Review of Copa Airlines flight New York Panamá City in Economy

Airline Copa Airlines
Flight CM833
Class Economy
Seat 29A
Aircraft Boeing 737-800
Flight time 05:00
Take-off 14 Oct 21, 06:20
Arrival at 14 Oct 21, 10:20
CM 69 reviews
By 432
Published on 12th December 2021

Hello there!
This is the second report from my NY trip on October 2021. Actually, this is the third flight from the trip, but I didn’t take many pictures on the PTY-JFK flight. So, I hope you enjoy it.

Since my flight was departing JFK at 6.25, I was supposed to be at JFK at 3.25 am. Taking a taxi or an UBER was not an option, and shared shuttle service is suspended due to COVID. So, my last option was taking the subway.
At 2 am I left my hotel; I was in Columbus Circle Area. So, I took the train on Howard Beach´s direction to combine with the Air Train to JFK.

photo img_4568

The ride was ok, it was almost empty besides a couple of homeless people and me.

photo img_4633photo img_4636

At 3.30 am I got to Howard Beach station; I climbed the escalators to the supper floor to take the Air Train. At that time there were very few passengers, there were mostly airport staff and TSA officers.

photo img_4638

photo img_4639

Quickly I found COPA´s counters, which were already open. There was a line before the counters where the agent asked me to show my passport and my PCR test. She checked it quickly and send me to the counters.

photo img_4640

Once there, again the agent checked my passport and my PCR test. At the time of the flight, Argentina required a PCR test taken at least 72h before the first flight on the way to the country. I had taken mine almost 70-65 hours before this flight. Since every country had its own requirements, apparently airport agents are getting crazy on this.
When the agent saw my test, she started calculating if the test´s time was correct. She made a phone call, and then she asked the agent on the next counter which gave her incorrect information. So I told her that Argentina required a test 72h prior flight. She then checked it online and said I was right. Then we laughed about this situation. She told me that many passengers to some countries like Chile weren´t allowed to board because they get the test timing wrong.

photo img_4641

After dispatching my luggage, I proceeded to the security check point. At this time there was a change of guards, and it took a while.
I went to the departing level. Everything was closed. It was 4 am.

photo img_4647photo img_4645

I found a comfortable spot near my gate.

photo img_4657

I did a little spotting, there wasn’t much movement at that time.
There was the COPA Boeing 737-800 with Star Alliance livery I took to PTY.

photo img_4652

photo img_4666

There was another COPA Boeing 737, a Virgin Atlantic A350, and far away an EL AL 787.

photo img_4658

photo img_4662

photo img_4663

AT 5.20 my flight´s boarding was announced. The flight was almost full.

photo img_4668

photo img_4672

photo img_4675

My seat was 29A, it was ok. And it has PTVs, not like the new Boeing 737MAX.

photo img_4676

photo img_4677

photo img_4681

Once boarding was finished, we took off at 6.20.

photo img_4679

photo img_4698

photo img_4707

I slept most of the flight, I only woke up to eat the meal: It was the same box they offered on the last flights. There was a chicken sandwich, a cereal bar, and a drink.

photo img_4713

photo img_4716

photo img_4717

I didn’t use much the PTV, mostly to watch the air show.

photo img_4715

At 9.45 Panama time, the captain announced our descent. We could see many ships in the sea, next to the Panama Canal.

Then we flew parallel to Panama City, on the left side I could spot some parts of the Panama Canal.

We landed at 9.50, 30 minutes early. On the way to the gate, I saw the new Terminal.

photo img_4754

photo img_4760

photo img_4763

We left the aircraft through jetways. I still had 4 hours to my last flight. PTY-EZE.

photo img_4772
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Copa Airlines

Cabin crew8.0

New York - JFK


Panamá City - PTY



The flight was quite average, I found the 737-800 seats more comfortable than the 737MAX. And they also have PTVs, which are a nice feature on longer routes like EZE or JFK.
The crew seemed friendly, although I didn’t interact much with them.
The meal, as I mentioned on the other report, is quite cheap, it was an early morning flight on a 5-hour flight. I think they should offer something more like a breakfast meal.

Information on the route New York (JFK) Panamá City (PTY)


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