Review of Bangkok Airways flight Bangkok Chiang Mai in Economy

Airline Bangkok Airways
Flight PG 217
Class Economy
Seat 11F
Aircraft Airbus A320
Flight time 01:15
Take-off 05 Nov 13, 12:10
Arrival at 05 Nov 13, 13:25
PG   #30 out of 71 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 108 reviews
By 3431
Published on 16th November 2013
Part 2 of our trip to Asia.

After a good rest in the Suvarnabhumi Novotel, we checked out off our room and it was time to go check in for our flight to Chiang Mai on the wings of Bangkok Airways !photo P1050822_zps4cf89afa

The hotel's reception area from above.
photo P1050823_zps7e12b8d6

And the underground area leading to the airport from the hotel.
photo P1050824_zps3b26804a

Having checked in the night before for our flight I went directly to the internet check-in counters labelled Baggage Drop.
photo P1050826_zps8272bc92photo P1050825_zps2d464698

But so many were queueing to check-in, you save so much time these days by going on the internet and you could actually do it while waiting with the free wifi. Oh well…photo P1050827_zpsb3dfd4f5

We go through security rather fast and this is where the cocktails are made !photo P1050828_zps3c028a48

We now take the escalators down to the domestic flights area.
photo P1050829_zps1c081f58

We then head to the lounge to have breakfast and wait for our flight. Bangkok Airways is the only airline in the world providing free lounge access for its economy class customers.

The buffet area has a lot to offer
photo P1050831_zps3e61f96a
photo P1050832_zpse2241779
photo P1050834_zps4ad02cce

The drinks area
photo P1050833_zps54105d55

This is my selection for the morning.
photo P1050830_zps584ebdb9

The latest recruit from Bangkok Airways, she was getting tired, poor girl !
photo P1050835_zpsea974616

We then decided to get closer to our gate and as we walked in the boarding lounge, our Airbus pulled P1050837_zps2798a93d

People were already lining up to board the aircraft.
photo P1050838_zps4c6e437a

OK, I won't put it back in my bag !
photo P1050839_zpsbed33f2f

Nearing our Airbus HS-PGV named Krabi. This is the 3rd time I fly with this aircraft, twice on the BKK-CNX and once on a BKK-HKTphoto P1050840_zps8399f47d

We are all greeted by the Bangkok Airways cabin crew at the door.
photo P1050841_zps5b9d8c02

Our Airbus waiting for its load of passengers to board
photo P1050842_zps279fd35c

Our emergency exit row provides massive legroom. During the internet check-in you can choose the exit seats so I requested to have them while checkin-in with the agent. He obliged straight away.
photo P1050843_zps39087395photo P1050845_zps8f692e1b

Last few passengers are boarding.
photo P1050846_zpsc0ecafcb

And then the safety video starts and it is a small gem with a corporate song and cabin crew dancing in front of one of the company's Airbus !photo P1050847_zps839a0a5f

Then comes the safety video with the greetings from the flight deck.
photo P1050849_zps82699297photo P1050852_zps0ba6f462

And after the captain bids us farewell, the dancing crew is back !
photo P1050855_zps1fd36b73photo P1050856_zps9a8f14d4photo P1050857_zps2dad46ecphoto P1050858_zps8086f628photo P1050861_zps3ed0897aphoto P1050862_zps8709fbcbphoto P1050865_zpsa6d55f9f

We've pushed back and we are on our way ! Sorry for the bad window !
photo P1050866_zps021f7eba

We taxi for a little bit, line up and take off !
photo P1050869_zps81bb2eb0

We're in the air flying over Suvarnabhumi
photo P1050871_zps0932e688

Shortly after we were in the air the crew started to hand out the trays with the cold lunch.
photo P1050874_zpsffcddd69photo P1050872_zps963ccbcb

The crew then served hot drinks and orange juice or water. The choice of drinks is rather limited but I can't blame them when they serve a nice cold lunch.

After the crew cleared the trays I pulled out all the reading material from the seat pocket.
photo P1050875_zps55a0f4b6

Here is the fleet page and the airport map.
photo P1050876_zpsd901797a

The route network.
photo P1050877_zpscde4c641

During the flight we were shown this Wallace and Gromit movie.
photo P1050880_zps733d49c4photo P1050881_zps87f826ee

How about another legroom shot ?
photo P1050882_zps87814b22

Not before long we started to descend over Chiang Mai.
photo P1050883_zps4c9d73bf

We landed on time but rather hard, you could hear a small gasp in the cabin. I have done a few landings on my time and this one is probably one of the worst I did… I actually thought they plane wouldn't go back to Bangkok it landed so hard.

We taxied and deplaned quickly !
photo P1050884_zpsa6a93d28

Thank You and Good Bye HS-PGV Krabi !
photo P1050885_zps493f2f6a

We grabbed a taxi and were driven to our hotel the Mercure Chiang Mai.
photo P1050886_zps58d83d82photo P1050887_zps47e95816photo P1050889_zps8ab888a4

Quelques photos Bonus de Chiang Mai
photo P1050918_zps135093fdphoto P1050929_zps581895fephoto P1060038_zpsb03a7136photo P1060053_zps3db51facphoto P1060164_zps623fb593photo P1060218_zpsfb5d7d11photo P1060479_zps85cdff22photo P1060568_zps50e56658photo P1060717_zps50de2623photo P1060735_zps712566a3
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Cabin crew9.5

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Bangkok Airways has THE best domestic product in Thailand and most certainly in the world.
Lounges even for economy class on domestic routes, adequate and diverse food in those lounges, a choice of drinks.
Airplanes with video screens and movies showing during the flight.
Meals served on all flights.
Real nice crew who are all smiles and so attentive to your needs !

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The airline with the best average rating is Thai Airways with 8.2/10.

The average flight time is 1 hours and 14 minutes.

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  • Comment 92999 by
    jetsetpanda 2294 Comments

    Thanks for sharing this charming and beautiful trip report.

    PG is a diamond in the rough carrier and they sure provide extras that set them apart. The only other airline that provides lounge access to Y pax is Porter, but I think their facilities are more basic. Are the fares on PG more expensive than its competitors or about the same? If same then this carrier is even more remarkable.

    For one second I confused the picture of the recruit girl with a UA one. I could swear that they had a similar color new uniform.

    • Comment 284188 by
      manureva744 AUTHOR 252 Comments

      PG's fares are slightly cheaper than Thai Airways fares and a little more expensive than Thai Air Asia or Nok Air. This BKK-CNX cost me 69USD one way, return flight on TG was 80 USD.

      I have travelled a lot on Bangkok Air and try to do so each time. The return trip is on Thai Airways as we had to travel to Chiang Rai and Thai Airways is the only airline serving CEI from Suvarnabhumi.

  • Comment 93023 by
    indianocean SILVER 7107 Comments

    Well done Bangkok Airways.
    Thank you for sharing

  • Comment 93043 by
    A380B77W 4301 Comments

    Thanks for this good FR :)

  • Comment 93110 by
    lagentsecret GOLD 12459 Comments

    Thanks for sharing this FR

    I'd like to know if the PG fares are most expensive than other airlines' fares

    Good service and catering

    Gorgeous tourist bonus

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