something like this before.

photo img_2544

From the baggage re-check area, I left the international terminal of SFO and made my way to the domestic terminal. Had to go through security yet again. 

I really like the concourse area of SFO. Can't imagine it during peak periods though.

photo img_2552

Let's have a look at the domestic FIDS! I'm going to assume that this is a meagre amount but when compared to international flights, it's night and day.

photo img_2554

Had a look around the terminal.

photo img_2555

A lone 777 sitting with an entire fleet of cargo containers.

photo img_2556

Made my way to the gate as I was tired and just wanted to rest.

photo img_2557

My plane for this flight! It's almost like a toy when compared to the previous sectors.

photo img_2558

Nothing much happens until boarding starts and I made my way to the plane.

photo img_2559

Open air jet bridge! Another new experience for me.

photo img_2560photo img_2561


It's definitely a small plane. The overhead compartments wouldn't take in any my backpack and I had to stow it under the seat in front of me. And for the first time this trip, a moderately crowded plane!

photo img_2562

Seat view. It's a squeeze but hey, the plane is small too.

photo img_2563

Lights, air nozzles and a call button. Nothing fancy here.

photo img_2564

I've never been so low to the ground on a plane.

photo img_2565

The final passengers board the plane. I would say it was at 70% capacity? I was lucky again here as the seat besides me wasn't taken.

photo img_2566

Safety information card and a sick bag. No reading materials here.

photo img_2567photo img_2568

Spotted a big gash on the flooring where I was seated. 

photo img_2569

Without much delay, we're off!

photo img_2571

A drink service is offered but no snacks are available.

photo img_2574

Levelling off over the mountain ranges.

photo img_2575

Took a quick visit to the lavatory. No bigger than a broom closet.

photo img_2576

I provided my own entertainment by watching some shows on my phone.

photo img_2577

Landed in Boise!

photo img_2578


After a quick taxi, we disembarked from the plane.

photo img_2579

A look around Boise Air Field as I collected my bags and rental keys.

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United Express

Cabin crew5.5

San Francisco - SFO


Boise - BOI



A no-frills flight from United Express. Really nothing notable or exceptional. A single drink service was expected but no prepacked snacks seems like a bit of a cost cutting move which UA is taking advantage of by citing the pandemic.



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