Review of JetSmart flight Santiago Concepcion in Economy

Airline JetSmart
Flight JA293
Class Economy
Seat 14A
Aircraft Airbus A320
Flight time 00:50
Take-off 10 Oct 21, 14:05
Arrival at 10 Oct 21, 14:55
JA 21 reviews
By 199
Published on 21st November 2021

Having arrived from Iquique some minutes earlier, fuel has been loaded, the galley has been restocked, and now we're ready to continue our trip to CCP.


Woo - hoo! My scaredy-cat neighbor left and nobody took the middle seat for the rest of the trip.

photo img_20211010_141332

The previous passenger must have been a pig.

photo img_20211010_145059

Traces of coffee in a corner. Looks suspiciously similar to choca moka.

photo img_20211010_145105

We are some minutes late because the FAs can't agree on the number of passengers onboard. One counts 75, another 73, but the ground staff tells them there should be 72. Then they agree there are 72. Problem solved. Let's get going.

photo img_20211010_134651

This is the corridor connecting the two new east piers.

photo img_20211010_134703

I wonder if Mineral Airways 737-200 is still in service. But I can't see the airline on the side anymore. In fact, it seems to be covered. Hmm. Something's going on here.

photo img_20211010_135651

Mothballed CC-BAY in its "official national soccer selection" livery.

photo img_20211010_135756


photo img_20211010_135801

…et al. All mothballed.

photo img_20211010_135809

The flight

Some additional information about this 44-minute hop.

photo 2021-11-13-222210_1366x768_scrot

And up we go…

photo img_20211010_140629

…above the wavy roofs of the new buildings…

photo img_20211010_140637

…representing the mountains, they say.

photo img_20211010_140643

Sure, because you can barely see the real ones behind the smog.

photo img_20211010_140711

Over Talagante we veer a bit to the left…

photo img_20211010_141049

…and fly above the Cordillera de la Costa…

photo img_20211010_142718

…whose original forests were replaced with pine plantations…

photo img_20211010_142737

…ruining the once navigable rivers with sand embankments, like river Maule down there.

photo img_20211010_142932


photo img_20211010_143435

In no time we are descending over river Itata…

photo img_20211010_144146photo img_20211010_144202

…and the small towns along the shore north of Concepción.

photo img_20211010_144618photo img_20211010_144639photo img_20211010_144706

Penco is the last town…

photo img_20211010_144727

…and the Autopista Interportuaria…

photo img_20211010_144923

…and Avenida Jorge Alessandri.

photo img_20211010_144940

Too bad we didn't land from the south. I missed a cool view of the city.

photo img_20211010_144946photo img_20211010_144949

So, here we are. If you'd like to look around the city…

photo img_20211010_144959

…I strongly advice you have a look…

photo img_20211010_145024

…at some of my previous reports…

photo img_20211010_145151

…like this one

photo img_20211010_145201

…or this one

photo img_20211010_145312

…because I'm an old 50-year-old grandpa now and I'm feeling quite tired. I don't feel like going for a walk.

photo img_20211010_150218

An in my times the transfer service was much cheaper. Look at this! 8000 CLP (10 USD) for a couple of lousy kilometers! I'm being ripped off! Twice as much as in Valdivia, and for a shorter ride!

photo img_20211010_151013

And the driver was a devil at the wheel! It says 50, Mr Driver. 50!! Not 150!!

photo img_20211010_152316

Well, I went sad, I came back grumpy. I wonder what's worse. XD

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Cabin crew10.0
Buy-on-board menu8.0

Santiago - SCL


Concepcion - CCP



Need to travel cheap? Choose JetSmart. They do their job. For a short hop like this, this airline is ideal. Unfortunately the hop was too short and there was no BOB service. Boo. Just like the previous flight, I sincerely hope they will do something to improve their seats!

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