Review of LATAM flight Santiago Concepcion in Economy

Airline LATAM
Flight LA3
Class Economy
Seat 5A
Aircraft Airbus A320
Flight time 01:08
Take-off 19 Jan 24, 06:25
Arrival at 19 Jan 24, 07:33
LA   #34 out of 94 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 215 reviews
By 152
Published on 23rd January 2024


Hello Guys! Welcome to another Flight Report from Santiago to Concepcion aboard in an Airbus A320 of LATAM! 

Buying the Ticket

The flight cost me $23 USD ($23000CLP)! Absolutely cheap, it was a promotion of LATAM! My flight was LA3 an it departs on Friday 19/01 at 06:25AM.

photo screenshot_20240105_234013_latam-airlines

Arrival at the airport

I woke up at 04:15AM, left home at 04:30Am and arrived close to 05:00AM.

photo 20240119_045708

The Airport wasn't very busy. :)

photo 20240119_045734

Security Control

The security control was absolutely fast because there wasn't many people at the Airport at this hours!

photo 20240119_045933


Passed the security control, was time to go to the boarding gate!

photo 20240119_050325

My gate was the 25. :)

photo 20240119_054216

My flight status…

photo 20240119_050937

My A320 coming to the gate! :)

photo 20240119_052453

And finally my A320 was ready for boarding! :)


My Aircraft today was an Airbus A320-233 with the registraion of CC-COK, is one of the oldest A320 of the LATAM fleet making his first flight in July 2001 with LAN Chile, in 2008 got transfered to LAN Argentina, renamed as LV-BTM, in 2018 returned to LATAM Chile, getting his old registration back and fly till nowadays. Almost 23 years of Service! Unfortunately LATAM probably will retire this aircraft in the next couple of months/years :(. It has a configuration of 168 seats.

photo 20240119_053558

Another view of CC-COK. :)

photo 20240119_054510

Aircraft Interior and Seats

And for second consecutive flight I got a plane with the old LAN interior…

photo 20240119_055128

As I said in the Aircraft description, this aircraft probably will not be retrofited, it will be retired by LATAM in the next couple of months or years! :(

photo 20240119_055135photo 20240119_055233

My seat: 5A. :)

photo 20240119_062759

Legroom was okay for me. :)

photo 20240119_055656

This was the old light system of this plane…

photo 20240119_055828

The armrest of my seat was broken and I found this sticker from a maintenance that was carried out on this seat back in June 2008!

photo 20240119_060439

These old seats have a very big table. :)

photo 20240119_055643

The cabin looks very old, but incredibly very clean! Good job LATAM! :)

photo 20240119_055421

And the best part obviously, the old soft comfortable seats! :) Only 3 A320 remaining with this interior: CC-BLA, CC-COK and CC-COL and probably all of them will be retired from the fleet in a not very distant future. :(

photo 20240119_055437

Oh! Thats me! :)

photo 20240119_055540

The boarding was almost finishing and the flight was very busy!!!

photo 20240119_060627

Finally when boarding finished the crew gave me a gift with a message of luck to follow my dream to be a pilot! :)

photo 20240119_061940


We were ready to depart, and we started the pushback very punctual! :)

photo 20240119_060611

Once we started the pushback the cabin lights got turned off! :)

photo 20240119_062858

We finally started the taxi!

photo 20240119_063143

A Boeing B737-200 ex DAP Mineral Airways waiting in this exactly point to be scrapped since 2020!

photo 20240119_063258

And we finally departed! :)

photo 20240119_064204photo 20240119_064532

In-Flight Entertainment

Aww yesss!!! We finally got LATAM Play in the older cabins!!! :)

photo 20240119_064433

Snack Service

It was snack time and first the cabin crew gave me chocolate popcorn…

photo 20240119_064649

And then they gave me a glass with mineral water and a coffee with sugar and cream! Nothing bad to be in Economy and Free!

photo 20240119_070002

Cruiser mode

As you can see, the flight was very busy, more than 95% of occupation in this flight!

photo 20240119_070409photo 20240119_070452

Me at CC-COK toilet!

photo 20240119_070644

The galley of this A320. There are still LAN logos in the galley…

photo 20240119_070832

The view of the cabin of CC-COK… :)

photo 20240119_071023

CC-COK only has 28 rows of seats, the A320 with the newest standard have 30 rows…

photo 20240119_070550


We finally started the descent!

photo 20240119_071953

The view of Penco and Lirquen… :)

photo 20240119_072151

LATAM Play Review

LATAM Play worked perfectly! I watched a Simpsons episode but not complete because its a very short flight, 8/10 for Entertainment!

photo 20240119_072542


We finally arrived in Concepcion Carriel Sur Airport! :) As you can see in the photo, the flight was absolutely busy, almost overbooked!

photo 20240119_073016

Passengers finally left the plane and the cabin and seats looked very pretty and clean! :)

photo 20240119_074227b


Finally I visited the cockpit of this A320! :)

photo 20240119_074242photo 20240119_074334photo 20240119_074426

Final and Aircraft Photos

Saying goofbye to CC-COK, for the service and for the perfect flight! :)

photo 20240119_074629

CC-COK was returning to Santiago as LA202…

photo 20240119_074551


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Cabin crew10.0

Santiago - SCL


Concepcion - CCP



The flight was perfect! 1. The Cabin looked pretty clean and with the comfortable old seats! 2. The service was 10/10 with the gift! LATAM Play worked 100%! 4. The access and efficency in both airports was 10/10, nothing more to say! Good job LATAM! :)

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    Pilpintu TEAM 997 Comments
    Hola Mariano!

    Yet another pro report from our Chilean correspondent! I like that!

    Absolutely cheap

    Sale mucho más barato andar en avión que en bus en estos días!!

    I got a plane with the old LAN interior

    I miss it... a little bit.

    These old seats have a very big table.

    Guaraná!! Mi favorita!! Cuando voy a Brasil casi no tomo otra cosa!! 😅

    Oh! Thats me!

    Nice lanyard! I was in Rancagua the other day and got a Dexter's Lab lanyard for one of my analogue cameras. My sister and I were much like Dexter and Dee Dee when we were little. 😁

    A Boeing B737-200 ex DAP Mineral Airways

    Yo creo que ese avión ya echó raíces! 😆

    We finally got LATAM Play in the older cabins!!!

    That's good news! 🥳

    chocolate popcorn

    Lo justo y necesario para llegar vivo a CCP. Pero por ser desayuno podría haber una cosita más sustanciosa... digo. Bueno, no voy a pecar de malagradecido.

    the flight was very busy, more than 95% of occupation in this flight!

    Y todos con tuto.

    Passengers finally left the plane

    Me tomé la libertad de ponerle un antifaz a la auxiliar de vuelo. Aunque no lo creas, hemos recibido quejas por otros reportes porque hay personas a las que no les gusta que se publique su cara en internet. Una vez escribió una señora muy enojada de África!

    Saying goofbye to CC-COK, for the service and for the perfect flight!

    A perfect flight, indeed. And a great report! 😁

    Que tengas un excelente año, Mariano!! Con muchos vuelos!! ✈️✈️✈️✈️✈️✈️✈️✈️✈️✈️✈️✈️✈️✈️✈️✈️✈️✈️✈️✈️✈️

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