Review of Air Canada Rouge flight London Toronto in Economy

Airline Air Canada Rouge
Flight AC1925
Class Economy
Seat 40A
Flight time 08:10
Take-off 07 Jun 16, 12:00
Arrival at 07 Jun 16, 15:10
RV 37 reviews
By GOLD 2426
Published on 6th December 2021

je me souviens

Hello everyone and welcome to this series of report in 2016 that took me to La Belle Province for the first time.

Back then the main criterai for me to choose were both the price and the time of flying, to maximise my travelling days without taking many days off. For instance I chose a return flight that was landing at 6.30am, just in time for me to have a quick shower at home and be in the office at 9am.

I checked and at the time I paid £625 for the whole journey, out and return which is really not bad at all.
So here is the routing.

photo map-canada

photo itineraire

Miles & More earned with this flight: 1096

at london - gatwick airport

I arrived at Gatwick airport by train - it is by fat the best way to get there from central London. 

photo trainn

The train station is on the north terminal and unfortunately for me the flight was scheduled from the North Terminal - which implies an extra journey with the train transfer service. 

photo trainphoto train2photo norhtt

onboard the b767

I remember the priorities were called by status on Star Alliance and Business class.
Whilst they were boarding, I took a picture of our bird.

photo 20180412_114713

Aircraft: Boeing B767-3Q8ER
Registration: C-FJZK
Engines: 2x GE CF6
Age: 22 Years
Layout: W24 Y256

I arrived onboard and I remember thought that they seemed nice for a low-cost.. Very similar to the Smart and Best on Air France…
Funny thing is the headrest is made of leather, but the rest of the seat is made of textile.. never seen a mix like this before. 

photo cabin

This is my row..

photo cabin2

I started to unpack my stuff and the older guy next to me started to unpack too, getting out of his backpack two MASSIVE books. By massive I meant Les miserables or Germinal kind of massive.

I was really impressed to have someone I could talk litterature to, little did I start looking at his books that I realised that… 

photo cabin3-56615

there is no IFE!! and no cabin screens!! 

Whaaaaaaaaaaaatttt. 8 hours without any sort of entertainment? S***T! This is why Flight Report is SO IMPORTANT! 

When you go onto the website and read about Air Canada Rouge, they carefully avoid showing you the back of the seats… 

photo site-internet

The guy next to me told me that there was an app to watch series and movies…

Well guess what..

photo fail

And there were no plugs to charge the battery of my phone neither…

So 8 hours of just wondering things about life, why not in a while…

Air Canada rouge is a bit a of an Hybrid airline as there is Buy on board.. 

photo bob

But they also offered a free meal..

photo bouffe

much later on, after having thought of the world and antique greek philosophy, I went to the convenience room … :P

To offer you this great view from the cabin! XD 

photo cabin4photo atlantic

And ready for landing..

photo flaps

The B767 is nice plane, feels almost similar to the B772 but a bit quieter.

at toronto - pearson airport

photo landin

arriving next to two other B767 Rouge colleagues..

photo arrivee

And the final view on 767, next to its successor, the dreamliner.

As you can see I arrived at terminal 1, gate E70. 

photo arrivee2
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Air Canada Rouge

Cabin crew7.5

London - LGW


Toronto - YYZ



LGW: A bit hectic to go to the North terminal as usual, the food court was crowded but at least a lot of services available

Air Canada Rouge: The seats are about to be above the average for a long haul low-cost aircraft but the non working in flight display on own device and the lack of IFE is an absolute no.

YYZ: A big airport, a lot of lenghty corridors but clean and with a good amount of services.



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  • Comment 588362 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 6814 Comments
    Wow, cool to see an AC Rouge TATL report as they're kinda rare. A shame they retired the 767s...I wonder how they'll be able to serve TATL route now that travel is picking back up. I know they are running some 737 MAX as rouge TATL, but that's obviously limited range so not many options. Will be interesting to see what happens to Rouge in a post-Covid world (assuming post-Covid ever happens!)

    So 8 hours of just wondering things about life, why not in a while…

    You should thanks Rouge for 8 hours of's not often we get to be alone with our thoughts in this modern world ?

    Thanks for sharing Chris!
    • Comment 588376 by
      ChrisB GOLD AUTHOR 3533 Comments
      OMG that many hours in just a small max? with the MCAS falfunction thing ugh!
      You should thanks Rouge for 8 hours of self-care...

      Well yes Plato and I were the best of friends in my mind for 8 hours ahah
      I thing i tried to solve the meaning of life!!

      BUt seriously not being shallow here but 8 hours stuck on a small seat without a screen... If at least it was the 50's and there were loads of booze at the bar!

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