Review of Lufthansa flight Frankfurt Catania in Business

Airline Lufthansa
Flight LH306
Class Business
Seat 02A
Aircraft Airbus A321
Flight time 02:20
Take-off 01 Oct 21, 15:30
Arrival at 01 Oct 21, 17:50
LH   #59 out of 85 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 1521 reviews
By GOLD 713
Published on 21st December 2021


senator LOUNGE terminal a

There was almost no wait to enter the lounge that morning:

photo img_4262_resultat

Back into the lounge that I begin to know pretty well:

photo img_4263_resultatphoto img_4264_resultatphoto img_4265_resultat

The food on offer:

photo img_4266_resultatphoto img_4267_resultatphoto img_4269_resultat

LH Bananas:

photo img_4270_resultat

And Pretzels:

photo img_4272_resultat

I just had a latte and water:

photo img_4273_resultat

Spotting is almost impossible:

photo img_4274_resultatphoto img_4275_resultatphoto img_4276_resultat

There is also a hot dish chicken with paprika and knödels :

photo img_4277_resultat

a little walk in terminal a

My gate is at the far end of the terminal, there's a bit to walk :)

photo img_4278_resultatphoto img_4279_resultat

My plane was in the Star Alliance livery:

photo img_4280_resultatphoto img_4281_resultat

Almost there:

photo img_4282_resultat

As I get to my gate a delayed boarding announcement is made, 20 minutes. I opted to stay at the gate since the walk back to the lounge isn't worth it.

photo img_4283_resultat

I'll then wait for the flight.

the flight

Boarding started with passengers needing assistances and families with babies, then followed by group 1:

photo img_4284_resultat

Fuselage shoot:

photo img_4285_resultatphoto img_4286_resultat

Instant porte, in french "dans le texte" :)

photo img_4287_resultat

After a warm welcome, a cabin again fitted with the NEK seat:

photo img_4289_resultatphoto img_4290_resultat

The seats:

photo img_4291_resultatphoto img_4292_resultatphoto img_4293_resultat

First row:

photo img_4294_resultat

The tablet between the seats:

photo img_4295_resultat

The pitch is ok:

photo img_4296_resultat

Empty tarmac:

photo img_4297_resultat

Until an A320 shows up:

photo img_4298_resultat

As the flight wasn't full, I moved to 3A since I had a seat mate in 2D:

photo img_4299_resultat

The safety card:

With a good half an hour delay, the jetway is retracted:

photo img_4304_resultat

Push back:

photo img_4305_resultatphoto img_4306_resultat

There wasn't too many planes before us, we got to our hold point pretty quickly:

photo img_4307_resultat

Line up:

photo img_4308_resultat

Bis nächste Woche FRA!

photo img_4309_resultatphoto img_4310_resultatphoto img_4311_resultat

Take off:

photo img_4312_resultatphoto img_4313_resultatphoto img_4314_resultat

A small airport close to FRA:

photo img_4315_resultat

Lavatory visit:

photo img_4316_resultat

There is WiFi on board but no power plugs :(

photo img_4317_resultat

The service starts pretty quickly with a typical german dish: sausage salad:

photo img_4318_resultat

The tray without lids:

photo img_4319_resultat-51610

I was expecting a hot dish on that flight since it was over 2H30 minutes but we are not at meal times, maybe that explains it. But I was also told that some "leasure" flights do not have hot meals also.
The salad was really good, though, small but the taste was great.
The dessert was equally good and the bread was served warm.

photo img_4320_resultat

The flight was pretty smooth:

Then coffee was served:

photo img_4324_resultat

As we were overflying Venise:

photo img_4326_resultatphoto img_4327_resultatphoto img_4328_resultat

Loved it!

photo img_4329_resultatphoto img_4330_resultatphoto img_4331_resultat

Entering Italy:

photo img_4333_resultatphoto img_4334_resultat

And leaving Italy around Naples:

photo img_4337_resultatphoto img_4338_resultatphoto img_4339_resultat

More inflight views:

photo img_4340_resultatphoto img_4341_resultat

And then comes Sicily:

photo img_4344_resultatphoto img_4345_resultatphoto img_4346_resultat

A few thunderstorm clouds and and the flight began to be pretty bumpy:

photo img_4347_resultat

We flew close to the Etna but nowhere to be seen :(

Ground on sight:

photo img_4348_resultatphoto img_4350_resultatphoto img_4351_resultat

And CTA:

photo img_4352_resultat


photo img_4353_resultatphoto img_4354_resultatphoto img_4355_resultat

ATR Guardia Costeria:

photo img_4357_resultatphoto img_4358_resultatphoto img_4360_resultat

Wizz departing:

photo img_4361_resultat

Welcome to Catania:

photo img_4362_resultatphoto img_4363_resultatphoto img_4364_resultat

The crew bid us farewell but was not that "warm" during the flight.
Exiting through the jetway:

photo img_4365_resultatphoto img_4366_resultat

The italian PLF should be checked here, to complete the whole informations they ask takes a while …

photo img_4367_resultat

But as you may notice, nobody controls anything.

photo img_4368_resultatphoto img_4369_resultatphoto img_4370_resultat

Nobody at that checkpoint also:

photo img_4371_resultat

Luggage delivery room:

photo img_4372_resultatphoto img_4373_resultatphoto img_4374_resultat

And heading to the exit, still no controls:

photo img_4375_resultatphoto img_4376_resultatphoto img_4378_resultat

I had reserved a private transfer to my hotel, was a good thing since the rain started just when I entered the car.

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Cabin crew6.0

Lufthansa Senator Lounge A50 (Schengen) - A


Frankfurt - FRA


Catania - CTA



The flight did its job, I was happy with the meal, even if it wasn't a hot meal. It was tasty and out of the ordinary.

The seats are NEK but being alone on my row helped with the comfort.

FRA and the lounge were great.

CTA was easy to naviguate but absolutely no controls with regards to the Covid. The airport wasn't that clean also.

Stay tuned for the next part to come soon!



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  • Comment 589673 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 6182 Comments
    I've been pleasantly surprised with the LH lounges lately. It seems they reduced the offering a lot at the height of the pandemic and are starting to add back more food options. I like that they have Pretzels to go!

    The NEK seats are really looking worn and tattered! They can't be changed out soon enough!

    There is WiFi on board but no power plugs :(

    Hopefully they will roll out the new Geven seats soon on the CEO fleets. Better comfort and USB ports!

    The meal does look very decent for a 2h flight, even if it is cold.

    Wow, great views of Venice.

    Thanks for sharing 😊

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