Review of JetSmart flight Concepcion Puerto Montt in Economy

Airline JetSmart
Flight JA211
Class Economy
Seat 27A
Aircraft Airbus A320
Flight time 01:05
Take-off 10 Feb 18, 18:55
Arrival at 10 Feb 18, 20:00
JA 14 reviews
Published on 8th September 2018

According to the Merriam-Webster online dictionary, this word means "lasting a very short time."

As in "This was an ephemeral point-to-point route."

In fact, last October 2, 2017, JetSmart was announcing its new CCP > PMC route on their Facebook account, connecting both cities directly for the first time ever!

photo comenzamos

But the following year Puerto Montt is no longer listed among the destinations for flights from Concepción. Not even for the high season. Boo - hoo. :(

photo nomore

There's always the bus, but it's a 9-hour ride!

As explained in my previous report, point-to point routes within my country are seldom profitable for airlines. JetSmart is the airline that has been exploring these routes more intensively, turning Concepción into their second most important hub after SCL.

But we could have good news very soon. Only days ago, the government announced an "immediate" reduction in boarding fees! A 20% reduction for domestic flights - which will increase to 40% by 2020 - and a 4 USD reduction for international flights, leaving the fee at 24 USD by 2020.

photo rebaja

I wonder if this decision has something to do with the current economical situation in Argentina. The usual swarms of Argentines invading the Chilean beaches and shopping centers every summer might not show up the next season. Hence the need to foster domestic tourism.

Whatever the case, I just could not miss the opportunity to add this route to my log!

So, welcome to the last leg of my 2018 summer holidays, on which has now become a historical flight! XD

This is flight 9 of 9 in this series. The reports for flights 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8 are also available.

Cheesy bonus - Concepción from a hill

Having just arrived from Antofagasta, an Uber takes me for little more than 7 USD (the same price of a transfer van)…

photo img_5837

…all the way across Concepción…

photo img_5838
photo img_5843

…to the foot of Caracol Hill, a park from where you get nice views of the city.

photo img_5844

Too bad that you have to go… up. Of course. It's a hill. But this cheese in my backpack is making my life miserable.

photo img_5845

I pant my way to the first lookout.

photo img_5848

The last time I came to this hill was in the early 90s. The city has changed a lot! Apartment buildings are popping up everywhere.

photo img_5850

The roar of plane engines makes me look up. Who goes there?

photo img_5851

How nice!

photo img_5852

I got off CC-AWA only minutes ago.

photo img_5853

That building center left would be the Centro Plaza.

photo img_5860

One thing that I learned today is that roads don't look as steep in photographs as they are in real life!

photo img_5862

River Bío Bío can be seen from the next lookout.

photo img_5863
photo img_5866

Building high rises is quite expensive in a seismic country like Chile. See that building under construction over there? No bricks, but only reinforced concrete. That's why I feel my legs shake when I see how they build in other countries.

photo img_5873
photo img_5877

I was planning to get to the top of the hill, but I won't make it with this load on my back. Let's go back.

photo img_5879

Besides, it's lunchtime, and I don't wan't to get to the airport in a hurry.

photo img_5887

Back at CCP

After a relaxing stroll and lunch in Concepción, it's time to head to the airport.

photo img_5895

No buses to the airport. You have to take a taxi…

photo img_5896

…a transfer service, or, as in my case, call an Uber…

photo img_5898

…which will take you there in less than five minutes…

photo img_5899

…since CCP is within the urban area.

photo img_5900

It's like going to the supermarket!

photo img_5901

As a fun fact I can mention that CCP is located in an area called Talcahuano…

photo img_5905

…which, along with other towns, make up a single urban area. People in Talchuano complain that CCP shouldn't be called "Concepción airport".

photo img_5907

Whatever the case, CCP's real name is…

photo img_5908

…"Carriel Sur."

photo img_20180210_153918

On this end of the terminal is the arrivals area, evidently.

photo img_20180210_154008

The check-in counters are on the other end. Let's go there just for reporting purposes.

photo img_20180210_154029

This is new. Information kiosks. We'll see more of them airside.

photo img_20180210_154042

The information desk was there the last time…

photo img_20180210_154225

…but not these games.

photo img_20180210_154243

The last three flights of the day. Dominated by JetSmart.

photo img_20180210_154319

The center of the hall.

photo img_20180210_154332
photo img_20180210_154348

An exhibition of some kind (like the Chinchorro mummies at ARI) would fit very well in this space. For the moment they have some pictures…

photo img_20180210_154505

…an ATM, and a training center…

photo img_20180210_154510

…for future pilots.

photo img_20180210_154847

You can also charge your devices here.

photo img_20180210_154558

Not much action around at the moment. The longest queue is the one to pay the parking at the caja (checkout)

photo img_20180210_154621

Defunct LAW still has its desks here. By the time I took this photo they had cancelled all domestic flights one moth before. They're just wasting electricity.

photo img_20180210_154722_1

Security check is upstairs. Let's go there.

photo img_20180210_154739


photo img_20180210_154942

Right. A cafeteria.

photo img_20180210_155039


photo img_20180210_155051
photo img_20180210_155059


photo img_20180210_155215
photo img_20180210_155239

Promoting our very humble, microscopic version of Iguazú falls: Saltos del Laja. A nice picture here.

photo img_20180210_155325

The offices of Acciona, the Spanish company in charge of JetSmart's airport servicing.

photo img_20180210_155708

Just next is an unexpected exhibition by kindergarten artists…

photo img_20180210_155416

…emulating the style of some renown heavyweights like van Gogh…

photo img_20180210_155429

…Joan Miró…

photo img_20180210_155439

…(this kid has talent, doesn't he?)…

photo img_20180210_155457

…or Vasili Kandinski.

photo img_20180210_155540

From there to security check. The staff look almost surprised to see me there on my own. I ask akwardly "Is it… OK… if I…. now?" "Of course!" they say, showing me through the metal detector. So I'm airside in about 20 seconds!

Er… hello? Am I a bit too early?

photo img_20180210_161159

Well, I could swear that somebody was there ten seconds ago!

photo img_20180210_161204

Where did everyone go??!!

Then it dawns on me: My Christian Protestant uncle was right, and everybody was suddenly taken to heaven but me because I'm an unrepentant sinner! Woo - hoo!!! Alone a last!! Let's have a look around MY new airport…

photo img_20180210_161254

…starting with the VIP lounge, but only from outside in case some VIP sinner has been left behind, too.

photo img_20180210_161310

Wooow! Literally everybody went to heaven!

photo img_20180210_161341

They must be very happy up there, because the food was not precisely heavenly down here. Peaches, oranges and cheap cheese sandwiches for VIP passengers?! And PLASTIC cutlery??? The Bible was right. The end is nigh!

photo img_5916

And Windows Vista??!! I repent! I repent!! I'll become straight but please take me out of this hell!!!

photo img_20180210_164230

But God won't hear my prayer. I'll stay alone in this airport forever. I shouldn't have seen Jason Statham in Megalodon to start with. That was my spiritual ruin. Let's see what else there's to be seen in this lonely airport.

photo img_20180210_161431

Art! Art always soothes my spirit.

photo img_20180210_161448

Tears run down my cheeks. Is it my repentance or this eye-watering price tag? (400,000 CLP = 580 USD)

photo img_20180210_161501

But, if dragging a heavy goat cheese along the waiting room is not enough punishment, then what is??

photo img_20180210_161533

I wonder if the new FIDS can help me see the truth.

photo img_20180210_162133

16:18. Hm. That might explain the absence of life around here. The Sky flight to Santiago should leave any moment from now (it's almost 30 minutes late already) and the next flight (my flight) won't leave until 18:54.

photo img_20180210_161723

So, I was not left alone in this world by divine intervention?! Damn. Another religious disappointment. >:(

photo img_20180210_161922

But let's look at the bright side of it. This will give me time for some in-depth air travel research… like measuring my luggage!

photo img_20180210_161837

Great! My backpack fits perfectly into the bolso de mano (hand bag) category. A few centimeters more and I would have to pay, even if I carry it in the cabin.

photo img_20180210_161828

I will also be able to practice what I've called the "CCP Waltz".

photo img_20180210_163959

It's not the usual 1, 2, 3 - 1, 2, 3, but 3, 1, 2, 2, 1, 3, 2, 3, 1…

photo img_20180210_164011

Oh! I remember that! The viral video of a hatching baby octopus (bottom of the screen). CCP has new screens and wifi service!

photo img_20180210_161602

Planespotting is not precisely a thrill around here…

photo img_5909

…but you can still see the ocassional Cessna…

photo img_5910
photo img_5912

..or a domestic flight departing more than 30 minutes late.

photo img_5913
photo img_5914

An Air Tractor AT-802 (thanks to Marathon for the hint)

photo img_5917

Photographing it was a real challenge. It kept going and coming very swiftly, and landed several times.

photo img_5936

17:25. My plane is just leaving SCL. It should be at CCP in about 40 minutes.

photo screenshot_20180210-172520

In the meantime, here's a mystery I MUST solve: In my last visit to CCP I was left scratching my head at the sight of these colorful plastic artifacts, so I now ask someone at the nearby cafeteria about them.

photo img_20180210_160744

I'm told that they are literature displays or stands. The Catholic church planned to offer their publications to travellers. They brought the stands… but never came back! The stands have been here, unused, for months!

photo img_20180210_160112

But you will find toilet paper here. The restrooms are well equipped…

photo img_20180210_164057

…and look and smell nice and clean.

photo img_20180210_164103

On this end of the terminal, above arrivals, is the only cafeteria, in case you want something more than cold cheese sandwiches from the VIP lounge. It also happens to be the international boarding section, though I'm not aware of international commercial flights departing from or arriving at CCP.

photo img_20180210_160824
photo img_20180210_160803

Let's take a closer look at the new information kiosks, here called by the name "tótem." A totem is something slightly different for me, but… whatever.

photo img_20180210_160840

The software still needs some work. It doesn't fit the screen size by default.

photo img_20180210_160921

Once you enlarge or shrink the image to the appropiate size, you can access basic information about airport's services…

photo img_20180210_160937

…like car rental, for example. Pretty simple and unpretentious.

photo img_20180210_161020

Very enlightening information from the national aviation authority (DGAC): Who's in charge of what in a concessioned airport like this. The DGAC is in charge of…
- Inspectic baggage and passengers
- Detecting explosives
- Inspecting cargo
- Control tower
- Emergency rescue and fire brigade
- Personnel certification

The concession's holder is in charge of…
- Parking and jetbridges
- Shops, restaurats and cafeterias
- Other sevices like taxis, etc.

photo img_20180210_161151

First signs of action out there, in preparation for the arrival of our plane.

photo img_5927

Some detailed shots for the towbar-addicts among you.

No idea what those people might be doing. Taking measurements, perhaps?

photo img_5930photo img_5928photo img_5929

And there it comes.

photo img_5931photo img_5933photo img_5935

CC-AWE is brand new!

photo img_5941

Its first flight was on December 6, 2017…

photo img_5943

…so by the time of this flight it's barely two months and four days old!

photo img_5944

It has a seagull on it's tail, so it was baptized Gaviota Austral (Leucophaeus scoresbii, aka dolphin gull)

photo img_5946

The kids from Acciona begin their coordinated ballet…

photo img_5947photo img_5949photo img_5950

…with admirable efficiency.

photo img_5952
photo img_5953
photo img_5955

Inside, our group is already in the ramp waiting for the incoming passengers to deboard.

photo img_5958

I will take my place, too.

photo img_20180210_181939

Gaviota Austral from the jetbridge.

photo img_5959

As you see here…

photo img_20180210_183232

…there's a considerable group boarding this flight.

photo img_20180210_183238

I wouldn't say the plane is empty. So I wonder why JetSmart dropped this route so quickly. It was not always like today, perhaps? Whatever. I really hope the reduced boarding fees will help somehow.

photo img_20180210_183324

In spite of the 186-seat high density cabin, the space between seats is OK for me. I think that the thin seats and the minuscule tray tables make it possible.

photo img_20180210_183809

The two guys in front of me are absorbed in Pokemon hunting and boast their monster collection. Some people never grow up! (BTW, where did I leave my toy plane…?)

photo img_20180210_184018

The flight

Some additional information about this flight.

photo route ccp pmc

We're escorted for some meters during pushback…

photo img_5960

…and once we are left on our own…

photo img_5961

…the staff stays there, waving at us! Look at them!

photo img_5962

Aren't they the very personification of pride? Thanks, guys. Good job!

photo img_5963

We leave…

photo img_20180210_185118

…past the control tower.

photo img_5967

There goes the hyperkinetic Air Tractor again!

photo img_5971

A relatively short taxi and we're all set to depart…

…with a view to the local freaky artifact, I have seen one in every Chilean airport.

photo img_5984

I bet it's still in use. Otherwise why the stairs!

photo img_5987
photo img_5987b

With no further delay, off we go.

CCP in sight.

photo img_5992
photo img_5993
photo img_5994

That road marks the limit between Concepción and Talcahuano, but…

photo img_5996

…they make up a single city, as you see.

photo img_5997

Banking a little to the south-east…

photo img_5998

…above Lo Méndez lagoon and the intersection of Alonso de Ribera and Paicaví avenues…

…towards downtown Concepción.

photo img_6003

Center left, Las Tres Pascualas lagoon. Weird name, isn't it? Well, legend has it that three sisters used to do laundry in this lagoon.

photo img_6005

One day they met a stranger and the three of them fell in love with him.

photo img_6006

He thought "Why pick one cherry when you can have the whole tree?" But each sister, unwilling to share his love with the other two, walked into the lagoon and drowned. I wonder if the three were called Pascuala, because the name of the lagoon means The Three Pascualas.

photo img_6007

This is the center of the city…

photo img_6008

…and the forested area is Caracol hill…

photo img_6009

…the hill that I climbed for the tourism bonus above.

photo img_6010

The city stretches southwards between the hills and river Bío Bío…

photo img_6012

…which used to be navigable until deforestation…

photo img_6016

…caused its bed to get filled with sediment.

photo img_6018

Chiguayante is the last town we see…

photo img_6020

…as we climb south above this area of intense agricultural activity…

photo img_6021

…and forestry industries.

Nacimiento, for example, is a town whose economy depends almost exclusively on the forestry industry. Center right is a pulp mill.

photo img_6030
photo img_6031

It's been several hours from lunch. I have no option but to order one of those minimal muffins again.

photo img_20180210_191722

The cabin during the flight.

photo img_20180210_193554


photo img_6034

Nueva Imperial, where my roots on my mother's side are.

photo img_6040

Lake Calafquén, and Villarrica and Llaima volcanoes.

photo img_6043

San José de la Mariquina! We are flying right above my local airport, Pichoy (ZAL)!

photo img_6046

The sight of lake Riñihue and Chos-Wenko volcano lets me know that this would be the right moment to take a parachute and jump off. I would land in my backyard!

photo img_6051

But I have to continue my way south for other 180km. Paillaco, down there, is where the road from Valdivia meets the Ruta 5 Sur - aka Panamerican Highway - to the south.

photo img_6063

Beautiful lake Ranco.

photo img_6065

Like many other towns in this area, the economy of Río Bueno - on river Bueno, of course - revolves around the dairy industry.

photo img_6069

The Panamerican Highway crossing the river Bueno.

photo img_6075

Once I dreamed that I boarded a plane and it started taxiing but never took off. The plane left the airport and travelled by land along a highway! This flight is much like that dream. We are following the Panamerican Highway! There's San Pablo, 100km north of our destination.

photo img_6077

Cancura has beautiful surroundings…

photo img_6080

…on river Rahue.

photo img_6081

A very representative picture of the area: agriculture and cattle farming.

photo img_6085

The last kilometers of the flight are very scenic…

photo img_6086

…with little towns bordering…

photo img_6087

…beautiful lake Llanquihue (which sounds yan-kee-weh)…

photo img_6090

…and Osorno volcano as a backdrop.

photo img_6093

This area is hugely popular among national tourists. In fact, if you ever visit Chile, the first thing you will be asked when you engage in conversation is "Have you been to the south yet?"

Farms before landing.

The area around Puerto Montt was declared a "natural monument"…

photo img_6142

…in order to protect some old alerces, which belong to the same family as the North American sequoias.

photo img_6143

Landing gear down.

photo img_6145
photo img_6146
photo img_6147

And we've made it to PMC. Look at that!

photo img_6148

I wish my kitchen looked that clean!

photo img_6156

We reach the end of the runway…

photo img_6160

…and turn right, passing by some military facilities…

photo img_6162photo img_6163photo img_6164

…and the local curiosity. Well see more of it in a second.

photo img_6165

What a beautiful livery!

photo img_6167

That little cutie is a Cessna T206H Turbo Stationair…

photo img_6167b

…and flew around the globe in 2007! Show some respect!

photo img_6168

And this one… well, nothing special, but you'll see a lot of small private aircraft around here, belonging to wealthy people living on the islands south of Puerto Montt, or to some small airlines connecting the isolated towns in Patagonia.

photo img_6169

A mysterious white plane.

photo img_6170

Arriving at the terminal.

photo img_6172
photo img_6171
photo img_6174

Aha, so Mr. Mystery does have a registration: 9H-LDN, a private Bombardier Global Express.

photo img_6175

And here we are.

photo img_6178

As for the old yellow plane…

photo img_6180

…we are in the presence of respectable granny CC-CBO.

photo img_6182

It has a long story that you can find here: Part 1, Part 2. But long story short, this DC-3 was sold to ENAP (a Chilean oil company) after WW2, then ENAP sold it to LanChile (now LATAM) in the early 1960s.

photo img_6184

Then in 1974 LanChile sold it to an airline called Aerocor. In 1979 it had an accident and ended up here, at PMC. It was declared abandoned in 2002. Luckily, PMC's Rescuing and Fire Brigade Service was authorized to use CC-CBO as training material. They painted it, and it's been "active" serving as a training plane ever since. A dignified retirement, in my opinion. :)

photo img_6183

The time has come to disembark. I think I'm the last one here.

photo img_20180210_201009

Acciona has already started the boarding process…

photo img_20180210_201104

…for passengers of the flight back to CCP.

photo img_20180210_201136

Again, it's such a pity that JetSmart has dropped this route.

photo img_20180210_201202

Hopefully they will see the oportunity to retake it soon.

photo img_20180210_201228

As for me, I feel sad that my summer trip has come to an end…

photo img_20180210_201237

…but at the same time happy to go back home. I'm so tired!!!

photo img_20180210_201259

I need holidays from my holidays!

photo img_20180210_201303

A nice day at El Tepual (PMC). More people than usual…

photo img_20180210_201535

…but finding my bus to the city is as easy as always. There it is.

photo img_20180210_201614

Just remember to get the ticket before you leave baggage claim!

photo img_20180210_201631

New series of reports coming soon. This time we'll visit some amazing places around Argentina, including Buenos Aires and the breathtaking Iguazú falls.

Thanks for reading! :)
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Cabin crew10.0
Buy-on-board menu7.0

Concepcion - CCP


Puerto Montt - PMC



A short-lived point-to-point route, CCP > PMC is proof of the challenges that airlines face in my country when it comes to flying between cities other than Santiago.

Nevertheless, JetSmart sticks to its strategy to offer no-frills flights, opening new routes (now international flights between smaller cities in Chile and Argentina!) and the government's decision to reduce airport fees might play a decisive role in making these routes profitable.



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  • Comment 464275 by
    marathon GOLD 9819 Comments

    "Roads don't look as steep in photographs as they are in real life"
    - Agreed :( Hint : if you can (which is not that often the case), take the picture sideways, with something reasonably vertical (tree, building...) in it.

    The "Extra EA-300" looks a lot like an Air Tractor AT-802 ;)

    Quite an eerie empty terminal ! (nice wooden ceiling, though)

    Haha, Pokemons are still alive in Chile (they appeared to have been already exterminated in their native Japan when I visited this spring. Or maybe I was in the wrong places).

    Designers of firefighting training grounds never seem to get the size of the engines right ;)

    Wikipedia provides two versions of the Tres Pascualas legend : in one, the three girls commit suicide as you describe, in the other, they drown trying to reach the man calling one of them from a boat on the lake.

    Nice CASA 212 in the shade after landing !

    Beautiful rose livery and awesome round the world feat for D-EMCA !

    No wonder I felt there was something wrong with the vertical stabilizer of that DC3 ! At least they did not use for fire extinguishing training purposes (but the engines' size would have been correct ;)

    Thanks for flying this route before it disappeared and for sharing the flight !

    • Comment 464276 by
      Pilpintu SILVER AUTHOR 766 Comments

      Great photography hint! I'll keep it in mind!

      Yes. I'm aware of the two versions of the legend. In fact, I had to visit Wikipedia, too, since I didn't know anything about that lagoon before. The first version just sounded more... romantic, if anything. :D

      The "Extra EA-300" looks a lot like an Air Tractor AT-802

      Thanks for the information! I'll correct the report... straight away. (so to say XDDD )

  • Comment 464704 by
    KévinDC TEAM GOLD 5606 Comments

    Hola Nelson, Beautiful views as always! Well this ephemeral p2p route may not have worked out, but I definitely give JetSmart credit for experimenting with p2p routes--hopefully some will work out. Thanks for a great report as always!

    • Comment 464776 by
      Pilpintu SILVER AUTHOR 766 Comments

      Thanks, Kevin! Yes, its a real pity that this route has not lasted, but Im pretty sure it wll come back. H2 has opened a number of similar routes, especially in the north of the country. Even an international route between Mendoza in Argentina and La Serena in Chile, which is unbelievable for us. Ill see if I can report on that route next summer. Its gonna be difficult, though.

      Thanks for stopping by!

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