Review of Air France Hop flight Paris Mulhouse / Bâle in Business

Airline Air France Hop
Flight AF1392
Class Business
Seat 02F
Aircraft Embraer E-170
Flight time 01:10
Take-off 05 Sep 21, 17:55
Arrival at 05 Sep 21, 19:05
AF   #40 out of 67 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 795 reviews
By GOLD 166
Published on 18th November 2021

cdg transit

After a pax bus transfer, I arrived at terminal 2F:

photo img_2800_resultatphoto img_2802_resultatphoto img_2803_resultat

new air france lounge terminal 2g

The new lounge is absolutely wonderful, however, since its opening, it can really get crowded.
The staircase is wonderful:

photo img_2805_resultatphoto img_2806_resultat

There a a few food stations:

photo img_2812_resultatphoto img_2813_resultatphoto img_2814_resultat

This place is called "The Comptoir" but is closed that Sunday afternoon:

photo img_2815_resultat

My lunch:

photo img_2816_resultatphoto img_2817_resultat-44681

The hot dish with beef with sweet pepper and was pretty nice.

photo img_2818_resultatphoto img_2808_resultat

Facial treatments are available free of charge for 20 minutes:

photo img_2807_resultat-58796photo img_2823_resultatphoto img_2824_resultat

It was a great time, one of the highlight of the lounge.
The second one is the beautiful view:

photo img_2820_resultatphoto img_2821_resultatphoto img_2822_resultat

AF everywhere:

photo img_2825_resultat

I spent 4H at the lounge and the time just flew :)

back to cdg

Shortly before boarding time I head to my gate:

photo img_2826_resultat

F23 is a paxbus gate:

photo img_2827_resultatphoto img_2828_resultatphoto img_2829_resultat

Here it is:

photo img_2830_resultat

the flight

We are driven back to terminal 2G:

photo img_2831_resultatphoto img_2832_resultat

A318 next door:

photo img_2833_resultatphoto img_2834_resultatphoto img_2836_resultat

Our plane:

photo img_2835_resultatphoto img_2837_resultat

There is still some maintenance work aboard, we have to wait a few minutes.

photo img_2839_resultat

Boarding time!

photo img_2840_resultatphoto img_2841_resultat

Fuselage shoot:

photo img_2842_resultat

Aircraft door:

photo img_2843_resultat

The purser greeted everyone with a smile behind the mask, I took my seat, and had someone seating next to me :(

photo img_2844_resultat


photo img_2846_resultat

Cold oshibori:

photo img_2847_resultat

We pushed back 15' late but still arrived on time.

photo img_2848_resultat

I love this picture:

photo img_2849_resultat

Take off:

photo img_2851_resultatphoto img_2852_resultatphoto img_2853_resultat

I only took water, the purser gave me a weird look as all other passengers were taking champagne. She told me "Are you really sure about it? No bubbles today?"

photo img_2854_resultat

The "catering" is 100% the same as on the DUS CDG Flight …

photo img_2855_resultat


photo img_2856_resultatphoto img_2857_resultatphoto img_2858_resultat

Almost arrived:

photo img_2859_resultatphoto img_2860_resultatphoto img_2861_resultat

And landed:

photo img_2862_resultatphoto img_2863_resultat

EasyJet and  Air Canada A330 that operates a cargo flight only twice a week to Canada:

photo img_2864_resultat

Back home:

photo img_2865_resultatphoto img_2866_resultat

No jetway today:

photo img_2867_resultat

But a short walk to the terminal:

photo img_2869_resultatphoto img_2870_resultatphoto img_2871_resultat

Non stop here:

photo img_2872_resultatphoto img_2873_resultatphoto img_2874_resultat

Since the flight is considered as "domestic" there are no controls.

photo img_2875_resultatphoto img_2876_resultat

10 minutes after landing I am in my car back home! A good performance.

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Air France Hop

Cabin crew9.0

Air France Lounge - 2F


Paris - CDG


Mulhouse / Bâle - EAP



The flight does it job but come on, this is a business class flight... How can one call this business? At least the purser gave us a first class service.

Both airport did their job and the new AF lounge is really great.

As usual, a big thank you for reading this series, a new one to follow shortly!

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The airline with the best average rating is Air France with 7.5/10.

The average flight time is 1 hours and 4 minutes.

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  • Comment 586960 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 5589 Comments

    The flight does it job but come on, this is a business class flight... How can one call this business?'s sad really. I guess the fantastic new lounge helps to elevate the experience, and luckily you had a good cabin crew. But of course, you don't always have time to go to the lounge--so the onboard product itself really needs to be improved. I've flown IB Regional/Air Nostrum several times where the adjacent seat isn't blocked, but the catering is fantastic each and every time on flights that are very short like this. There's no excuse for the airline of the world capital of gastronomy to serve a tiny snack in Business.

    I only took water, the purser gave me a weird look as all other passengers were taking champagne. She told me "Are you really sure about it? No bubbles today?"

    Haha yeah since it's basically the only thing that differentiates the experience as Business class

    Thanks for sharing!

  • Comment 587867 by
    GPC SILVER 87 Comments

    Super FR, je viens de découvrir que j’ai loupé un espace dans le nouveau salon AF quand j’y suis allé en septembre ! Grâce à vous je connaît son existence

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