Review of British Airways flight London Zurich in Business

Airline British Airways
Flight BA716
Class Business
Seat 2A
Aircraft Airbus A320
Flight time 01:50
Take-off 24 Sep 21, 15:00
Arrival at 24 Sep 21, 17:50
BA   #38 out of 68 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 843 reviews
By GOLD 352
Published on 5th December 2021



For us the the transit was seamless, it was another story for those arriving and staying in the UK (see previous report)

photo img_3680_resultatphoto img_3681_resultatphoto img_3683_resultat

It was easy, clearly indicated and best, there was barely anybody. Fast and efficient, as it always should be :)

photo img_3684_resultat

south galleries lounges ba

As the gates are only announced an hour before the flight we decided to go to the same lounge as we were two weeks ago as we quite liked it
The hostess was friendly enough to inform us that the plane would leave from this terminal but she couldn't tell from which gate.
The lounge was crowded, I didn't take any pictures, but you can also find them on the outbound report :)
We ordered a bit of food online:

photo img_3685_resultat

Service was quick and efficient:

photo img_3686_resultatphoto img_3687_resultat-49059

And the food really good.
We stayed at the lounge until the gate was announced. The WifI worked but was super slow.
At the exit of the lounge, there are those lovely planes, the Tristar is one of my old time favorite. Sad that I wasn't able to fly on that bird.

photo img_3688_resultat

There is also a 747-100:

photo img_3690_resultat

Back to the terminal:

photo img_3692_resultat

the flight

The terminal was pretty quiet and there wasn't much activity around our gate:

photo img_3695_resultatphoto img_3693_resultat

Our flight arrived on time from WRO at 02:00PM the catering is there, no delay has been announced.

photo img_3696_resultatphoto img_3698_resultat

But, and this was a bit confusing, our crew was waiting outside the airplane.

photo img_3694_resultat

And nothing happens. I see the plane coordinator going up and down to and from the plane, speak with the crew, but nothing moves. It is now 3PM there is a delay set for 3:1 5 now but it seems impossible to leave at that time.
It is really weird, if the plane has a slot usually the crew is on board, if there is a bomb alert, nobody is around the plane, if there is a technical problem, the crew is also on board.
Then the "what is happening" continues with that 32neo:

photo img_3697_resultat

And this 320 IB:

photo img_3699_resultat

According to FR24, they both landed at 02:45 and 15 minutes later, there are still not connected to any jetbridge.
It is now 03:15, our plane is further pushed to 03:45 and still the two Airbus around are not connected.

As the plane coordinator passes by, I asked her if she wouldn't mind telling me what's happening.

Remember when we arrived, the whole immigration system in the UK was dead leading to endless cues at immigration. Those queues were now that big that there wasn't anymore room to acccomodate inbound passengers. There was a one km queue to immigration and a 4H wait at that time.

The airport authorities decided to keep people onboard the plane until there was some space for the passengers to start queuing.

The passengers aboard our plane were still in 01H15 after docking. The Iberia and the 321neo could unboard 01H30 after they reached the stand.
This is why we had to wait, for the inbound people to leave the plane.

At 03H20 they were allowed to do so and we could eventually board at 03H35. Let's head to the plane!

photo img_3707_resultatphoto img_3709_resultat

The "Instant Porte" :)

photo img_3710_resultat

After a warm welcome, we discovered this cabin that is different than on the neos:

photo img_3711_resultatphoto img_3712_resultatphoto img_3713_resultat

There is a table on the middle seat:

photo img_3716_resultat

And all seats are reclinable on board that plane:

photo img_3715_resultat

The recline, however, is the same as on the neo:

photo img_3714_resultat

It seemed the pitch was a bit better:

photo img_3717_resultat

Even if the cabin looks nicer, this is still not a business class for me.
IB is now connected to a jetbridge:

photo img_3718_resultat

We finally left our gate at 04PM

photo img_3720_resultatphoto img_3721_resultat

CX A350:

photo img_3722_resultat

Virgin A330:

photo img_3723_resultat

777-300 JAL:

photo img_3724_resultat

Dreamliner XiamenAir no passengers, only freight:

photo img_3725_resultatphoto img_3726_resultat

Gone but not missed :)

photo img_3727_resultat

SAS 320neo:

photo img_3728_resultat

321neo Aer Lingus:

photo img_3729_resultat

A350 SQ:

photo img_3730_resultat

Soon our turn:

photo img_3731_resultatphoto img_3732_resultat

Take off at 4H35… at least :)

photo img_3733_resultatphoto img_3734_resultatphoto img_3735_resultat

Off we go:

photo img_3737_resultatphoto img_3738_resultatphoto img_3739_resultat

The WiFi works:

photo img_3740_resultat

The coast:

photo img_3741_resultatphoto img_3742_resultatphoto img_3743_resultat

An afternoon tea is the catering tonight, the choice was between chicken/curry + shrimps sandwiches or cheese and veggies. We took the first option. It came with a scone, clotted cream and strawberry jam plus a dessert.

photo img_3744_resultat-50627

Without the leads:

photo img_3746_resultat-53028

I took a tea and some water:

photo img_3745_resultat

Then we flew over CDG:

photo img_3747_resultatphoto img_3748_resultatphoto img_3749_resultat

The flight was as smooth as it could be:

photo img_3751_resultat

We started the descend close to the German border:

photo img_3753_resultatphoto img_3754_resultatphoto img_3755_resultat

Almost back in Switzerland:

photo img_3757_resultat

We landed at 06:45, "only" 55 minutes late. Not that bad.

photo img_3758_resultatphoto img_3759_resultat

Our shadow:

photo img_3760_resultat

We docked at terminal E:

photo img_3761_resultatphoto img_3762_resultatphoto img_3763_resultat

The A340 is also a lovely bird:

photo img_3764_resultatphoto img_3765_resultat


After a long day, we arrived in ZRH !

photo img_3766_resultatphoto img_3767_resultat

Heading to the train:

photo img_3768_resultatphoto img_3769_resultatphoto img_3770_resultat

It was quiet a walk, since our plane docked at the other side of the terminal.

photo img_3771_resultatphoto img_3772_resultatphoto img_3773_resultat

The immigration was a breeze, through automated passport controls:

photo img_3774_resultat

The luggage delivery hall:

photo img_3775_resultatphoto img_3776_resultat

Where our bags were already waiting for us. Impressive.
My uncle was waiting for us to drive us back to France, usually it takes a solid hour, that evening it took us 02H15, traffic jam everywhere.

To conclude a little bonus about the Dead Sea:

the dead, dead sea:

The Dead Sea, in the summer, is more or less like a lake without wind: no wave, just flat water:

photo img_3297_resultatphoto img_3298_resultatphoto img_3299_resultat

Palestine is one the opposite bank:

photo img_3300_resultatphoto img_3302_resultat

Here the Jordan rivers finishes its run into the Dead Sea.

photo img_3303_resultatphoto img_3305_resultat

the dead, not so dead sea

But there are also days in the summer, when it's windy where the lake is no more a lake but a sea. It is nowhere as close as what the Pacific or a real sea could produce as waves, but remember, this is a salty lake. A drop of this water in your eyes and you can't see anything anymore until you put a lot of fresh water on it.

photo img_3496_resultatphoto img_3498_resultatphoto img_3499_resultat

Those days, bathing can be really dangereous. The salt concentration, in regular sea water is usually between 2 and 4%. Here we are around 28%.

photo img_3501_resultat

dead sea sunset

Sunset at Dead Sea are amongst the most beautiful sunsets in the world. I'll let you judge by yourself:

photo img_3513_resultatphoto img_3514_resultatphoto img_3515_resultat

So peaceful:

photo img_3516_resultatphoto img_3517_resultatphoto img_3519_resultat
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British Airways

Cabin crew9.0

British Airways (South) Galleries Club - 5A


London - LHR


Zurich - ZRH



This is now the end of this BA series, this trip was a wonderful one, and long awaited for. Two years!!

That flight was better in terms of comfort than the flight on the neo but still, it is a shame to have this called business class.

LHR and the lounge did their job, ZRH is simply a breeze to fly / transit through.

Thank you very much for reading, the next series should bring you with me onboard Lufthansa :)

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    KévinDC TEAM GOLD 5655 Comments

    No 787 this time, too bad!

    The Tristar in the Landor livery is just so sexy 😍

    Instant P. un peu (beaucoup) raté :

    LOL I don't blame you for missing that translation...I don't think "l'instant porte" can be translated haha. The "Door Moment" just doesn't have the same power haha

    The A340 is also a lovely bird:

    Yes it is, and thank goodness LH and LX/WK kept some around!

    Nice tourism bonus, I'd been wanting to go to Jordan for years! I had a good friend living there for a few years and meant to visit and then Covid (and having a kid) really threw a wrench in that. My friend has since moved away, but it's still on the bucket list!

    Thanks for sharing!

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      Hi Kévin,

      Thanks for the nice comment and sorry for the "lost in translation" moment :) I always pause when it comes to the "instant porte" and never found a good term to use.

      If you plan to go to Jordan once, don't hesitate to come back to me, lots of tips to give!

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